Content Strategy


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Content Strategy

  1. 1. Content Strategy A short introduction by Steve Cristofaro
  2. 2. Plan• Defining content strategy…a few different ways.• Defining objectives for your content• Practical illustrations• ROI & metrics• Questions / Discussion
  3. 3. Content is King…
  4. 4. Content strategy• ”The practice of planning the content creation, delivery, and governance” – Kristina Halvorson – Content Strategy for the web• “a repeatable system that defines the entire editorial content development process for a website development project – Richard Sheffield – Web content strategist’s bible
  5. 5. Content strategy A defining step in your Web project’s conception. A set of objectives & tactics to guide your online efforts. A way to organize your online presence…
  6. 6. Content strategy• A strategic compromise between the diverse actors of your business & their objectives.• Defining the content needs of your customer at all steps of the cycle & planning how to answer them through online means.
  7. 7. Actors
  8. 8. Actors, continued
  9. 9. How to keep everything in order• Identify core keywords & key expressions• Create & entertain a style guide• Identify subject matter experts & involve them• Keep track of everything – create a content index• Keep track of experiments & results
  10. 10. Tools to help you along• Analytics• Content templates• Training materials• Sell sheets• Google keyword tools• Content index
  11. 11. Content indexSection URL Content Objective SME Key Keywords contactHomepage www.aircanad Search,deals, Orient, inform Shared Director Travel, navi, & promote E-commerce vacation, m aeroplan, Cuba, Mexico USP, promos Europe etc…Mexico www.aircanad Destination Funnel S.Smith, S. Cristofaro, Mexico, All- info, city list, interest, product dept. e-commerce Inclusive, m/en/mexico flavor. inform Cancun, Puerto Vallarta,Fall to Europe www.aircanad Promo, Promote Promotions C. Ragusa, e- Paris, London, conditions, deals, spark dept. commerce flights, deals, m/en/promo/ deals vacation vacations, falltoeurope search, Europe, inform promotion
  12. 12. Defining objectives for your content• Not a business objective – Measurable – Reachable• Think « operational » – Get visitors to sign-up – Get them to make a search – Get them to call-in – Drive to store• Measures should be based around the visitors’ actions
  13. 13. How can it change my business• Identify, train & leverage stakeholders• Decrease web project production time• Inform SWOT analysis• Identify gaps in information & business processes
  14. 14. Don’t tell me, show me
  15. 15. Practical Illustrations - summarize
  16. 16. Practical Illustrations - repeat
  17. 17. Practical Illustrations - funnel
  18. 18. Practical Illustrations - illustrate ________ ____________
  19. 19. Ok, so what?
  20. 20. Staying in charge of the metrics• Use A/B & multivariable testing• Report on key learnings• Set-up KPI’s for your content – Google rank for key sections – Conversion gains – Decrease in call centre inquiries
  21. 21. How can I calculate ROI on content?• Reduction in # of calls• Direct revenue growth• Lead generation• Productivity gains across all departments – Your website should be the main tool for all employees’ information needs when dealing with your client
  22. 22. Questions? Steve Cristofaro web content specialist steve.cristofaro@gmail.com