ASUS User Experience Innovation Workshop - v1.0
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ASUS User Experience Innovation Workshop - v1.0



This is the material used in ASUS user experience innovation workshop.

This is the material used in ASUS user experience innovation workshop.



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ASUS User Experience Innovation Workshop - v1.0 ASUS User Experience Innovation Workshop - v1.0 Presentation Transcript

  • DESIGNI THINKINGU X Pser e perience nnovation rocess Method and Tool Steven Tseng , ASUS
  • DesignThinking
  • It’s a human-centered approach to innovation. Jonney ShihPresident, ASUS
  • Design Thinking is for everyone. Jonney ShihPresident, ASUS
  • It is a discipline thatuses the designer’ssensibility and methodsto match people’s needswith what istechnologically feasibleand what a viablebusiness strategy canconvert into customervalue and marketopportunity. Tim Brown IDEO Co-funder
  • Design thinkers think about people first, then the business second. The opposite is true for most companies. Tim BrownIDEO Co-funder
  • Design thinking issupported by a rich set oftools, processes, roles,and environments.Designers know when touse the right tool at theright time.
  • Three Perspectives
  • Method
  • Human Centered Design H Hear C Create D Deliver AbstractAbstract Opportunities Themes Solutions Time Stories ConcreteConcrete Prototypes Observation Implementation Plan
  • HEAR● Observe ● Engage ● Define
  • Create● Ideate ● Prototype ● Develop
  • Deliver● Test Model Implement ● ●
  • Tools
  • design challenge interview share-and-capture insight observationa day of life grouping shadowing synthesis co-design point-of-view empathy brainstorming beginner’s mind storytelling need prototyping
  • Mechanical Instruments tool
  • Observation tool
  • Reminder
  • Reminder
  • Reminder
  • Reminder
  • Reminder
  • Interview tool
  • Reminder
  • Reminder • • • •
  • Reminder • • • •
  • Reminder • •
  • Wallet Mapping … tool
  • Behavior Archeology tool
  • Share-and-Capture storytelling ( )quote surprise interest tool
  • Needs and InsightsNeed activityInsight tool
  • Grouping finding need insight tool
  • Point-of-View (POV) [ ] [ ] [ ] POV[ ] [ ] [ ] tool
  • Design Challenge finding need insight POVDesign Challenge How Might We [Goal] + [How] … +[ ]+[ ] tool
  • Design Challenge How Might We... Goal: Enable people to enjoy the browsing experience at the library How: By shifting from physical to digital books in a seamless way? hear
  • Design Challenge How might we improve maternal health with mobile technologies for low-income countries? hear
  • Brainstorming ... ( …) tool
  • Storytelling who what when where why how tool
  • PrototypingBuild to Think ( ) idea concept solutionStay low fidelity ( ) tool
  • Common Prototype Forms Model idea concept solution 2D 3D low fidelity
  • Common Prototype Forms Storyboards
  • Common Prototype Forms Roleplay
  • Common Prototype Forms Diagrams ( …)
  • Common Prototype Forms Mash up
  • 千里之行始於足下ONE small step leadsONE giant leap
  • Steven TsengInnovator and Facilitator Design Thinker UXIP Facilitator Service Designer Six Sigma Black Belt