PQA Company Profile Final 20 July 2012


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PQA Company Profile Final 20 July 2012

  1. 1. Power Quality Asia Inc. The Power Quality Company Unit 926, Cityland Shaw Tower, Shaw Blvd, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, 1600 Telephone: + (63) 2 584 9284 Facsimile: + (63) 2 584 9284 E-Mail: sales@powerqualityasia.com CORPORATE PROFILEBACKGROUND:The Power Quality Asia, Inc. (PQA) team has been providing power quality solutions, toPhilippine businesses, since 1997. Our group has provided Power Quality solutions for over1,300 companies throughout Asia. As a part of Eaton Corporation’s Power Quality Distribution,PQA is even better positioned to deliver state-of-the-art customer solutions.We have grown from providing specific surge protection applications, to becoming a total powerquality solutions company. In 2004, recognizing the increasing needs for power qualitysolutions, we began adding power quality products to our existing distribution channels.PQA is backed by a team of highly experienced engineers and support staff, which offers itscustomers total power quality solutions/applications sourced from a group of highly respectedmanufacturers. We are well known for our high level of after sales service and provide the bestpossible warranty support available.CORE COMPETENCY / SERVICES OFFERED:Supply, distribution, installation, start-up, commissioning, of:  Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)  Motor Protection Relays  Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR)  Power Quality Monitoring and Analysis  Surge Protection Devices (SPD)  Supply of Power Quality Analyzers & Test  SAG Correction Applications Equipment  Ground Fault Monitoring SolutionsMISSION STATEMENT:Power Quality Asia is dedicated in being the best possible source for Power Quality Solutions andApplications in the Philippines. We are committed in assuring that our customer’s valuableelectrical and electronic equipment is operating with in the best possible power quality environmentpossible.Power Quality Asia’s mission is to be the Philippine leader in maximizing energy-efficiency byimproving Power Quality issues and delivering comprehensive and optimum, return-on-investment,solutions to our customers by: Keeping our customers current on the most cost-efficient Power Quality Solutions and Applications. Involving the electrical community in ongoing education as pertains to power quality problems and solutions. Delivering high level power quality services. Distributing effective and unique power quality products. All our products are considered the most cost effective, top-of-the-line products, in the power quality industry. Enabling sustainable energy conservation.OUR PARTNERS ARE LISTED IN THE PAGES BELOW:
  2. 2. Page 2 Power Quality Asia The Power Quality Company Dranetz-BMI: Special points of Dranetz-BMI (www.dranetz.com) offers Not only can the cost of downtime run into interest: complete power monitoring solutions, from thousands, or even millions of dollars per versatile handheld power quality monitors hour, but power quality events can impact  Recognized as world’s #1 source for Power used for portable troubleshooting sensitive equipment such as servers, Monitoring Equipment applications, permanently installed systems motors, process equipment and computers. and Services. for continuous power quality process This end-use equipment is often improvement, to Dranetzs own ongoing interconnected within networks, industrial  Power quality and power monitoring service that includes data processes and power infrastructure and reliability problems can download, report writing, data interpretation can be negatively affected by events that cost thousands or even and more—right from the Web, trust the arise both from the supplying power system millions of dollars per experts at Dranetz-BMI to find a solution and are generated within the facility. Power hour of down time. that’s right for your business. monitoring is key to maximizing uptime and ensuring all power infrastructures are  Power monitoring is key Never before has power quality and reliability to maximizing uptime been such a key issue for facility managers. functioning properly. and ensuring all power infrastructures are functioning properly.Special points of EATON Electrical Business Group:interest: Electrical Power Quality (http://powerquality.eaton.com/SEA/) power quality portfolio Comprehensive Portfolio encompasses a comprehensive offering of power management solutions from a single- of power management source provider. This includes uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs), DC power solutions. solutions, surge protective devices, switchgear, power distribution units (PDUs), Patented the first AC remote monitoring, meters, software, connectivity, enclosures and services. inverter in 1962. From patenting the first AC inverter in 1962 to submitting eight new patents for the Eaton Continuing history of 9390 UPS, as well as DC power rectifier and battery cell measurement technology patents, technical innovation. Eaton has a continuing history of technical innovation. With more than 264 active patents and another 178 patents pending, we maintain a long tradition of using our technical expertise to Recognized around the provide customers with what they need most in a power management solution. world as a leader in the power quality industry.
  3. 3. Page 3 Power Quality Asia The Power Quality Company Powerex Enterprise Co., Ltd.: Special points of interest: Powerex (www.avr.com.tw) was founded in early 1986 and manufactures the  Founded in 1986, they SuperSmart line of automatic voltage have over 20 years regulators (AVR). Now part of the Eastern experience House Group, they have over twenty years manufacturing of experience manufacturing dependable, dependable, high quality quality AVRs. The AVRs are divided into AVRs. different series determined by their uses,  Fast response times with these are Single Phase, CVT type, ability to maintain output Electronics and MOTO. With abilities to during large input handle overloads of 150% maintaining fluctuations. distortion free sine wave output. A rapid response time of 1-1/2 cycles, or less,  MBTF measured in years. which can maintain output within 2.5% when input fluctuates as much as 45%. Each unit has built in overload/short circuit protection which contributes to an MTBF measured in years. Powerex SuperSmart Automatic Voltage Regulator series are high-performance, high-efficiency units which save both time and money. Energy Control Systems:Special points ofinterest: The SineTamer (www.sinetamer.com) series of parallel connected panel models Provides state-of-the-art represent the state of the art in surge surge suppression design suppression design and performance. The and performance. project started with one very simple goal - Designed with the designing the best performing, safest, absolute lowest surge suppression device in the world. The Measured Limiting design team met this goal by blended Voltage. advanced computer circuit modeling with the tried and true design principals learned Simply the best Surge over the past twenty-five years. One key Suppression Device design goal, established at very start of the available today. project, was that SineTamer must have the absolute lowest Measured Limiting Voltage. No other performance metric is as critical to the survival of your mission critical electronics. Advanced, low impedance surge paths and high quality suppression components assure that the SineTamer product will exceed your required protection levels. Simply put, the SineTamer Series of surge protective devices is the absolute best suppression device available today!
  4. 4. Page 4 Power Quality Asia The Power Quality Company Mirus International Inc.: Special points of interest: Since 1991, Mirus International Inc. (www.mirusinternational.com) has been a  Providing specialized supplier of specialized power quality power quality products products to reduce or eliminate harmonic since 1991. problems and save energy in electrical  Manufactures the leading power distribution systems worldwide. Harmonic Mitigation Mirus International manufactures the Transformers. leading Harmonic Mitigation Transformers in the industry. As true  Uses a unique, patented innovators, their unique approach to approach to harmonic harmonic mitigation has produced many mitigation. patented designs useful in addressing the problems associated with harmonic generating non-linear loads such as personal computers, telecom equipment, broadcasting equipment and Variable Frequency Drives (VFD).Special points of SoftSwitch Technologies:interest: Dynamic Sag Correctors (DySC) MiniDySC Provides a unique (www.softswitch.com) are a unique and industrial power quality exclusive industrial power quality solution. solution. Each DySC uses patented double conversion inverter technology that protects Uses a patented double against the voltage sags and momentary conversion inverter outages that account for 30% of all ProDySC technology. manufacturing downtime. They do the job with no batteries, no moving parts and Ideal for critical virtually no maintenance, making them manufacturing processes and sensitive ideal for critical manufacturing processes electronics. and sensitive electronics that require sag ride-through protection without the hassle So efficient, it virtually of batteries. And the DySC is so efficient pays for itself in energy that it virtually pays for itself in energy savings. savings alone when compared to other power quality technologies. For companies to maximize MTBF (mean time between failure), MegaDySC you’ll want to look at DySC solutions
  5. 5. Page 5 Power Quality Asia The Power Quality CompanySymCom & SSAC: Special points ofSymcom (www.symcom.com) is an SSAC (www.ssac.com) (Symcom interest:electronic control and protection specialist. subsidiary) designs and manufacturesBased out of Rapid City, SD, SymCom has electronic controls for original equipment  Leader in electronicbeen a leader in electronic control and manufacturers: commercial appliances, control and protectionprotection since 1974, designing and heating, ventilating, air conditioning and since 1974.manufacturing an array of: refrigeration equipment, vending  Specialists in a large equipment, pumping equipment, elevators,  Current and Voltage Monitors etc.; for process control and automation array of monitors,  Custom Electronic Control designers; obstruction lighting control relays, controls and  Overload Relays designers; and for a large group of sensors.  Alternating Relays industrial customers and service  Intrinsically-Safe Relays contractors.  Motor and Pump Controls  Motor & Pump Protection  Load & Level Sensors  Timers & FlashersPower Quality Asia is the market leader in these products in the Philippines, and with its dedicatedsales force provides power quality seminars, application site surveys, and power quality consultancyservices.The Power Quality Asia Team is well known for the high level of after sales service provided to its ever-expanding customer base.The aggressive ongoing expansion programs implemented by Power Quality Asia Management Teamwill place Power Quality Asia Inc. as one of the Asian leaders in the power quality products andservices arena.Please contact us for free application surveys and power quality seminars for your engineering staff.
  6. 6. Power Quality Asia The Power Quality CompanyA Partial List of .Clients in the PhilippinesHeavy Manufacturing General Metal Container Web Factorial Multi Connection General Milling Corp. Yum-Yum Classic Nesic Phils.Acro Industries Genpaco NT Taniajura Const.Alsons Cement Grand Alphatech Agriculture & Forestry PNCC SkywayAsian Transmission Corp. Granexport Manufacturing PeamkonstruktArco Metal Products Guoco Ceramics ACE Feeds Philippine Sundt Dev’tBenedicto Steel HTCI Sugar Mills Bright Star Ind. Philos BuildersCofta Mouldings Integrated Device Tech. Cargill Feeds Phytagoras Const.Eveready Battery Int’l Wiring System PMI Nutrition PowermaticsFuji Haya Electric Interphil Laboratories Purina Phils., Inc. Quest Air Tech.General Metal Container Invictus Food Products Sarimanok Feeds RGL ConstructionGoodyear Philippines Kinjoin Industrial Corp. Univet Agricultural Prod. RMN TelecomHolcim Kodak Philippines Vitarich RSD Electric Ent.Honda Cars Philippines Lexmark RS DeveloperIligan Cement Corp. L & T International Call Center Rhenza ElectricIsuzu Autoparts Lamitube Corp. SPIMalampaya CGI Alliance Mayer Knitting Callworx Philippines SAE-EEI ConstructionNissan Motor Megapack Container Customer Contact Center Samwoo M.K. Const.Pacific Cement Mead Johnson Teleperformance Phils. SinusoidalPresline Steel Mitsuba Philippines Skilin ConstructionPhilex Mining Moldex Manufacturing Contractor / Developer SoonPoh ElectronicPrimary Steel Movall Manufacturing Subic Bay Metro. AuthorityPuyat Steel M & Q Plastic Products AMT Taisei Phils.RZL Fabricating Systems MY San Biscuits Algamon Construction Takaoka Phils., Inc.Siemens Nalco Philippines Anban Integrated Time Saver Const. Corp.San Miguel Brewing Nanox AC Technical Trine Const. & Metal Ind’sSan Miguel Corp. Nesium Wheels Bes Dizon & Co. Tri-Ex Tower Co.San Miguel Yamamura Nestle Phils. Brittany VAD BuildersSonic Steel New Zealand Creamery Bosleng Construction VKN Builders, Inc.TCC Cement Non Woven Fabrics Boswell Connection Group YTA BuildersToyota Autoparts Optitech Machine Tools CNP IndustriesToyota Motors Optodev, Inc. C.S. Enriquez CommunicationUnion Cement Corp. Oriental Tin Can Csems CorporationYokohama Tire Otis E & M Co. Cessa 92.3 Killer Bee PDM Phils. Citra Avecs CorporationLight Manufacturing Papertech Dou System Technology Bayantel Pascual Laboratories DYN Megaton Bell Telecommunication3M Manufacturing Plastmann Ind’l Corp. Cosmos Construction Clark TelecommunicationARB Snack Specialist Philip Morris Phils. Mfg. Corp. Consistel (Phils.) Inc.Advance Electro Tech. Philippine Battery Inc. Combined Electro- Datalan CommunicationAnalog Device Phil. Bed & Furniture Mfg. Mechanical Digitel TelecomunicationAvon Cosmetics Phil. Beverage Partner DYN Megaton Eastern TelecommunicationBaker’s Fair & Foodmart Philippine Dairy Products D.M. Consunji Globe TelecomsBlue Horizon Philippine Refractories Corp. Daidan Phils., Inc. IBC 13Busco Sugar Milling Pilipinas Kyohritsu, Inc. Domus Construction InfocomBataan 2020, Inc. Plug Electric Mfg. Corp. EESI Innove CommunicationBICC Brand Rex Prince Textile Mills Electromasters Corp. Isla CommunicationCIGI R & L Graphic Fabriquem Integrated Res. KTK Fujikura Phils.California Manufacturing Inc. RMR Electric Fastem Construction Korea CommunicationCapital Garments Corp. Ramcar Technology, Inc. Flux Power Corp. LBS Const. & Dev’t Corp. /Cavite Nagano Seiko Robles Metal Mfg., Inc. G. Uymatiao Jr. Const. LBS Technologies VA, USACeam Tech. Svs. Rowell Can Corporation Geo-Electric LeBLANC CommunicationCelebes Agricultural Corp. Rowell Lithography Geostar MG ExeoCoca-Cola Bottlers, Phils. Samsotite Plastic Co. HDC Corp. Mega Dynamic SystemConcepcion-Carrier Scandia Designs Hedcor Inc. Metro Convergence, Inc.Crystal Sugar Sucere Foods Helden Construction Oasis Telecom ServicesCybermann Ind’l Corp. Sekesui Hong Gun Builders PLDTCybermate Ind’l Corp. Sekesui Jushi Phils. Huawei Technologies PTV4Cygnus Industries Sevilla Candle Factory I3 Technologies Corp. PhilcomDel Monte Phils., Inc. Smartflex Systems I-Link Builders PhilcomsatDesign Apparel Southgold Garments Infiniti Telecom Quest BroadcastingDole Phils. Spiral Group Inpart Engineering SMCCDungguan Luen Thai Starcar Garments Interface Smart Communication Garment Co., Ltd. Subic Bay Freeport Jeska Constrcution SubictelDyno Nobel Sumidenso Automotive Jeruel Construction Teledotcom Com. Serv.Ebara Benguet Sumisetso Phils. Jica TranspacificEagle Electric Sweet Crystal Sugar Milling Kaizen E & M Corp. Will Decena & Assoc.Emerald Vinyl Swift Foods Kearney Electrical YTA BuildersEssilor Manufacturing Corp. Temic Automotive Phils. LBS ConstructionEvapia Precision Tozen Mechanical Prod. Leighton Contractor EducationFiesta Brands Trust Int’l Paper Loxon PhilippinesFina Corporation Twin Oaks MHI Technical Serv. Ateneo de Zamboanga Univ.Finebend Ind.’l Ent. Corp. Victorias Milling MSI Colegio San AgustinFirst Farmers Holdings D’Occidental Manufactring MTD Construction De La Salle UniversityFirst Philippine Scales Unilever Phils. Marsol Contractor Serv. Faith AcademyFlexo Mfg. Corp. Universal Robina Corp. Matsushita Comm. Ind’l Int’l Academy of Film & TVFortune Tobacco Corp. Uratex Phils. Megaworld National Defense CollegeFranklin Baker Co. Vetronix Metro AmpereFuller Life Direct Selling Vignet, Inc. Mijac Construction
  7. 7. Power Quality Asia The Power Quality CompanyElectricity, Oil, Gas & Water Shangri La EDSA Plaza Hotel Britanny Corp. Excelect IndustrialSupply Shangri La Makati Chas Realty Exponent Controls & Elect. Corp. Stotsenberg Hotel Crown Asia GTB Industrial NetworkBocaue Water District The Alexandra Condo. DHC Real Estate Golden Design KonstruktBubunawan Power Co. The Marco Polo Davao EGI Taft Tower Hi-Wave TradingCEPALCO The Pan Pacific Manila Essensa IEC ControlsClark Water Corp. The Westin Phil. Plaza Fil-es ISOCoastal Petroleum Subic Bay Waterfront Cebu Hotel Gabriel III Condominium J & B TradingDasmarinas Water Dist. Hansmar Real Estate Dev’t JW ElectricalElectrowatt Ekono Leisure / Amusement Karina Office Building Jeska TradingFirst Phil. Energy Corp. Luwell Corp. KMC Electro Mech SalesLegazpi Oil Cyber Velocity Pacific Star Building Kearney ElectricalMarilao Water District Enchanted Kingdom Pioneer Highlands Loxon PhilippinesMERALCO Fontana Casino One Roxas Triangle MADE, Inc.Mirant (Phils.) Operations Fontana Development Corp. The Linden Suites MCC IndustrialNOCECO Holiday Inn WAJ Realty Masterbatch Phils.Petronas Energy Manila Southwoods Manor WBS Realty My Mar TradingSan Pablo Water District Mimosa Casino New Interlock Sales-CDOSeaoil Petroleum PAGCOR Semicon New Interlock Sales-CebuShell Tagaytay Highlands Overload IndustrialUnitech Power Corporation Tagaytay Midlands Cypress Semiconductor Philippine Lead Corp. The Forbidden City Fairchild Phoenix EngineeringFastfood The Manila Southwoods Fujitsu Poweredge Solutions Manor IDT Progressive Dev’t Corp.Basic Necessity/Salad Time The Manila Southwoods Intel R. C. Nabua EnterprisesRed Ribbon Golf Club Lear Automotive Remax International Wack-wack Golf NEC Components Romditzy Elect. TradingFreight PSI Technologies Safety Network Media, Publication Shindengen Phils. Corp. Sara LeeAboitiz Air TDK Fujitsu Phils. Speed Drill Const. & TradingDHL ABC 5 Taiyo -Yuden Phils. Tokyo BosaiFederal Express Accuprint Texas Instruments UP MarketingMOF Company Armvet Commercial Press Unitech Power Corp.Malayan Towage & Salvage FEP Printing Services Zimmons IndustriesPT & T Hi-Q Printing Zircon Parts & ServicesRoyal Cargo LSF Printing AMWSLAI Laser Scanner American Technologies Transport / AviationHealth & Social Work Manila Bulletin Basic Necessity New Age Publication CEIA Enterprises Cebu Domestic AirportDe La Salle Health Sciences Papercon Phils. CITE, Inc. Clark International AirportDavao Doctors Hospital Paper Tech Data Key Ilo-ilo Domestic AirportHealth Visions Ilo-ilo Hosp. Pioneer Offset Printing Devco Laguindingan DomesticJMI Healthcare Regal Films Emate Co., Ltd. AirportLegazpi Eye Center Rubicon Printing Far East Bank Laoag Domestic AirportMakati Medical Center The House Printers Fuji-Haya Audit Inspection Legaspi Domestic AirportManila Doctors Hospital Unity Printing Gigalink Info. Telecom Light Rail TransitMedical City Visual Colors, Inc. Insular Life Building Mactan Int’l AirportPhilippine Children’s Jardine Schindler Manila Int’l Airport Medical Center Processing & Packaging JMP Elevator & Escalator NAIA Domestic AirportPhilippine Int’l Hospital Kansibit Eng’g Services Pagadian Domestic AirportSt. John the Baptist Hospital Bonpack Corp. Neoart San Jose Domestic AirportSt. Martin Clinic Container Corp. of the Phils. Orica Phils., Inc. Selected Airport Dev’t. Proj.Subic Bay Medical Center Euro Packaging Otis E & M Co. Subic Int’l AirportTLC Medical Center Innovative Packaging P. J. Lhuillier Third Airport Dev’t Proj.Western Visayas Medical Jennson Packaging Professional Quest Zamboanga Domestic Airport Center Lamco Paper Products Rural Bank of Caraga Mega Packing Corp. Toon City Other Communities,Hotels & Restaurants Premier Creative Packaging Religious, Social and Reliable Industries Trading Personal ActivitiesGrand Boulevard Hotel San Miguel Packaging Prod.Heritage Hotel Sarangani Packaging Prod. A & A Maquinas Ferramentas American Chamber ofHoliday Inn Clark Star Pack Asea Brown Boveri CommerceMactan Island Resort Steniel Cavite Packaging BNF Industries Inc. American EmbassyMandarin Oriental Manila Unibox Packaging Cliff Trading Cathedral of PraiseManila Lodge No. 761 VWA Food Processing Comfac Corp. Iglesia Ni CristoMarco Polo Davao Cyber Velocity Jesus Christ of Latter DayMimosa Leisure Resort Real Estate, Renting & Business DC Tech Micro Svs. SaintsMontevista Hotel Activities Danitech Manila Memorial ParkNew World Hotel Dimex Phils. Mormon ChurchParque Espana Residence Adriatico Square Edmor Ind. Subic Bay Metro. Authority Hotels Ardent Property Dev’t. Emerald SalesOakwood Hotel Aspen Tower Condo. Eagle ElectricPeninsula Hotel Ayala Land Exas Phils.(Cebu) EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR: Power Quality Asia The Power Quality Company Unit 926, Cityland Shaw Tower, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila Telefax: +63 2 584 9284 Email: sales@powerqualityasia.com