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Content Strategy


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  • 1. Content Strategy A short introduction by Steve Cristofaro
  • 2. Plan• Defining content strategy…a few different ways.• Defining objectives for your content• Practical illustrations• ROI & metrics• Questions / Discussion
  • 3. Content is King…
  • 4. Content strategy• ”The practice of planning the content creation, delivery, and governance” – Kristina Halvorson – Content Strategy for the web• “a repeatable system that defines the entire editorial content development process for a website development project – Richard Sheffield – Web content strategist’s bible
  • 5. Content strategy A defining step in your Web project’s conception. A set of objectives & tactics to guide your online efforts. A way to organize your online presence…
  • 6. Content strategy• A strategic compromise between the diverse actors of your business & their objectives.• Defining the content needs of your customer at all steps of the cycle & planning how to answer them through online means.
  • 7. Actors
  • 8. Actors, continued
  • 9. How to keep everything in order• Identify core keywords & key expressions• Create & entertain a style guide• Identify subject matter experts & involve them• Keep track of everything – create a content index• Keep track of experiments & results
  • 10. Tools to help you along• Analytics• Content templates• Training materials• Sell sheets• Google keyword tools• Content index
  • 11. Content indexSection URL Content Objective SME Key Keywords contactHomepage www.aircanad Search,deals, Orient, inform Shared Director Travel, navi, & promote E-commerce vacation, m aeroplan, Cuba, Mexico USP, promos Europe etc…Mexico www.aircanad Destination Funnel S.Smith, S. Cristofaro, Mexico, All- info, city list, interest, product dept. e-commerce Inclusive, m/en/mexico flavor. inform Cancun, Puerto Vallarta,Fall to Europe www.aircanad Promo, Promote Promotions C. Ragusa, e- Paris, London, conditions, deals, spark dept. commerce flights, deals, m/en/promo/ deals vacation vacations, falltoeurope search, Europe, inform promotion
  • 12. Defining objectives for your content• Not a business objective – Measurable – Reachable• Think « operational » – Get visitors to sign-up – Get them to make a search – Get them to call-in – Drive to store• Measures should be based around the visitors’ actions
  • 13. How can it change my business• Identify, train & leverage stakeholders• Decrease web project production time• Inform SWOT analysis• Identify gaps in information & business processes
  • 14. Don’t tell me, show me
  • 15. Practical Illustrations - summarize
  • 16. Practical Illustrations - repeat
  • 17. Practical Illustrations - funnel
  • 18. Practical Illustrations - illustrate ________ ____________
  • 19. Ok, so what?
  • 20. Staying in charge of the metrics• Use A/B & multivariable testing• Report on key learnings• Set-up KPI’s for your content – Google rank for key sections – Conversion gains – Decrease in call centre inquiries
  • 21. How can I calculate ROI on content?• Reduction in # of calls• Direct revenue growth• Lead generation• Productivity gains across all departments – Your website should be the main tool for all employees’ information needs when dealing with your client
  • 22. Questions? Steve Cristofaro web content specialist steve.cristofaro@gmail.com