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SEO, Social Media & PR Convergence - Digital Marketing London 2011
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SEO, Social Media & PR Convergence - Digital Marketing London 2011


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Presentation covering convergences in SEO, PR and Social Media including ranking factors and how these trends can be leveraged.

Presentation covering convergences in SEO, PR and Social Media including ranking factors and how these trends can be leveraged.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • Great presentation last night Steve - some good learnings here for anyone still unsure about how important Social will be to their SEO rankings.
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  • 1. Social Media, PR & SEO Convergence Digital Marketing London 2011 Stephen James Lock @stevejlock
  • 2. About Me→ First exposure to SEO in 2003.→ Worked with a number Internet start ups.→ Part of the SEMPO Institute in the UK.→ Worked with some of the World’s largest brands.→ Currently SEO Product Marketing Manager for Analytics SEO an enterprise SaaS platform.
  • 3. Overview→ SEO overview / benefits.→ SEO / social media convergence / social ranking factors.→ Social media, PR & SEO convergence.→ Blogging & Microblogging: the sweet spots.→ Professional tips and advice from the trenches.→ The future of search.
  • 4. A Tough Crowd Source: KPA/Zuma/Rex Features
  • 5. SEO Overview Social media is becoming increasingly important, no longer a “nice to have” Online promotion of websites and generating links Selecting the right accounts for a large keywords is often part of Google’sthe most important algorithm part of digital campaigns Identifying technical barriers for the search engine spiders is fundamental Source: Rand Fishkin/
  • 6. Benefits of SEO as a Channel→ Highest ROI versus any other marketing activity (Forbes).→ Direct benefits from campaign can recur for many years.→ Organic traffic drives generally the highest quality visitors to websites.→ You can optimise for brand terms that are trademarked.
  • 7. Benefits of SEO as a Channel→ Users trust websites that rank well in major search engines.→ 46% of searches relate to products and services.→ Over 70% of visits on the web come via SEO.→ Over 90% of Internet users research products and services online. Source:
  • 8. Benefits of SEO as a Channel Source: Marketing Sherpa
  • 9. The Rise of The Smartphone Source: Flurry Analytics
  • 10. The Rise of The Smartphone Source: Flurry Analytics
  • 11. SEO & social media convergence
  • 12. SEOmoz Ranking Factors Source:
  • 13. SEOmoz Ranking Factors Source:
  • 14. Tiger Blood + Social Media = #winning
  • 15. PR’s evolution into digital→ Brand communications “the conversation” has shifted online.→ Communication channels are moving away from traditional media.→ Social media has become a fundamental part of PR.→ Economic pressure and the rise of blogging.
  • 16. Social Media, PR & SEO Convergence
  • 17. Social Media, PR & SEO ConvergenceBlogging &Microblogging a.k.a.The Blogosphere
  • 18. Blogging & Microblogging→ Strong current themes across PR, SEO and social media.→ Blogger outreach benefits all marketing channels.→ Influential bloggers are often influential across multiple social media platforms inc. Twitter.
  • 19. Blogging & Microblogging→ Blogger outreach often can be the highest value individual process in a campaign.→ Successful campaigns increase search engine visibility significantly.→ Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM).
  • 20. Pro Tips: Advanced Search OperatorsEstimated over 1.9 million targets!*Power Tip: Link Gopher for Firefox*Power Tip:
  • 21. Pro Tips: Buzz & Real Time Analytics→ Google Alerts for generic industry terms and competitor analysis.→ Real time analytics such as Clicky & Woopra for SEO / SM.→ Google Reader / RSS feeds.→ Google Trends & Google Insights. “Piggyback” trends e.g. royal wedding.
  • 22. Pro Tip: Influencer Mapping→ Google Blog Search & Google Profiles.→ Twitter Search,, &→ Industry associations & leading brands.
  • 23. Pro Tip: Influencer Mapping→ Thought leaders / authors.→ Competitors: SEOmoz, Majestic SEO, Link Diagnosis, YSE.→ Influencer research: who do they follow? who follows them? what do they write about? successful types of content?
  • 24. Pro Tips: Blogger Outreach Process*Power Tip: some campaigns may result in few links, yet keyrelationships can still be built from the process.
  • 25. Pro Tips: Blogger Outreach → Ego hooks are effective. Build relationships (most important). → Don’t immediately ask for links / favours. → Transactional offerings e.g. free products to review. → Business development works well. → Guest blog posts are a great way to build links and generate the highest quality traffic.*Power Tip: research and content creation can be outsourced, butwarning please don’t try to outsource anything mission critical!
  • 26. Pro Tips: Blogger Outreach → Leverage Twitter / LinkedIn / blog commenting. → Content that works: awards / interviews / research / surveys / link bait e.g. infographics, video, humour. → Read target blog recent posts to personalise outreach. → Invest time and resources in the highest value targets – 80/20 rule.*Power Tip: research and content creation can be outsourced. Source:
  • 27. Pro Tips: Twitter → Focus on engagement and retweet / cite related content that is editorially strong. → Syndication & automation. Tools inc. Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, Followerwonk, Backtweets, FriendOrFollow, SocialOomph, TwitterFeed,, Summify, TwitterCounter & Formulists. → Constant testing: variables such as scheduling posts at different times and tweeting the same tweets multiple times. → Build relationships, then ask the most influential people to follow you! IT SOUNDS STUPID, BUT IT WORKS!*Power Tip: retweeting influencers is a great way to buildrelationships. DM requests also work a treat!
  • 28. Pro Tips: Paid Services→ SEOmoz→ SEO Majestic→ Analytics SEO→ Hootsuite→ PR Web→ Paid social media advertising:, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Delicious, LinkedIn, YouTube etc.
  • 29. Pro Tips: The Future of Search→ ICANN brand signals e.g. to become unbeatable for ipad.→ Brand authentication to become more sophisticated e.g. LinkedIn.→ XML “author” microformat and rich snippets – Source:
  • 30. Pro Tips: The Future of Search→ Anchor text to decrease in value, with higher scrutiny.→ Page loading speeds.→ Data modelling / LDA & topic relevance to combat web spam.→ Exact match domains to be less valuable.→ Social media signals – “SocialRank” to match or overtake links within 24 months. Source:
  • 31. Thanks for listening…Slides: @stevejlock / @analyticsseoPlease use voucher code “ASEO5499” to trial 5 sites for £99…