Ellis Watson on 'Business as Usual'


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Ellis Watson delivers a fantastic speech on 'Business as Normal' despite the recession at the Institute of Directors Annual Conference 2009 in Manchester UK on 25 March 2009


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Ellis Watson on 'Business as Usual'

  1. 1. Ellis Watson Institute of Directors North West Annual Conference 2009
  2. 2. Ellis Watson is MD of Menzies Distribution. Originally he was MD of The Sun and News of the World reporting to Rupert Murdoch He was MD of Celador International, in charge of commercial sales for the phenomenally Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? He also conceived the idea for currantbun.com, the UK's 5th largest ISP
  3. 3. The following summarises the key messages from Ellis Watson's fantastic speech at the 2009 IoD conference in Manchester, UK Apologies for any points that I may have missed plus Ellis's slides were far better
  4. 4. Don't watch the news - watch cartoon network instead! You'll be far more chirpy
  5. 5. If you lose self confidence - it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy People are scared stiff - if you remain upbeat you will stand out
  6. 6. Recessional Trading - it doesn't matter - think differently - don't worry about it - keep perspective
  7. 7. Think what you're doing today - and change it The things that got you where you are will not carry you forward
  8. 8. Your competition are being brave so should you
  9. 9. Main ingredients for success are NOT: - qualifications - your boss - resource - technology - profile
  10. 10. Main ingredient for success IS PASSION
  11. 11. It's about your business culture this is NOT: - induction manuals -dress down days - motivational posters
  12. 12. Open your eyes to a vision of what your business can achieve
  13. 13. Your company is an average of its talent - don't let a minority bring the rest down
  14. 14. If poor people want to be good Good people will want to be excellent then Excellent people will want to be outstanding
  15. 15. What have you achieved at the end of the week? Do stuff that matters (and quantify it)
  16. 16. Do-it-Yourself - listen, talk & look - be more forward - learn from US - copy and plagiarise - chat to everyone
  17. 17. Tomorrow, from 9am -12pm be relentlessly dynamic, passionate and enthusiatic You will be amazed at the impact you will have and how you will be perceived
  18. 18. The dog's ideal Could you be so popular at work that your team greet you like your dog? - (sniffing your crotch and licking your face may be viewed as a bonus!)
  19. 19. Skills are all around you
  20. 20. Determination, vision, passion and obsession win the day every time