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  • 1. Originalcontent• Fitness section• young localaudience• Gadgetssection• First timedriversincorporate carsinto my
  • 2. The Brief:You have been commissioned by the Northern Echo to produce a new magazine ornewspaper product. You product could be in any style or genre (lifestyle mag, music mag andso on) but it must be self financed through sales or advertising. You must also produce yourmagazine for a specified audience segment within the 16 to 25 age group.Client objectives:My client objectives are as followed• To keep the content local• To sell 200 copies in the first month• To finance the magazine through sales
  • 3. • I have created a new unique magazine,with new original content that I thinkappeals brilliantly to the target audience• It is self financed through salesThe product had to be self financed andmine is• Hits the target audience of 16-25, byusing selected content and imagery
  • 4. My magazine fills a gap in the marketas there is only currently two othermagazines similar to mine, mymagazine has allot of original content,that I believe the target audience will Original contentbe interested in. • Fitness section • young local audience • Gadgets section • First time drivers incorporate cars
  • 5. Target audienceAge: 16-25Gender: MaleSocio Economic Class:C1-DTribe:Chav,Ravers, and Casuals.
  • 6. Audience constraints Problems this will pose for the design of your productAge:16-24 The problems with my age are that the content , may be deemed too inappropriate for under 18,s as they maybe be use of topples models and also use of sexual language and humour is an issue as young people like humorous topics it is hard to keep up with the modern day “banter” and if the jokes aren’t funny and relevant to the target audience the magazine won’t be a success, the top bracket of 24 may seem to old to read these magazines as they may have matured and settled down by then. The content will also have to be safe and inoffensive the stylistics will have to be lively so that it appeals to the younger age range if it’s dull and boring they will not be interested on first glance. The younger target audience will also expect not to be patronised just because they are young adults they will not want to be discriminated against. The content must also be colloquial and local but still keep the mature aspects using the language of today’s youth.Socioeconomics: D.C1, C2 The socio economies of my magazine are D, C1 and C2 In this case I must make my magazine to benefit this group my magazine cant be to boring and formal. It must have some colloquial content. With big images as people in this class may not like to read as much but may prefer visual content with smaller amounts of writing. Also the front cover must be enticing and lively to try and grab the buyers attention from the shelf, Again people from this genre will not be interested in boring magazines especially if it’s a “Lad’s” magazine.Tribe: Chavs/Mainstreame The section of tribes that will tend to buy my magazine are mainstream people this is group consists of Ravers, townies, chavs, boy racers, sports junkies, street rats and casuals .I am going to focus on the tribe Chav.This tribe are of the lower class, to make sure my magzine appeals to this tribe I must focus on Incorporating things that will appeal to them again lots of informal colloquial language as they are of the lower class and tend to use lots of slang language, I also must try to involve brands that they are associated with such as burberry,reebock,stone island, Primark Sony erricson,Motorolla . All thus subject content will interest the “chav”tribe .I must also use lots more visual content than textual content as the magazine is very informal and must not bore the reader. The colours should be lively and bright as, these people are very outgoing and lively, and will not react to dull, plain colours. The magazine must also contain humour that will interact with the “Chav” as they may not find certain types of humour funny. The joke will have to be quite crude and inappropriate.Gender: Male Male, my gender is defiantly male as the genre of my magazine is a lad’s magazine. The content will have to relate to the male gender and contain male things the main things that males react to is women cars and football, I must make sure that I have as much content in as possible that will appeal; to the male audience But also make sure my magazine is unique and differs from the other magazine on the market.Educational Status: The educational status of my target audience will be very low class most likely they will be in college or in full time work maybe even on the dole. The younger age range of 16 will most likely be in college or last year of school, the types of college that my target audience will attend will most likely be a technology college or a low boundary entry grade college for example locally the college that most of my lower age range target audience will attend is the Darlington technology college, and maybe the queen Elizabeth. The higher age group will, most likely be on apprenterships or will be labourers. And maybe even out of work or on the dole. I must try and keep my magazine at a fairly, low price so that these people with poor jobs or that our out of work can afford to buy it weekly.Other:
  • 7. Zoo and Nuts are magazines I read often,obviously as they are my preferredmagazine I wanted to base my idea onthem, these are the two magazines that Genre research helped me come up withinfluenced me to do my magazine. ideas for my product as I scanned throughThrough reading zoo and nuts I realised various content and tried to make minethat there is other content that would similar to these two magazines but also atappeal to men that they currently do not the same time differentiate mine so that it isinclude this is what inspired me to unique. By buying and reading a few of theseproduce my idea. magazine over a period of a few weeks I took note of there content and idea and realised that they could include various other material that also appeals to the male genre.
  • 8. This is the magazine double page spread from zoo that I based my magazine on.
  • 9. Paper quality Front cover Gloss 200gsm Back cover Gloss 200gsm Title Inside pages 150gsm My title is DISH it has a colloquial meaning as it is a Lads magazine, the title Price is big and bold so that it Front cover The price is in big bold letter stands out on the shelf at the top of the page because it is a newly released magazine the price is fairly cheap and we want the buyers to see that.Sell Lines Barcode these are the sell Used to scanlines they when theadvertise what is magazine isgoing to be in the purchased.magazine ne mysell line “Hot to pullthe perfect girl “this will entice thereader as it is afact that manypeople want to Main imageknow it is also The main image isrelevant to the of a women intarget audience underwear this is.the other sell line usually what is“2011 Hot list “ is pictured on aalso a sell line Other imagery typical ladsfeatured this sell I used other images on the magazine as it isline has an unclear magazine as it adds to the affect what males wantmeaning this is a and makes the magazine more to see and is whatvery intriguing sell aesthetically pleasing will want to make
  • 10. Contents pageThe iconic title Images another strong use of imagery to keep the magazine interesting Again more imagery with a heading next to it Clear sections of what the magazine contains , and the page numbers
  • 11. Double page spread’s Enhancing the local theme This is where the imagery will be of the 10 different models ,that I will use. Big title spreading over both pages gives of a bold meaning and is a different style to my other doubleThe description of page spreadeach model and alittle fact file onthem.
  • 12. Vivid and bright colour scheme captures the readers eye quite fun and Double page spread’s non formal Big Bold title spread across the middle of the page gets the message across affectively and will read people to read it.Bold title Use of a maleacross the top model with imageryof the page that i will have tookvery eye they are largecatching images used on both sides of the page A list of ten different ways on how to get ripped
  • 13. “good use of the colour red matchesthe mood of the magazine”“The images could be spaced moreevenly ”“useful content, information is briefbut interesting”This is the double page spread I amtaking forward! “poor use of imagery, doesnt really relate to the article as much as it should” “detailed article , good to read but the style doesnt really relate to the target audience” “To plain and boring , not aesthetically pleasing” I am not taking forward this idea !
  • 14. I had to count up the costs of mymagazine using a balance sheet andalso work out the costs to advertisein my magazine and so on this is thefigures I have came up with.Total income from advertising £16,800Final costing £4245.07Magazine sales £1:20 per magazineI believe i will sell 200 copies in the first month therefore themonthly turnover will be:£2400
  • 15. The Press Complaints Commission (PCC) is a voluntaryregulatory body for British printed newspapers and magazines,consisting of representatives of the major publishersI will have to be aware of the press complaints comity to of therelaws that I will have to deal with isAccuracy The Press must take care not to publish inaccurate,misleading or distorted information, including pictures. I must beaware of this and try not to publish any false information aboutanyone.Harassment I must make sure that non of my journalistspersist in questioning, telephoning, pursuing or photographingindividuals once asked to desist; nor remain on their propertywhen asked to leave and must not follow them. If requested,they must identify themselves and whom they represent.
  • 16. Based on the crack magazine but changed to matchRate Card1/2 Column £200 my magazineClassified Column cm rate £10Cover positions competitors likeOutside Back £2000 nuts and zooInside Front £1800Inside Back £1500 charge much moreSeries DiscountsPre-Payment discount 15% around £6000 forAgency Discount 15%Charity Discount 10% an inside coverInsertsPer 100 50OptionsVarious alternatives for clients are offered as Well as direct advertisements. For example Sponsorships are available throughout ourExtensive listings section, fashion pages, Book/live reviews and travel. RatesClassified Column cm rate £15Cover positionsOutside Back £2000Inside Front £1800Inside Back £1500Full ColourDouble Page Spread £3000Full Page £1500Half Page £800Quarter Page strip Solo Position £400Quarter Page £400Eighth Page £200Column cm rate £14£50avaiableon request1000
  • 17. My Unique selling point for my magazine is that it differsfrom the magazines that are currently available on themarket it has original content that I believe will appeal tomy target audience!The original content includes different sectionsGoals: My goals for my magazine are to create a localsuccessful magazine that engages with my targetaudience. And portrays a new look on the “lads” magazineAnother goal is to keep the content local and try andmake a local “lads magazine”Sales figures: I hope to sell about 200 copies in the firstmonth Original content • Fitness section • young local audience • Gadgets section • First time drivers incorporate cars
  • 18. I approached my product in this way because I believed therewas a gap in the market for my magazine and the new content,hopefully you agree.I think I have been successful with my product and I believe Ihave achieved what I want from my product and that I have alsosuccessfully completed my client objectives.Thanks for listening