Tips to Help in Child Custody Evaluation
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Tips to Help in Child Custody Evaluation

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Follow these tips that would help you in the evaluation of child custody.

Follow these tips that would help you in the evaluation of child custody.

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  • 1. Preparing For Child Custody Evaluation
  • 2. Listen To Your Lawyer Your lawyer is an expert on child custody matters and you should listen to what he/she has to say. Follow the instructions that he/she provides you.
  • 3. Do Not Lie Do not lie to the evaluator as he/she will be able to catch you. Be honest with yourself as it is your child is concerned here. If you try to be dishonest chances are that it will reflect poorly with the evaluator and you might not get custody.
  • 4. Be Prepared For Your Meetings Always be prepared for your meetings with the evaluator. Never miss any meeting as it might send a bad message to the evaluator about your seriousness. Make a checklist of questions that you intend to ask.
  • 5. Be Positive And Impressive Always try to create a good first impression. This always goes down well with those you are dealing with. Try to keep a positive attitude to let the evaluator see the positive person in you. All child custody lawyers want this to be present in their clients.
  • 6. Focus On Parenting Always maintain your focus on parenting and never drift from the issue. Remember it is the issue of parenting that would count for your child and not other matters.
  • 7. Contact Us For family legal problems, contact us: Affordable Family Rights Address: 96 Mowat Ave, Toronto, ON M6K3M1, Canada Phone: 732-705-1651 Website:
  • 8. Thank You