Free Social Media Monitoring Dashboard


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How To Build A Quick And Dirty Monitoring Tool For Learning, Listening, Or Tracking Anything

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  • Somewhat basic for those that have used Google Reader before, but if you haven't, it's a great started presentation that is simple to understand and execute. Thank you for posting!
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Free Social Media Monitoring Dashboard

  1. 1. Free Social Media Monitoring DashboardHow To Build A Quick And Dirty Monitoring Tool For Learning, Listening, Or Tracking Anything By Steve Farnsworth
  2. 2. Who Is This For?Anyone who needs a quick andfree social listening dashboard
  3. 3. How Can You Use ThisTechnique?#1 Become an “Expert” on any topic by reading3 to 5 blog posts a day for a month on your topicof interest
  4. 4. How Can You Use ThisTechnique?#2 Know when people talk about you or yourcompany online
  5. 5. How Can You Use ThisTechnique?#3 Keep a sharp eye on your competitors
  6. 6. You will need a Google account. If you already have one,then go to the next step.
  7. 7. Pick the keywords you want to track For this project lets use my name “Steve Farnsworth”
  8. 8. Lets test our search term on Google to see what kind of results we get with Steve Farnsworth
  9. 9. Steve Farnsworth has 592,000 search results. Thats lot.
  10. 10. However, we can use Booleansearch operators to get fewer, but targeted results
  11. 11. Boolean search operatorsare symbols we can use to fine- tune our search request
  12. 12. Lets quickly review the most common ones
  13. 13. “ ” = Using quotes returns results with that exact phrase. Example “San Francisco” AND = Using AND returns only matches with both terms. Example Baseball AND Angels
  14. 14. + = Using a plus sign in front of a word returns only results WITH that word. Example +Cats - = Using a minus sign in front of a word returns only results WITHOUT that word. Example -Dogs
  15. 15. And you can combine them! Lets try a few with our search... Fewer results!
  16. 16. Lets use a few more Booleanoperators and keywords to see if we can achieve better results
  17. 17. Even better! Now, 98% of the results are just what I want
  18. 18. Also, dont forget to use the + and the – Theyre very powerful in fine-tuning your search
  19. 19. Im happy with those kind ofresults. So, Ill make a note and save the search term:"Steve Farnsworth" AND "Social Media" OR Marketing
  20. 20. Now Google “Google Alerts” or go to
  21. 21. Now, type in your search term and make the selections Ive markedNow click here
  22. 22. You will now see a list of your Google Alerts
  23. 23. View new results as they come in by visiting Google Reader
  24. 24. Lets take a look at your Google Reader. A.K.A. Your New Free Social Media Monitoring/Listening Dashboard.
  25. 25. This is where your search results will automatically be sent every few hours
  26. 26. You can find Google Reader from the Google home page, too
  27. 27. See our Google Alert was saved for us
  28. 28. Youll see results here as they come in
  29. 29. You may need to have a number of searches depending on yourneeds. So, here is how to keep it organized.
  30. 30. Keep searches organized by using folders
  31. 31. You can add other searches and subscriptions to your Google Reader
  32. 32. When you seethis symbol on awebsite itmeans you cansubscribe toreceive updates
  33. 33. This service iscalled RSS.While manyblogs, websites,and searchengines have it,not all do.
  34. 34. When you find and click that RSS button it should look like this Select and copy that URL
  35. 35. Go back to your Google Reader and click on “Add A Subscription”
  36. 36. A box will pop-up. Pasteyour RSS feed URL and click “Add”
  37. 37. Now, new results will bedelivered to your dashboard as theyre found
  38. 38. Test different keywords to perfect what search queries work best. Have fun, and... Remember, learning andexperimenting equal experience
  39. 39. Steve FarnsworthProvides training, workshops, consulting, and strategicaction plans to help mid to large-sized companies andorganizations incorporate best marketing practices toshorten sale cycles and increase preference for theirproducts or service by effectively integrating social mediainto their marketing mix.Jolt Social Media(650) 331-0594 (land & mobile)Email: JoltSocialMedia@Gmail.comLinkedIn: (Digital Marketing Mercenary)