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Hardcore SEO Power Tools - SMX London 2013
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Hardcore SEO Power Tools - SMX London 2013


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Hardcore SEO Power Tools - SMX London 2013

Hardcore SEO Power Tools - SMX London 2013

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. @stevejlockHardcore SEO Power Tools
  • 2. @stevejlock=> Streamline your processes=> Build a perfect integrated project managementsystem (that does your invoicing!)=> Browser tips & tricks=> Build powerful DIY tools=> Top 10 tools you might not know...=> Slides available: Im Covering Today...
  • 3. @stevejlockStreamline Your Processes
  • 4. @stevejlock=> Generating blog prospects and scraping=> Fetching metrics on domains / URLs in bulk=> Finding contact details=> Identifying potentially toxic links*=> Identifying potentially penalised domains=> Automated reporting*Disclaimer: common sense required!Candidates For Automation
  • 5. @stevejlock=> Rapportive, Streak, Boomerang,Automation Can Go Wrong...
  • 6. @stevejlock=> Manually reviewing blog prospects=> Manually gathering contact details (when thiscant be done automagically)=> Developing teams to act as quality control=> Build processes around following up on outreach=> Systems to make sure you are leveragingoutreach on previous campaigns=> Pro Tip: build a solid process made up of smallerchunks to outsource or automate e.g. dontoutsource link building, outsource gatheringcontact detailsWorkflows & Outsourcing FTW
  • 7. @stevejlock=> Rapportive, Streak, Boomerang,Majestic SEO Trustflow
  • 8. @stevejlock=> Rapportive, Streak, Boomerang,LinkRisk
  • 9. @stevejlockLink DTOX
  • 10. @stevejlockBuzzStream
  • 11. @stevejlockAutomated Reporting
  • 12. @stevejlockIntegrated Project Management
  • 13. @stevejlockTrello = Project Management Glue
  • 14. @stevejlock=> Powerful collaboration tool with over one millionusers!=> Integration with Google Docs, Harvest, Dropboxand many more...=> Extendible with many awesome plug ins inc.calendars, agile / scrum and export tools=> You can use Google Docs to plan inspreadsheets and bulk upload via the API=> Solid mobile apps and can be used to storedocuments=> Its FREE!! (how awesome is that?!)Benefits of Trello
  • 15. @stevejlockUse Trello Like A
  • 16. @stevejlockDesign Workflows
  • 17. @stevejlock=> Rapportive, Streak, Boomerang,Grab My Example Here...
  • 18. @stevejlockPutting It All
  • 19. @stevejlockBonus: Google Docs for PM
  • 20. @stevejlockAwesomise Your Browser
  • 21. Perfect Browser Setup=> Use Chrome profiles to switch between general,auditing and link building etc.=> Grab YAll Links, Xmarks, Quick Markup,Majestic SEO, SEOmoz, Scraper, Check MyLinks, WebRank SEO, Pocket, Trello Scrum=> SEO Book extensions are great too if you useFirefox...=> Bookmarklets FTW!@stevejlock
  • 22. => Troy Meier SEO Bookmarklet=> Rand Fishkin has given away 30=> Blocked by robots.txt checker=> There is a handy one that counts links=> Tom Critchlow blogged about some for Topsy, and many more=> Yoast wrote one that checks headers=> Wirify to convert webpages into wireframes=> Chris Butterworth has a great list tooBookmarklets FTW!@stevejlock
  • 23. @stevejlockBuild A Powerful RSS Tool
  • 24. @stevejlockThe Secret Sauce is RSS
  • 25. @stevejlockHack The Twitter Search API
  • 26. @stevejlockHooking It Up
  • 27. @stevejlockThe Results
  • 28. => Plug in Google Alerts=> Twitter: competitor conversations and searches=> Social Mention & Topsy: listen to many socialchannels at once=> The power is in folder views=> Search, filter and alert by keyword FTW!=> You could filter on “guest” for guest posts (snore!)=> Get creative you can monitor your competitorsTwitter conversations for keywords that suggestthey are talking to clients ;-)How It Works@stevejlock
  • 29. @stevejlockDIY Tools in Python & Google Docs
  • 30. @stevejlockDistilled ImportXML Guide
  • 31. @stevejlockUdacity: Code Your Own Crawlers
  • 32. @stevejlockSEOgadget Links API For Excel
  • 33. @stevejlockSEER SEO Toolbox
  • 34. @stevejlockAn Insiders Guide To SEO Software
  • 35. => Run social competitions with Rafflecopter to buildrelationships with bloggers (and obviously forlinks)=> Gephi / NodeXL to visualise social networks andlink profiles=> Rapidminer for DIY crawling and data mining=> RSS Owl (especially now Google Reader is dying)=> BlogDash / GroupHigh / PitchBox=> SEOgadget Links API for Excel=> Mention for low cost social monitoring (and linkbuilding)Ten Tools You Might Not Know@stevejlock
  • 36. @stevejlockBonus: Linkdex Networks
  • 37. @stevejlockThanks for listening :-)Feel free to connect:=> Slides:> Email:> Twitter: @stevejlock / @linkdex=> LinkedIn: