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Clothing also varies according to one’s profession. For example traffic police has an uniform that is different from the navy. Clothing also serves the basic purpose of modesty and can also be a reflection of one’s tastes.

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Klaeder, jackor, jeans smartgirl

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  2. 2. Jeans and ClothingJeans were made by Jacob Davis, Calvin Rogers and Levi Strauss way back in 1873. Jeans wereoriginally trousers that were made out of denim which were meant for working people. It alsobecame immensely popular with teenagers. There are numerous types of jeans and fits availablein the market. Jeans comes in various cuts such as skinny, tapered, straight, boot cut, mommy-cut, maternity, and flare. There are many varieties in color too. However the blue jeans havebeen popular and have been synonymous with the American culture.Denims were originally manufactured in Italy and it later became quite popular during the 19 thcentury. The denim trousers exchanged hands with the harbor of Genoa and finally the GenoaNavy required some tough fabric for their sailors and denims fitted the bill perfectly. The sun andthe sea water naturally bleached the denim fabric. Jeans along with light blue cambric shirtsbecame the uniform of United States Navy. The denim fabric could withstand the regular wearand tear from working in extremely difficult conditions. By the mid 20 th century boot cut jeansmade their presence so that it could provide adequate ventilation o the sailors who worked inextremely hotter environments.Denims were also introduced in prisons .Jeans was particularly chosen in prisons as they werelow on maintenance. Besides that jeans were ideal for the tough manual labors that were carriedout by the inmates of the prison. During the sixties jeans became a very popular form of clothingand by the seventies jeans became a style statement.The kind of clothing that a particular society wears depends upon many factors. Firstly there aresome social factors involved in choosing a particular kind of clothing(in Swedish Kläder) andsecondly the clothing has to serve some basic purpose for example whether it can be worn inwinter or extremely humid conditions. Certain human races wears very minimal clothing whichare acceptable in their society. Clothing serves a basic function of saving our body from harshclimatic conditions and it also prevents the harmful toxins from entering our body. Apart fromthat clothing protect us from burns while cooking or even protects human lives in an industrialatmosphere.The kind of clothing varies greatly it respect to social status and individual tastes. Clothing alsovaries according to one’s profession. For example traffic police has an uniform that is differentfrom the navy. Clothing also serves the basic purpose of modesty and can also be a reflection ofone’s tastes.
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