The Race for Same Day Delivery in Online Retail


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No one wants to wait three to five days anymore for their online purchase to be delivered. We want it today (or even better within the hour). A group of innovative startups along with Google, eBay and Amazon are revolutionizing the supply chain for same day delivery in online retail.

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  • Canadian startupparcel kiosksconvenience of picking up online purchases 24/7missed delivery notices should be a thing of the pastusers get unique BufferBox address when shopping onlineunique unlock code as soon as package is deliveredStarted in Toronto, but expanded to San Francisco
  • enter unique pick-up code on locker touch screenaddresses concerns of parcels being stolenor customers missing the mail deliverylaunched in September 2011throughout US and UK7-Eleven in USCo-operative Food in UKStaples and RadioShack withdrew
  • eBay Nowlocal shopping servicevalet will shop and drop off in about an hourover 25 citiesleverages existing stores versus distribution centerscosts $5 per deliveryminimum order of $25san francisco, NYC, chicago, dallasmobile app
  • Make special deliveries in less than one hourDownload a $1 IOS mobile applicationShoppers dictate request to dedicated wunwun associateIf product is at store then free deliveryOther special items and restaurant deliveries are $20 charge
  • Consumers load up on merchandiseDrop off bags at Deliv boothDon't have to carry, can continue shoppingAccelerates shopping experienceUses crew of standby deliverersPick up bags from mall and take to customer's doorstepsSupports online delivery as well$5 per deliveryMall operators offer fro free during the holidaysDelivInstacardPostmates
  • same day urban logistics and delivery platformenables anyone to ship any product within a city in under one hourGet it Now application on IOS and AndroidCourier will purchase goods on behalf of the customer at any retail store or merchant in a city
  • six drones in sydneybuilt-in anti-collision technology keeps clear of trees, buildings, birdsdeliveries in two to three minutestrack progress from drone app
  • LA, NYC, Dallas, New Orleans, Houston, PhenixDelivery to USPS on Saturday evening and Sunday morningflexible workforce
  • Can use predictive analytics to guess what consumers will buy before they purchaseShip items in advance to reduce delivery timeframesPredictive analyticsRecurring shipments such as toner cartridges, diapers,
  • The Race for Same Day Delivery in Online Retail

    1. 1. The Race for Same Day Delivery in Online Retail
    2. 2. Why Same Day Delivery? Because no one wants to wait 3-5 days for a shipment to arrive. We want stuff we buy online NOW!
    3. 3. Amazon Prime The competition began when released its Prime Service. For $79 members could get unlimited 2-day shipments.
    4. 4. Google Lockers Missed delivery notices should be a thing of the past Available in San Francisco and TorontoGoogle acquired BufferBox, a Canadian startup offering lockers in metro areas. Consumers could have pickup shipments from nearby lockers rather than have them left on a doorstop at risk of theft.
    5. 5. Amazon Lockers also introduced lockers at brick and mortar retail stores. Users enter a unique code to retrieve their items
    6. 6. Shutl In London, Shutl was introduced. Users could select Shutl as a form of delivery to a specified location in a one-hour window.
    7. 7. eBay Now Shutl was acquired by eBay who offers a service called eBay Now. You can send a shopping list to a local valet who will deliver it to your doorstep within one hour.
    8. 8. WunWun WunWun will make special deliveries in less than one hour. Send your shopping list and a WunWun associate will find it and deliver it.
    9. 9. Deliv Don’t want to carry your shopping bags around the mall? Deliv will have them couriered to your home address.
    10. 10. Postmates A courier will purchase your shopping list from any retail store in the metropolitan area. The goods will be delivered in less than one hour.
    11. 11. London SkyCycle Elevated Bike Path over London’s Rail Network In London, Shutl was introduced. Users could select Shutl as a form of delivery to a specified location in a one-hour window.
    12. 12. Amazon Drone Delivery Amazon recently announced its plans to deliver shipments via unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) in the future.
    13. 13. Public Response to Amazon Drones Amazon’s Drone announcement met with some skepticism.
    14. 14. Others see opportunity to capitalize on’s plans.
    15. 15. TacoCopter Amazon is the not the only one planning to use drones. TacoCopter offers delivery of tacos via drone to anyone in the Bay Area.
    16. 16. And in the UK Dominos has already delivered pizzas via drone in the UK.
    17. 17. Zookal Zookal has plans to deliver textbooks via drones in Australia.
    18. 18. Amazon Sunday Delivery also has plans to deliver on Sundays using a special arrangement with the US Postal Service.
    19. 19. Crowdsourcing Delivery Walmart is considering crowdsourcing home delivery. Shoppers could receive a discount on their purchase in exchange for dropping off a shipment on their car ride home.
    20. 20. MyWays MyWays (owned by DHL) is already offering crowdsourced delivery. Anyone can sign up to earn money for delivering packages to specified locations at specified times.
    21. 21. Cardrops Cardrops will deliver shipments to your car and stow safely in the trunk while you are at work or at play. They will even auto-magically locate your vehicle.
    22. 22. Ship Before They Buy plans to ship you things before you even buy them. Using predictive analytics, the online retailer will guesstimate your next purchase.
    23. 23. Google Now Google plans for predictive shipping as well. Imagine it starts to rain and someone drives up 2 minutes later to hand you an umbrella. Check out Google Now for a glimpse of how this will work.
    24. 24. Same Day Delivery Innovators Thanks for inspiring us!
    25. 25. Thanks for Viewing This! Steve Keifer @HerdingGeese SteveKeifer