The Real Land of the Giants


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For further information on this subject go to "Giants did they live ? "

The truth is out there don't let other people do your thinking for you.

God Bless and Cheers
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The Real Land of the Giants

  1. 1. Land of the Giants
  2. 2. Evidence of Giant PeopleHeight 12ft 2in tallStrand Magazine 1896
  3. 3. Evidence of Giant People12ft tallThe New York TimesAug 17th 1885
  4. 4. Evidence of Giant PeopleRoman EmperorMaximinus Thrax8ft 6in tallThe Historia Augusta
  5. 5. Evidence of Giant People200 skeletons each above 8ft tallThe New York Times May 4th 1908
  6. 6. Evidence of Giant People10ft 9in tallThe New York Times Dec 25th 1868
  7. 7. Evidence of Giant People3 skeletons 8ft 7in tallThe New York Times 7th Feb 1876
  8. 8. Evidence of Giant PeopleThree 9ft tall men from KentuckyThe New York Times 8th 1876
  9. 9. Evidence of Giant People9ft tall The New York TimesDec 19th 1904
  10. 10. Evidence of Giant People10ft 9in tallThe New York TimesNov 21st 1856
  11. 11. Evidence of Giant PeopleGiant’s Skull unearthed withseveral large human bonesSan Antonio Express
  12. 12. Evidence of Giant PeopleThe Indians said thebones were those of arace of people who longago had lived in thatcountry. They said thesepeople were three timesthe size of a man.An Autobiography of Buffalo Bill(Colonel W. F. Cody)
  13. 13. Evidence of Giant PeopleSkeleton Foundof a Man Over9ft tall with anEnormous SkullThe New York TimesDec 20th 1897
  14. 14. Evidence of Giant PeopleA skeleton upward of6ft in length wasbrought to light…..In another grave wasthe skeleton of anotherman equally large.The New York TimesMarch 5th 1894
  15. 15. Evidence of Giant PeopleFound four hugeskeletons, threebeing each over 7ftin length and theother 8ft.The New York TimesMay 5th 1885
  16. 16. Evidence of Giant People7ft in height , andone, supposed to be anold medicineman, Wauneck, musthave been at least 8ft inheight.The New York TimesFeb 9th 1890
  17. 17. Evidence of Giant PeopleSixty – eight men … Theaverage height of thesemen was 7ft, while manywere much taller.Further evidence of theirgigantic size was foundin large celts or axeshewed from stone.The New York TimesJuly 14th 1916
  18. 18. Evidence of Giant PeopleSome humanbones ofenormoussize, double theordinary in factThe New York TimesOct 3rd 1892
  19. 19. Evidence of Giant PeopleTwo skeletons ofhuman bodies.They lay closebeside eachother, andmeasured about11ft 3in in lengthThe New York TimesAug 10th 1880
  20. 20. Evidence of Giant PeopleFound the bones ofa humanbeing, measuring7ft in length and19inches acrossthe shouldersThe New York TimesNov 20th 1883
  21. 21. Evidence of Giant PeopleA retired Ohio doctor hasdiscovered relics of anancientcivilization, whose menwere 8 or9ft tallSan Diego Union1947
  22. 22. Evidence of Giant PeopleDr W. J. Holland, curator ofthe CarnegieMuseum, Pittsburgh ……secured the skeleton of aman who when in the fleshwas between 8 and 9ft inheight.The Sun Dec 8th 1893
  23. 23. Evidence of Giant PeopleFind Giant Indians BonesThey unearthed severalskeletons of unusual sizeThe New York TimesSept 7th 1904
  24. 24. Evidence of Giant PeopleGiant Stone – Age Axesfound in African Lake BasinProfessor Thomas hasthe following to say:….the biggest hand axesthat anyone has foundanywhere. Over 30 cmlongScience Daily Sep 14th 2009
  25. 25. Evidence of Giant People47inch HumanFemur1950s South-EastTurkey in EuphratesValleyMt Blanco Fossil MuseumCrosbyton Texas
  26. 26. Evidence of Giant People7ft 5in 1922Mongolia, UlaanbaatarNational GeographicDecember 1996
  27. 27. Evidence of Giant PeopleAverage height of thesemen when skeletons….was 7ft, while manywere tallerDr Theodore Wilder hesaid it must havebelonged to a man 7fthigh. “There were giantsin those days.”
  28. 28. Evidence of Giant PeopleTwo human skeletons of giant size. Thethigh bone of one was 30inches long.Pittsburg Dispatch Aug 27th 1891 Page 4
  29. 29. Evidence of Giant PeopleThe Saint Paul Globe Jan 24th1904, Pg 28, Image 28Bones of aHumanSkeletonEleven FeetHigh AreDug Up inNevada
  30. 30. Evidence of Giant PeoplePittsburg Dispatch Aug 23, 1892,Page 10, Image 10Two GiantHumanSkeletonsFound.They are ofgigantic size
  31. 31. Evidence of Giant PeopleDodge City TimesSept 11th, 1891, Image 1The unearthing ofhundreds ofhuman skeletonsof giantproportions
  32. 32. Evidence of Giant PeopleGiant Skeletons FoundArchaeologists To Send ExpeditionSkeletons of enormous size12ft in height forearm 4ft long…that perhaps thousands ofskeletons…..will be found.The New York TimesFeb 11th 1902
  33. 33. Evidence of Giant PeopleThis coffin was found to contain a large-sized skeleton….the skeleton of a person whomust have been a giant in his day.The New York TimesAug 10th 1891
  34. 34. Evidence of Giant PeopleGOLIATHWas 9 feet tall, wore armor weighing 125 pounds, andspearhead weighed 15 poundsThe Holy Bible(1 Sam 17:4-7)Free PDF Giants in the