Toronto Island Lake Swim - Safety Plan


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  • BinocularsWalkie-talkiesRed-shirts for volenteersWhite shirts for swimmersEMS --- Matt Cooper --- Ambulance? Bike?
  • Needbouys from Yaught club on island – Pam MazzaNeed plastic bottles w/ rock on rope.
  • Radio… CfiefSafey officer - 1Police - 3Lifeguards – 6 Some counters – 8 Walkie-talkies 18EmsAll need RED SHIRTSPINK SHIRTS for safety….SAFTETY PLAN HAS DIFFERENT COLOR.Make a saftey video all registered swimmers get to see8 counters… w/ rope ladders..
  • YELLOW JAVAX BOTTLES AROUND THE JETTIESRED OR SOMETHING FOR THE COURSE.Video goes to all registrantsNeeed a time to pull people out
  • Toronto Island Lake Swim - Safety Plan

    1. 1. Safety PlanToronto Island Lake SwimAugust 18th, 2013
    2. 2. EVENT SYNOPSISThe Toronto Island Lake Swim is an open water swimrace event located in Lake Ontario on Wards Island inToronto Ontario. The event will take place on Sunday,August 18th on Wards Island. The purpose of theevent is to raise awareness for clean fresh water lakes.The Toronto Island Lake Swim is partnered with theLake Ontario Water Keeper charity. A portion of of theevent proceeds will go to the Waterkeeper charity.Their tagline is "working for a swimmable, drinkable,fishable world".The Toronto Island Lake Swim consists of two events: a1.5k swim and a 3.8km swim.
    3. 3. Roles• 1 Chief Safety Officer - accountable for executing safety plan• 1 Chief Registrar - accountable for registration and overall starting swimmer count• 6 Lifeguards - observe swimmers in water and respond to swimmers in distress• 1 Police boat - keeps course free of unauthorized boat traffic, overall courseobservation Course boats - placed along course route, swimmer observation,respond to swimmers in distress• On Course Swimmer counters - 6 counters will be placed along course route,count swimmers as they pass• Start/Finish Swimmer Counter – 2 accountable for verifying the number ofswimmers that start and finish the swim• On shore safety officers – 2 observe swim in progress• 1 EMS – respond to any swimmers in distressCore Safety Team: 12 w/ 8 Counters for 20 on the team.
    4. 4. Course considerations• There is a short course 1.5km and a long course 3.8 km• The course starts at Ward’s Island Beach and continues west alongthe shore line• Water depth on the course is 3-20 feet (from north to south)• Course route will be marked with buoys every 100 metres with largebuoys at the turn-around point (750 m, and 1.9k).
    5. 5. Communications• All safety team members (12) are required to carry a hand held radioand/or cell phone• Communication between safety team will be coordinated by thechief Safety officer Jon Haywood• Communication between safety teams and police and EMS will becoordinated by the Chief Safety Officer Jon Haywood• We will also be producing a training video that explains how oursafety plan will work. Swimmers who register will be sent a video towatch explaining how the entire safety aspect will work and operateso that the day of the event they are all well educated. We will alsobrief them again on race day.
    6. 6. Swimmer Safety Considerations• All swimmers will be required to register & sign the waiver• Short course swimmers will be required to wear individually numbered, bright pinkswim caps• Long course swimmers will be required to wear individually numbered, bright yellowswim caps• Swimmers will be encouraged to swim parallel to the shoreline and if they are feelinguncomfortable for any reason, they should take off their cap and waive it in the air toget the attention of a lifeguard.• All short course swimmers must complete the course in 1 hours, or they will be forcedto abandon the swim and removed from the water• All long course swimmers must complete the course in 3 hours, or they will be forcedto abandon the swim and removed from the water• Swimmers that need to stop for any reason will be instructed to stay where they are(swim out of the way of swimmers), take their cap off, and wave it in the air. This willcatch the attention of the lifeguards who will arrive in their boat to assist.• Swimmers will be notified of the current the day of the event.• The event will be cancelled if the water is under 16/61 degrees, or if there issignificant waves.• Event organizers will be screening registrants based on previous swimmingexperience on a best effort basis.
    7. 7. Swimmer Tracking• The Chief Registrar will advise the Chief Safety Official as to thetotal registered swimmers for each course at the start of the swim• Swimmer counters will be provided with a detailed count sheetaccounting for all registered swimmers. They will be asked to countthe number of swimmer that pass by each check-point on a bestefforts basis.• The Start/Finish counter will count all swimmers starting andfinishing the swim and will coordinate with other safety officials toensure all swimmers are accounted for.
    8. 8. RACE COURSEThere will be two races that will start and finish on Wards Island beach. There will be a 1.5 KM race and a 3.8 KMrace.CountersBuoysX Large Turn-around markerEMSLifeguard (In a boat and moving)Police (In a boat moving)
    9. 9. Thanks!Contact infoJon Haywood - - 416-371-2311Bill Poole - - 416.577.4962Steve Hulford – - 416-435-4361