Coolhunting - ThinkVis 2012


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Coolhunting - ThinkVis 2012

  1. www.thinkgeek.comCoolhunting → How To Predict The FutureUsing Social Media Data Mining Techniques @stevejlock
  2. About Me=> Digital Producer for GPMD.=> UK Co-Chair for SEMPO.=> Most people know me from Analytics SEO.=> Worked with hundreds of digital agencies,start ups and major brands on thousands ofonline campaigns.=> Ive been lucky enough to speak at lots ofindustry events and been featured in the likesof .net Magazine and Webmaster Radio. @stevejlock
  3. SXSW Interactive @stevejlock
  4. Collective Intelligence History @stevejlock
  5. Collective Intelligence History @stevejlock
  6. Collective Intelligence History @stevejlock
  7. Collective Intelligence History @stevejlock
  8. Peter Gloor (MIT) @stevejlock
  9. Introduction To Coolhunting @stevejlock
  10. Diffusion of Innovation @stevejlock
  11. Diffusion of Innovation @stevejlock
  12. Mining Innovators = #winning @stevejlock
  13. Swarm Creativity @stevejlock
  14. How Coolhunting Is Being Used Today => Predict Hollywood box office takings. => Its been used to game stock markets & make investment decisions. => Google predicting flu outbreaks & formal medical research. => Business decisions inc. product development roadmaps & retail / e-commerce. => BBC research believe this behaviour could be the next step of evolution for the human race. @stevejlock
  15. Almost As Awesome As Back To The Future @stevejlock
  16. Yet Easy To Understand As An SEO ;-) @stevejlock
  17. Coolhunting In Action: Case Studies @stevejlock
  18. SEO Election Predictions @stevejlock
  19. Alterian SM2 X Factor Predictions @stevejlock
  20. The Starbucks Creative Group @stevejlock
  21. Google 20 Percent Time @stevejlock
  22. Mozilla Firefox Licencing @stevejlock
  23. IBM Donated 500 Patents To The Swarm @stevejlock
  24. The WWW & Tim Berners-Lee @stevejlock
  25. The Cisco Galaxy Effect @stevejlock
  26. Salesforce Idea Exchange @stevejlock
  27. Dell IdeaStorm @stevejlock
  28. 10 Steps To Becoming A Coolhunter @stevejlock
  29. 1. Simples – Download These Slides! @stevejlock
  30. 2. Read Peter Gloors Research & Books @stevejlock
  31. 3. Learn About Swarm Creativity & COINs @stevejlock
  32. 4. Start Your Own COIN @stevejlock
  33. 5. Learn The Tools Of The Trade @stevejlock
  34. 6. Coolhunt An Online Community @stevejlock
  35. 7. Analyse Your Own COIN @stevejlock
  36. 8. Become A Coolfarmer @stevejlock
  37. 9. Develop Python Skills @stevejlock
  38. 10. Maybe Even Become A Data Scientist?! @stevejlock
  39. Resources: Cool Books & Research=> Peter Gloor Books & Papers=> ICKN Coolhunting Research Downloads=> Analyzing Social Media Networks with NodeXL=> Mining the Social Web=> Groundswell=> Python for Data Analysis=> Analyzing (Social Media) Networks with NodeXL @stevejlock
  40. Resources: Cool Software=> Condor / TeCFlow Software=> NodeXL=> Mining The Social Web Code (github)=> Gephi=> Google Fusion Tables=> Mentionmapp=> Salesforce Ideas (Originally CrispyNews)=> RSS Owl=> RapidMiner @stevejlock
  41. Resources: Cool Blog Posts & Articles=> Mapping github=> How do I become a data scientist?=> Visualize your Site’s Link Graph with NodeXL=> How to Visualize Open Site Explorer Data in Gephi=> Visualize Your Backlinks with Google Fusion Tables=> One More Great Way to Use Fusion Tables for SEO=> Twitter network analysis and visualisation II: NodeXL @stevejlock
  42. Resources: Cool Websites=> Swarm Creativity Blog=> Connected Action Blog (NodeXL)=> Groundswell / Empowered=> Majestic SEO Research=> Gephi Blog=> Udacity @stevejlock
  43. Thanks for listening :-)Feel free to connect:=> Slides:> Email:> Twitter: @stevejlock / @gpmd=> LinkedIn: @stevejlock