Social Media and how it benefits business


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This is a presentation on Social Media and how it benefits us in todays world.

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  • Hello my name is Steven Hilt and I am doing a presentation on Social Media and How it will impact our company and why we should use this tool.
  • The first major internet provider to start out was in 1969, and it was called CompuServe. It dominated the market until the mid 90’s. In 1971 the first email was delivered. Beverly Hills Internet started Geocities, which allowed users to create their own websites modeled after types of urban areas. In 1997 the internet hit 1 million sites and was the start of blogging.
  • Today Social Media is virtually accessible from anywhere and has become a part of our daily lives. There are 550 Million people on Facebook and it is still growing. 65 Million tweets sent through Twitter each day, and 2 billion video views every day on YouTube. Its reported that the internet users would double by the year 2015. That is 60% of the worlds population.
  • There are 3 major types of dominating social platforms in todays social media Industry. the first being the publishing wave like blogs whereas the second is known as the sharing wave, which is done like on Facebook. The third and final is through the popularity sites like Quora and Pinterest which is known as curating wave. All in all it’s about creating, sharing and preserving information kept up to date by internet users themselves. Sharing activities are done on most social media sites.
  • The current social media landscape can be divided into another category which is Gadgets or hardware we use. Things such as tablets, smart phones, laptops, desktops and gaming consoles.
  • You can see the astounding number of people who use Facebook everyday and the number of tweets sent out. The opportunity is there we just have to go and get it by putting our company out there. By using Social Media we will find consumers we wouldn’t normally find in everyday life face to face. Distributing our company information couldn’t be any easier than while growing our audience. We also can keep our audience up to date daily with new products the company has to offer.
  • I can guarantee our company will have an increase in sales if we go viral with Social Media. Social media is being widely used and we can build more costumers who know about our business. Our popularity will also go up because we are getting more audience than we ever have before. We can get good positive feedback who then will pass it on to who they know. And last it is very inexpensive to work through social media.
  • As you can see and overwhelming number of people are online and working through Social Media sites. We need to make this happen as a company so we don’t fall behind the flow of technology. Let’s make this happen.
  • Social Media and how it benefits business

    1. 1. Presented by Steven Hilt How Social Media will Impact our business
    2. 2. The beginning of the Internet and Social Media Dial-up Internet started in 1969 First email was sent in 1971 In 1994 users were able to create own website 1 Million sites active in 1997
    3. 3. The rise of social media in the world today Social Media available anywhere 550 Million people on Facebook 65 Million tweets sent out per day 2 billion videos viewed a day
    4. 4. Social Media Landscape in the IT Industry3 Types of dominating social platforms(blogs, sharing and curating wave)Internet users keep the Media landscape up to dateSharing activities done on most social media sites
    5. 5. Social Media Landscape GadgetsSmart phonesTabletsLaptopsGaming Consoles
    6. 6. Opportunities from using social media in our companyReaching out to consumersFind consumers you wouldn’t normally findGrowing our audienceKeep Consumers up to date daily
    7. 7. Benefits for using Social Media for our companyIncrease in SalesMore costumersPopularityKeeping a good reputationInexpensive
    8. 8. Let’s make this happen