Offline & Online Scenario For An Interactive Adobe


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Offline & Online Scenario For An Interactive Adobe

  1. 1. Offline & Online Scenario for an Interactive Adobe Form within a WebDynpro application Business Partner Contact Card This is a demo application I have developed based from examples from “SAP Interactive Forms By Adobe” book, Authors: Hauser, Deutesfeld, Rehmann, Szucs, Thun 2010
  2. 2. The BP contacts template build in SFP This template has a DDIC interface
  3. 3. The WebDynpro Application Context includes Source Data structures & The PDF object
  4. 4. 3 Views - Download, Upload & Review • 1- Download the required PDF BP IAF for ‘offline’ use • 2- Upload the empty/part filled/completed BP IAF • 3- Review the PDF IAF ‘online’, extract the data fields entered offline, display them in WebDynpro fields. If you update the Interactive Form and press button ‘Save’, new changed values then get updated and sent to the server, and hence any WebDynpro fields will also be updated accordingly, automatically. • Saving will result in creation of BP data. Using the data entered in IAF in both an offline and / or online scenario, too. The following screen shots depict the application working
  5. 5. Source code to extract data In the ‘Review’ view there is source code to extract the data from the form in input plug handler method, using IXML conversion of the PDF content and binding to the context of the WebDynpro
  6. 6. The Contact IAF Application Working • The next few slides show the working application in an internet browser
  7. 7. Download PDF for Offline useage
  8. 8. Upload the form empty/partly filled Browse for the Offline ‘Contact Card’ interactive form to upload; there may be data entered... Click on ‘Review’ navigates to a new Dynpro view, in doing so extracts all the data to IXML format from the PDF and then binds relevant values to the appropriate context attributes and thus screen fields – ready to either edit the data further or save for final processing, whereby the values are read from the context and the BAPI functions invoked.
  9. 9. Save (& edit) Contact data to create BP The data already entered ‘offline’ is read into context of The data already entered ‘offline’ is read into context of WebDynpro on app. server & displayed in fields WebDynpro on app. server & displayed in fields underneath UI Element of the IAF. The ‘Company’ is going underneath UI Element ‘online’ in the IAF elementis the to be completed now of the IAF. The ‘Company’ of going to be completed now ‘Save’ is in the IAF element is WebDynpro view – when ‘online’ clicked all the data ofre-read, validated on the server and the BP partner is the WebDynpro view – when ‘Save’ is clicked all the data is re-read, BAPIs calls. the server and the BP created with validated on partner is created with BAPIs calls.
  10. 10. All data saved and BP created!