Sales funnel sniper quickstart


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Sales funnel sniper quickstart

  2. 2. Table of ContentsFundamentals of your Sales Funnel 3Page Structure 4Tracking & Auto-responders 5Next Steps 6 2 Create profit pulling sales funnels & finally get over the learning curve
  3. 3. So you want to get on the right path in setting up a profitable sales funnel.You’re taking the first step toward getting the right information that will take years off the learningcurve in marketing online. Below I have compiled a list that you can use as a guideline to safe check andbe on the right trackHere is the checklist: Create your main product. It can be a video or a PDF eBook Create an Up-sell version, freebie and a downsell. You can decide what content you want to cover in more depth and detail. The more topics your product covers the more monetary value it should have. Set up your auto responder and create at least two lists: One for your prospects, and another for your buyers. Integrate automation so that when a prospect becomes a buyer, your auto responder will delete them off your prospect list and into your buyers list. Establish report with the second email and follow the CCCP rule (Three emails of content and one email of a paid offer) Create your squeeze webpage with your auto-responder installed and get an eBook or DVD cover for your reports and products Set up your OTO page, and a duplicate sales page without the OTO verbiage. Just make this into a separate sales page so you can send this to JV partners and your list. Finish setting up your Upsell / downsell pages Install tracking on your pages Start sending targeted traffic to your sales funnelSetting up your sales funnel this way will allow you to split test your one time offer. With the stats fromyour OTO you can see its conversion rate and send JV partners this data so they can promote and drivetraffic for you. This will allow you to give your affiliates commission and you can take full profit from theone time offers. 3 Create profit pulling sales funnels & finally get over the learning curve
  4. 4. Page Structure Squeeze Page- Main niche and product Auto responder Confirm Link One Time Offer Buys - PayPal Thank you Page 1- Affiliate promo Downsell Does not buy Thank you Page 2 4 Create profit pulling sales funnels & finally get over the learning curve
  5. 5. Tracking & AutoRepondersTrackingGoogle Analytics: By far this tool is still one of the best tracking resources to use. You will needto set up an account and place JavaScript code on each page in your product funnel under thesame domain name.AutoRepondersMake this as simple as it can be. There are two main auto responder services 1. - $1 for first month. $19 a month after that, up to 500 subscribers. 2. Free 30 day trial. $10 a month up to 500 subscribersSet up in squeeze page - Your best bet is to use the Java script enabler. - If you are skilled in html you are free to use the Raw Html editor. Otherwise you can hire a free lancer on to implement the Html code for you 5 Create profit pulling sales funnels & finally get over the learning curve
  6. 6. Next stepsInvesting the time to educate yourself in your business is the only way to make your businessscalable and profitable.If you’re ready to master these fundamental steps to begin making sense of all the clutter andinformation overload, then I recommend you to check out my free report and video trainingseries.Sales Funnel Sniper Video SeriesTo your Success,Stephen Lessey 6 Create profit pulling sales funnels & finally get over the learning curve