For the Custody of the Kids

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It is ultimately the court that decides who will be awarded child custody based on certain conditions.

It is ultimately the court that decides who will be awarded child custody based on certain conditions.

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  • 1. Who Can Have Custody Of The Kids?
  • 2. No Automatic Rights Over The Kids No one parent can claim to have automatic rights over the kids. The mother generally has a better right than the father but many times the court may deem the mother unfit to be the custodian.
  • 3. What Matters For Child Custody? The court will take the following into account before awarding child custody to either parent: ● If the kid has faced any household violence ● If there is an abuse of alcohol or drugs in the household ● With whom is the child more free ● The mental age, physical age and the mental condition of the child
  • 4. Can Neither Parent Have Custody? It may so happen that the court does not find any parent suitable for child custody. Both the parents have problems that might get in the way of the development of their child. The court will then decide that neither of the parents are suitable for custody as the child's future may be jeopardized.
  • 5. Can There Be Outside Custodians? The court may permit custody to any person/s outside the parent circle when the parents themselves are found not suitable for custody. Generally the grand parents are awarded custody most of the times if they are found suitable.
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