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International Search Summit 2013 - International Magento SEO
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International Search Summit 2013 - International Magento SEO


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International Search Summit 2013 - International Magento SEO

International Search Summit 2013 - International Magento SEO

Published in: Technology, Design
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  • 1. @stevejlockInternational SEO on Magento
  • 2. @stevejlockWhat I Am Covering Today...=> How we executed an international campaign ona small budget for a luxury ecommerce website=> Magento SEO & Magento Multi-Site=> Overcoming technical problems=> Full details on the work completed for acampaign that resulted in traffic increases of250% in 4-6 months
  • 3. @stevejlockMagento SEO
  • 4. @stevejlockMagento Projects Require Homework
  • 5. @stevejlockPreparing Technical Optimisation=> Make sure you read both the GPMD(recommended) and Yoast blog posts=> Install Magento SEO Pack=> Setup Fooman & GA Ecommerce tracking=> Use the canonical tag on every page andconsider trailing slash canonical issues=> Consider submitting removal requests ifworking on an existing site with junk in the index(default Magento generates lots!)
  • 6. @stevejlockInternational Implementation=> Decide between local TLDs, sub-domains orsub-folder structures for the international sites=> Plan for translations, I recommend starting withone language then scaling=> Implement hreflang=> Really important to setup a GWT account foreach international variation and set geo-location=> Generate and submit international sitemaps=> Look for examples in rank tracking where thewrong country might be ranking in your SERP!
  • 7. @stevejlockCanonical Problems=> There are always issues with any CMS=> Unfortunately ecommerce is normally theworst :-(=> Magento has trailing slash canonical problemswith URLs that break the admin section whenyou try to resolve them with redirects=> You need to use the canonical tag, but becareful to point to one canonical URL either withor without the slash
  • 8. @stevejlockDuplicate Content & Junk Pages=> Filter Pages (block with meta robots)=> Sort Pages (block with meta robots)=> Session IDs (GWT parameter handling, setbase URLs in Magento admin)=> Pagination (rel=next, rel=prev, rel=canonical)=> Duplicate product descriptions=> You can also add the nofollow attribute to junkpages which most Magento experts recommend
  • 9. @stevejlockShallow Site Architecture=> Shallow site architecture is SEO 101=> Its really important with ecommerce=> Its really really important with ecommerce siteswith thousands of products that are gettingtranslated into many languages ;-)=> I would also recommend using top level productURLs with 301 redirects> You can use regex to then segment productpages easily by using .html as a rule
  • 10. @stevejlockFilter Pages → Static Landing Pages
  • 11. @stevejlockProcess To Retire Products=> SEO Pack can orphan pages in the Magentoback end with no technical knowledgerequired=> Personally I prefer 301 redirects, but thesealways require developers :-(=> Very large ecommerce sites retain tens ofthousands of links per month from retiring oldpages with 301 redirects
  • 12. @stevejlockBuyers Guides=> Buyers guides can be really powerful=> Its a useful place to build landing pages thatmight not fit elegantly into the taxonomyotherwise=> Great for the long tail=> Obviously dont forget to show lots of productson these pages :-)
  • 13. @stevejlockHybrid Magento Sites=> Pure Magento sites are a good option, but theycome with a steep learning curve for non-technical staff (HTML knowledge required)=> Most hybrid solutions come with inevitableissues and development work becomes morecomplex=> WordPress and Magento are probably theeasiest to use with the Fishpig connector
  • 14. @stevejlockAnalytics Events & Goals=> Useful to gain insights on user behaviour=> Work well to test if users are engaging with newfunctionality and responding to design changes=> Goals for time on site with different variations=> Goals for pages viewed with different variations=> Goals for moving around different sections ofthe site e.g. blog → product pages
  • 15. @stevejlockAnalytics Events
  • 16. @stevejlockSpeed
  • 17. @stevejlock 100ms of latency costs them1% in sales!Amazon Case Study
  • 18. @stevejlock a second of speed changed theirbounce rate by 20%!Google Homepage Case Study
  • 19. @stevejlock=> Price and stock availability=> Reviews through Feefo or TrustPilot=> Video via sitemaps=> Try to implement ASAP if launching as it can takemany months to start to show in SERPs=> Ive seen client sites that have taken over a yearSchema & Structured Markup
  • 20. @stevejlock=> This can be really hit or miss=> Some clients have leveraged really well and itgenerates many more sales for them=> Can be used as a method of data collection andfor CRO changes e.g. if customers cant locatedelivery options=> Snap Engage is my favourite and can evensupport free VOIP callsLive Chat
  • 21. @stevejlock=> Look for strategies that can be scaled acrosslanguages e.g. competitions=> Its important not to have a go with an in-houseteam without being honest with the client=> Many countries can communicate well in Englishand therefore some outreach can be achievedwith English teams=> Guest posting we found to be far less effective=> Its likely that using a specialist partner will bebest=> Watch out! Many partners we consideredproposed low quality linksInternational Link Building
  • 22. @stevejlockLink Building For Ecommerce
  • 23. @stevejlockKayak: Oceanic Airlines
  • 24. @stevejlockExpedia: Flight To Mars
  • 25. @stevejlockCompetitions
  • 26. @stevejlockInternational Infographics
  • 27. @stevejlockScaling Across All Countries=> Firstly we nailed English, during setup we alsofocused heavily on link building=> Setup Magento Multi-Site and translations=> Implemented hreflang and 301 redirects=> Setup Google Webmaster Tools for eachcountry setting geo-location for each=> Generated international sitemaps andsubmitted to GWT=> Planned for international outreach 2 countriesat a time
  • 28. @stevejlockALL Links Help ALL The Sites Rank
  • 29. @stevejlockContent Creation=> Trial a number of writers and keep the bestperformers=> Focus on one or two languages at a time=> Look for a team of writers with the most outputand look for the best writer as a proofreader=> Form teams with one proofreader per language=> Rinse and repeat...
  • 30. @stevejlockKey Takeaways=> Magento is a powerful platform, but has plentyof pitfalls you need to avoid=> Avoid using modules for Magento Multi-Site asthey often use parameters you would want toavoid=> Focusing on two countries at a time for linkbuilding was effective (although its still earlydays)=> Using sub-folders can help with GWT especiallyremoval requests
  • 31. @stevejlockKey Takeaways=> Take Googles advice on hreflang, internationalsitemaps and geo-location in GWT=> For the quickest results and to leverage domainauthority use sub-folder structures=> Our approach enabled translators to be trainedand work on optimising the different countries=> Focus on your primary country, get that rightand scale (especially with Magento!)
  • 32. @stevejlockThanks for listening :-)Feel free to connect:=> Slides:> Email:> Twitter: @stevejlock / @linkdex=> LinkedIn: