Fairfax Advocates for Better Bicycling - Reston for a Lifetime
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Fairfax Advocates for Better Bicycling - Reston for a Lifetime






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Fairfax Advocates for Better Bicycling - Reston for a Lifetime Fairfax Advocates for Better Bicycling - Reston for a Lifetime Presentation Transcript

  • Getting Around Reston by Bike Bruce WrightFairfax Advocates for Better Bicycling
  • Outline• Who is a "senior?"• Getting around Reston by bike• Why ride bikes• Types of bikes• Carrying stuff• Seniors and cycling• Making Reston more bike-friendly
  • Who is a "Senior?"• Wide range of ages from 50 (AARP), 62, or 66 (SS), all the way to 100+ (parents of younger seniors)• Baby Boomers - Grew up in the 60s and many adopted bikes for transportation and still ride - Environmental reasons.
  • Getting around Reston• Bike commuting to USGS for 20+ years• Run errands - Farmers markets, Y, Bread store• Most trips under 5 miles, many under 3 miles o 3 mile trip takes about 20 minutes o Bike/Car/Bus challenge - Bikes were fastest• Bike vacations - Great way to see the world
  • Why travel by bike• Its fun• Low impact exercise• Non-polluting• Inexpensive• Allows you to "smell the roses"• Discover your community by using bike- friendly routes
  • More People Riding are forTransportation• Seniors want walkable/bikeable communities• Cycling promotes good health and benefits people with certain conditions such as Parkinsons or strokes• Many seniors in Europe travel by bike o Netherlands, 1 in 4 of their trips by bike
  • More bike choices available nowRecumbents: Two wheels and Three wheels
  • RecumbentsPros• Comfortable seat• Less stress on wrists and neck• Can ride comfortably for longer distances• Trikes overcome balance problemsCons• Difficult to transport and store• Expensive
  • Folding bikes are another goodoptionSmall wheelsLow to the groundEasier to store and transport
  • Reston is not flat!• Gradually build up to ride longer distances over varied terrain.• Most bikes have very low gears. Using all of your gears helps.• Electric-assist bikes are becoming more popular.
  • Options for carrying itemsPanniersBasketsTrailersCargo bikes
  • Portland Senior Cyclist Program• Free program to encourage seniors to get back into cycling.• Trikes and helmets are provided for free.• Helps seniors stay fit, healthy, and active.
  • How do we make Reston more bike-friendly?Reston Ped/Bike Committee recommendationsand the County Bicycle Master Plan• Bike lanes• Signed bike routes and shared lane markings• Better bike parking• Bike education for everyone• Incentives to get more people on bikes• Bike Ambassadors?•
  • More Information• Bruce Wright - bikecommuter@gmail.com• FABB website - www.fabb-bikes.org o Cyclist Resources page - Maps, etc.• RA Pedestrian & Bicycling Advisory Committee• Fairfax County Bicycle Program: o www.fairfaxcounty.gov/fcdot/bike/