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Good quotes金玉良言

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    Good quotes金玉良言 Good quotes金玉良言 Presentation Transcript

    • GOOD QUOTES 金玉良言Tibet scenery 西藏最后的净土 音乐:忘忧 He Yan: 09 11 2012
    • NEVER share your secrets with ANYONE…This can be self-destructive. 千万不要和任何人分享你 的秘密, 它会毁 掉你 。
    • NEVER tell your problems to ANYONE…20% don’t care, and 80% are glad that you have them!不必把你 的问题 告诉 任何人,因为 他们 当中 20%的人不会关 心你 ,另 外 80%的人只会幸灾乐祸 。
    • Life is similar to Boxing game. 生活就像拳击 比赛 ,倒下并不代表Defeat is NOT declared when you fall down; 失败 ,但当你 拒绝 重新站起,你 才It is declared when you refuse to ‘Get Up’! 真正输 了!
    • Always WRONG persons teach the RIGHT lessons in Life!在生活中,总 是“错 ”的人教你 “正确 ”的知识
    • Everything is valuable only at 2 times: 所以事物的价值 只存在两 次1.    Before getting it; and :2.    After losing it!! 1.在得到它之前和
    • Two things bring happiness & success in life:1.    The way you MANAGE when you have nothing and2.    The way you BEHAVE when you have everything !能给 我们 生活中带 来幸福和成功的方式有两种 :1.当你 一无所有时 的处 事方式和2.当你拥 有一切时 的言行
    • Two places are MOST VALUABLE in the world:1.    The NICEST place is to be in someone’s Thoughts and2.    The SAFEST place is to be in someone’s Prayers.下面两 个地方是世上最令人向往的地方1. 人们 心中向往的地方:是最美好的地方,2. 人们 心中祈祷的地方是:最安全的地方。
    • One of the greatest victories you can gain oversomeone is to beat him at politeness. 战胜对 手最有效的方式之一是以理服人。
    • Faith is taking the 1st step, even when youdon’t see the whole staircase.“ 信仰”是当你还 没有看到全部阶 梯时迈 出的第一步 。
    • A Deaf child says: “For all of you, I am deaf;But for me, all of you are dumb”Moral: Life differs in each perspective. Live the way you want to.一个失聪 小孩说 :对 于你们 来讲 ,我是个聋 子,但对 于我来说 ,你们 都是哑 巴。启 示:生活的意义 在每 个人的眼中是不同的,按自己喜好的方式生活吧 .
    • Keep your face to the Sun, 面向阳 光,你 就看不到阴 影And you will not see the shadow!
    • It is always good to check once in a while,And make sure thatYou haven’t lost the things that money cannot buy..!!我们 需要经 常反省自己,以避免失去金钱买 不到的东 西!!
    • Ego is the only requirement to destroy any relationship.Be a bigger person; skip the “E”, and let it “go”..!!“ 自我”是人与人相处的大敌,要想成为一个成功人士,就需要抛弃“自我”!!
    • One good thing about Egoists:They don’t talk about other people! 利己主义者的一个长处是:他们从不议论别人!
    • What is SUCCESS?It is when your photos are uploaded on GOOGLE,Instead of FACEBOOK..!!什么是成功 ?当你的照片被上载到谷歌而不是脸书时,你就是成功
    • Do you know why God did not give us the gift toread others’ minds?So that,We could have the chance to “TRUST”,And privilege to be “TRUSTED”! 为 什么 上帝没有赋 予我们 看透人心思的能力? 因为这样 ,我们 才可以有机会去信任别 人和被别 人信任的荣 誉 感
    • As long as we don’t forgive people who have hurt us,They occupy a RENT-FREE SPACE IN OUR MIND! 只要我们 不原谅 曾经伤 害过 我们 的人,他们 就永远 不 会从我们 的记忆 中消失!
    • Always keep hoping for good.Keep a green tree in your heart.The singing birds will automatically come..! 永远 不要丧 失信心, 只要你 心中有棵绿树 ,鸟 儿就会飞 来歌唱!
    • God always likes to know again and again what you want…It is not that He forgets your Dreams & Prayers;But He loves to check your passion towards your desire..! 上帝总 是经 常要了解人们 需要什么 并不是上帝忘记 了人们 的梦想和祈祷, 而是上帝要查 看人们为 了实现 理想的热 情是否还 在!
    • We have solutions to all the problems,When they are not ours!!!当问题 和自己无关时 ,我们总 是能很快找到解决办 法!!!
    • I asked God: “If everything is already written in Destiny, then WHYshould I pray?”God smiled and said: “I have also written- CONDITIONS APPLY…”!!!我问 上帝:”既然每 件事情的结 局你 都写在了终 点,我为 什么还 要祈祷?”
    • Empty pockets teach millions of things in life…But full pockets spoil us in million ways!!! 当口袋没钱时 ,我们 会在生活中学到很多东 西 但当我们 口袋有很多钱时 ,又有很多方式可以毁 掉我们 !! !
    • Everything about the future is uncertain,But one thing is sure:God has already arranged all our tomorrows…We just have to TRUST HIM TODAY!! 我们 不能确 定每 一件事的结 果会怎样 , 但有一件事是肯定的:上帝已经 安排好了我们 的明天 我们 只要在今天相信上帝就可以了!!
    • Trust is like a STICKER.Once it is removed, it may stick again,But NOT as strong as it holds when you first applied it..!Always take care of relations.信任就像一个粘纸 。拿掉后还 可以再粘上,但却不如第一次粘上时 牢固了!所以我们 要维护 好和朋友间 的信任关 系
    • Getting angry is punishing yourself forthe mistakes of others! 生气是用别 人的错误 来惩罚 自己!
    • No one in the world is afraid to speak the truth.Everybody is afraid to face the consequencesafter the truth is told!没有人害怕说 出真相,他们 只是不敢面对说 出真相时 的后果!
    • NEVER win people with Arguments, rather defeat with your Smile!Because people who always wish to Argue with you, cannot bearyour Silence!!!用微笑而不是争论去“战胜”对手,因为沉默是战胜喜欢争论人的有利武器
    • The search for happiness is one of the mainsource of unhappiness. “ 寻找快乐”是我们不快乐的主要原因
    • Diplomacy is an art of telling people to go to hell in sucha way that they tend to ask you for directions..!!外交是一种当你让人们去地狱时,人们还问你去地狱方向的一门艺术
    • If a drop of water falls on a Lake, its identity is lost;If it falls on Lotus leaf, it shines like a Pearl.Drop is the same; but the company matters.一滴水珠落到湖中就消失的无影无踪,落到荷叶上,它就像一粒珍珠。同样是一滴水珠,对象不同,结果就会不一样。
    • Our HOPES should be like Hair & Nails.No matter how many times they get cut,But they never stop growing. 我们的希望应该像头发和指甲一样,不 管被剪短多少次,但从没有停止生长。
    • “F-E-A-R” has two meanings: “F-E-A-R” 有两个含义:1. Forget Everything And Run… 1.逃走并忘掉一切2. Face Everything And Rejoice..! 2.开心地面对一切!Choice is ours..!! 如何选择,在于我们自己
    • Memories are always special…Sometimes we laugh by remembering the days we cried;And we cry by remembering the days we laughed…!!!That’s Life!记忆是很奇妙的…有时我们因为想起曾经哭过而笑;又有时我们因为想起曾经的笑而哭!!! 这就是生活!
    • Sea is common for all… 大海对每个人是公平的…Some take pearls, 有人捡到珍珠,有人捕到鱼,Some take fishes, 而有人只是被海水弄湿了腿!Some come out just with just wet legs! 这个世界也是一样;我们想要什World is common to all; what we get,is what we try for! 么, 我们就会得到什么!
    • To smile without condition, 笑,不需要条件。To walk without intention, 同行,没有企图,To give without reason, & 给予,不需要理由,To care without expectation, 关心,不需要回报Are the beauties of any Relation ! 这些是人与人相处的真谛!
    • Life is very complicated…When you have standards, people call it ATTITUDE;When you are simple, people try to CHEAT you; &When you cheat others, people call you SMART!生活是很奇特的,当你有标准是,人们和你讲态度;当你简单时,人们就欺骗你;而当你欺骗他人时,人们又会称赞你聪明!
    • All communication problems are becauseWe don’t listen to understand;We listen to reply…!!!所有因沟通而产生问题的原因是,我们听完对方的话后,没有尝试去了解对方的意图,就急于反驳或回应对方!!!
    • Have a nice day! 祝朋友天天愉快!