Top 7 Web Design Mistakes That Business Make


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These are the top 7 common web design mistakes that business can make..

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Top 7 Web Design Mistakes That Business Make

  1. 1. Top 7 WebDesign MistakesThat BusinessesMake
  2. 2. Making Decision To Quickly• A 30% of businesses aren`t sure about their targetaudience.• A good web designer should know how tocategorize his or her audience. Research Your Target Audience
  3. 3. Messy and Complicated Designs• 99% of Web users` get frustrated with complex andflashy, and unpleasant sites.• Remember Users already know what they wantwhen they check out your web page. If they cannotdiscover what they are looking for, they will easilyleave your website….. Fail
  4. 4. No Proper Call To Action• Research has shown that sites with a ‘Call ToAction’ button or column, are more effective thanthose don`t…• It allows targeted visitors your web page bywelcoming prospectus to ‘join in’, by offering themwith no cost useful content… Proper Call To Action Button
  5. 5. Out Dated Content Out Dated content can damage your website credibility.  A good web page must contain the newest information, videos, and ads about certain items and or services they enhance.
  6. 6. Over/Under Spending • Don`t Strike Your Price range. Analysis first; before moving to far in. • Research your viewers, opponents and industry need and create a web page that will accomplish it`s target within a sensible budget.
  7. 7. No Specific Target Audience What is your product? Who can advantage from it? Knowing your particular target is essential factor when developing your website so that you should know where to concentrate and what concept you would like to express.
  8. 8. DIY Mentality Remember this: Creating a website is complex and variety of skills from; design, to development, to promotion. To be effective you can do a lot more intense thanKEEP IN MIND communicating with a well• Do a research about your target audience• Keep it simple! known, expert web developer.• Your Call To Action is essential• Always make sure that all data is up-to-date• Stick to the budget• Aim for your target• Seek professional advise
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