I love New Zealand (iluvnz.co.nz) presentation


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I love New Zealand (iluvnz.co.nz) presentation

  1. 1. Welcome to a devotedcommunity
  2. 2. Sharing, celebrating and educating the communityabout NZ values, culture and achievements
  3. 3. Biggest „brand-360,000 neutral‟ NZ page person community #3dedicated to New Zealand in NZ
  4. 4. Our Vision
  5. 5. The world would be abetter place if more people adopted Kiwi values and embraced Kiwi brands!
  6. 6. What‟s init for you?
  7. 7. Membership to an exclusive„KIWI‟ club with Kiwi valuesGoodwillPerseveranceTransparency
  8. 8. Kiwi relevantPromote inspirational NZ stories and celebrate NZ innovationA platform to support NZ brands
  9. 9. Tone of Voice Positive, loyal and goodwill Topical, clean, Discussions are intelligentbalanced, informedwith a high degree of authenticity
  10. 10. KiwiOmeter„Kiwi Openness Meter‟Publically assesses a brands„Kiwiness‟ characteristics
  11. 11. Tools to Engage Brand Story/dialogue Giveaways Fun Stuff E-commerce Freedom to co- Badge create a quirky, KiwiOmeter innovative tool
  12. 12. Our Values
  13. 13. ValuesAn impartial organisationDriven by the usersWe ACT our values - Goodwill, Perseverance& Transparency
  14. 14. What We‟re Up To
  15. 15. Our Roleiluvnz is a powerful and motivated audience. Weare harnessing the passion by:• Providing inspirational stories of NZ Heroes• Providing engaging NZ content• Enabling the community to be a voice for New Zealand
  16. 16. Our Role• Educating the community about the value of supporting the NZ industry• Enabling a dialogue between NZ brands and the community to help educate, inform and enrich their future decisions• Utilise online tools to encourage two-way organisational involvement within the community• Enable overseas Kiwis to remain connected to the KIWI ethos
  17. 17. The communitywants to hear, butmore importantlywants to be heard!
  18. 18. If that wasn‟t enough
  19. 19. 81% of Gen Ys use Facebook every day!The biggest growth in Facebookadoption is happening with the Boomers.
  20. 20. According to Marketers – The main benefitsof social media are:85.4% 51.1% 42.3% 40.1% low cost market credibility of engagement research the crowdFANS who have „liked‟ your Brand spend significantly more on your productand are more likely to use your brand & recommend brand.
  21. 21. That‟s Great.. …But what‟shappening inNew Zealand?
  22. 22. Facebook dominates usage by a large margin, 79% of internet users in NZ, spend five times as much time on this social media site as they do with the next closest site.We are outpacing all other NZ Facebook communities:In October 2010 we had 136,000 FACEBOOK FANSand today we have over 360,000 Fans .
  23. 23. Brand PlaygroundiLuvNZ.co.nz is a powerful community that is predisposedto supporting all things “KIWI”.Engage in conversation with our community about thevalue of your offer and how it compares to others.This is an exclusive invitation to share, celebrate andeducate a significantly passionate community about the„New Zealandness‟ of your organisation.
  24. 24. Community Breakdown Country Numbers (24th August, 2011)New Zealand 181,671Australia 72,592United States 15,716United Kingdom 12,534Germany 7,351France 6,956
  25. 25. Community Breakdown (cont.) Females Males 13-17 Most Active Users 19% 12% 18-24 17% 11% 25-34 12% 7% 35-44 6.8% 3.70% 45-54 3.60% 1.60% 55+ 2.2% 1.20% Fastest Growing Segment
  26. 26. In an eMarketing survey - The Benefits of SocialMedia
  27. 27. FANS that have ‘liked’ your Brand spendsignificantly more on your product. Source: “Infographic: The Real Cost Of Social Media” – Digitalbuzz – 22 May 2011 http://www.digitalbuzzblog.com/infographic-cost-of-social-media/
  28. 28. FACEBOOK FANS are more likely to use yourbrand & recommend brand. Source: “Infographic: The Real Cost Of Social Media” – Digitalbuzz – 22 May 2011 http://www.digitalbuzzblog.com/infographic-cost-of-social-media/
  29. 29. In October 2010 we had 136,000 FACEBOOK FANS and today wehave over 360,000 fans …outpacing all other New Zealand Facebookcommunities.
  30. 30. Connect Steve Graham today 021 482240 steveg@iluvnz.co.nz www.iluvnz.co.nz FaceBook i.Love.New.Zealand Twitter - iluvNewZealand
  31. 31. Questions Is BRAND majority Is BRAND owned by New headquartered in Zealand interests or New Zealand? shareholders? What % of BRAND annual profits remain in or are reinvested in NZ? Was BRAND product/service Is BRAND giving invented in back to the local New Zealand? NZ community?
  32. 32. Questions Do you believe BRAND embraces the NZ spirit Do you believe of Endeavour? BRAND demonstrates NZ Does BRAND identify spirit of Goodwill? with the people of New Zealand? Is New Zealand better off with BRAND ? Is the BRAND an iconic image within NZ?
  33. 33. YourOpportunity
  34. 34. Brand Benefit1. Community highly receptive to NZ stories/brands2. Brand exposure/loyalty3. Positive brand associations (increase $)4. Distinguish from competitive international brands5. Advocate supporting local brands
  35. 35. Brand Benefit5. Quantifiable research/feedback, brand tracking6. Direct feedback/dialogue (Feedback on new products, Brand, etc)7. Increase “Likes”8. Where to purchase internationally
  36. 36. Community Benefit1. Kiwis conversation2. Sharing NZ-centric content3. Interaction with NZ brands (direct feedback)4. Kiwi Fun. Giveaways, competition, games, etc5. Purchase Kiwi Brands, limited edition merchandise6. A repository NZ brands
  37. 37. Tools of EngagementTwo-way customer „Brand‟ conversation• Opportunity to tell the Endeavour/Goodwill „KIWI‟ Success Story• Create online competition – to „win‟ promotional goods• Educate and inform audience where they can purchase brand• Enable audience to buy (e-commerce) online
  38. 38. Tools of Engagement• Enable User Generated Content – linked to brand• Invite audience to visit you on site• Vote on something brand related• Real time research feedback• Increase FB “likes”
  39. 39. 1. Access to a growing community of over 360,0002. Predisposed to loving New Zealand and more likely to purchase NZ brands3. Member of a semi-exclusive brand community4. Limited number of brands will appear selectively – no more than once a week (other than geo-targeting)5. The ability to engage in feedback and create a brand conversation
  40. 40. 6. The opportunity to challenge a non-kiwi brand7. The ability to re-use the KiwiOmeter brand8. Ability to promote and sponsor campaigns9. The ability to grow your Facebook community10. Lock-in a one-year package for a *360,000 member community that is growing exponentially* today the community stands at 360,000, next month it may be 400,000and the community will continue to rise over the next 12 months