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This is my presentation for an April 14 "Twitter for Dummies" workshop for Edge Business Magazine. It's a primer on basic Twitter use for businesses.

This is my presentation for an April 14 "Twitter for Dummies" workshop for Edge Business Magazine. It's a primer on basic Twitter use for businesses.

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  • Perrine, we'll have to disagree about this. For a tweep who's conversational and interacts well with the community, a tweet about a fresh blog post is welcome (and not mentioning it would just be weird). And there's nothing wrong with a Twitter feed that's just an automatic news feed. The fact that lots of them have huge numbers of followers proves that some people find them valuable. Like you, I prefer conversational tweeps. But I do follow and find value in some news feeds, too. I like variety in my Twitter stream.
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  • For the tips that accompanied this presentation, check my blog:
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  • Twitter is about conversation, so i think it is not a good idea to advise people to tweet about their new blog posts... Twitter should not be an automatic news feed or push medium for a blog....
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  • 1. Twitter for Dummies (or for smart people who feel dumb when dealing with technology) @stevebuttry Information Content Conductor Gazette Communications Edge Business Magazine, April 14, 2009
  • 2. Why spend time with Twitter? 1. It connects with friends, family, clients 2. It connects you with the community 3. It’s a quick source of news & info 4. You can use it quickly 5. Communication is changing and you don’t want to fall behind
  • 3. How Twitter helps journalists 1. Quickly locate eyewitnesses & participants in breaking news 2. Connect with sources, journalists 3. Monitor community discussion 4. Promote content 5. Write tight (no lead longer than a tweet)
  • 4. How Twitter might help you 1. Connect with happy (and unhappy customers) 2. Promote your business or organization 3. Know what’s happening 4. Stay current with trends 5. Share links to interesting blogs, reports
  • 5. How do I get started? 1. Open account 2. Be sure to fill in bio, location, picture 3. Decide how to use phone 4. Follow some people 5. Start tweeting
  • 6. Twitter lingo 1. Tweet, an update (noun or verb) 2. Tweeps, your followers 3. Retweet, to pass on a link or thought (can be quote, paraphrase, starting point) 4. Tweetup, a physical gathering of tweeps 5. Fail whale, over-capacity graphic
  • 7. Twitter basics 1. 140-character limit for tweets 2. Attribute (“retweet”) with “RT @name” 3. Direct-message (DM) for private communication 4. Link lots: tinyurl,, 5. #hashtags help searches for topical tweets
  • 8. Your first week on Twitter 1. Tweet about 10 times/day 2. Follow about 10 more people/day 3. Ask a question 4. Reply to some tweets (“@name,” click arrow) 5. Direct-message some tweeps
  • 9. What should I tweet about? 1. Link to a new blog post 2. Link to something that’s happening at your company 3. Retweet (with a comment) a link from a colleague 4. Reply to someone 5. Tweet something insightful or funny
  • 10. Whom should I follow? 1. Competitors 2. Colleagues in other communities 3. Experts, academics in your field 4. Current & potential customers 5. Family, friends
  • 11. Follow people in town Search in Twellow or NearbyTweets Five I follow from Cedar Rapids 1. @hidama (student and twaddict) 2. @jenneumann (marketer) 3. @jbonewald (minister) 4. @Robin_Tucker (real estate agent) 5. @christianfong (young business leader)
  • 12. Follow local newsmakers Five local newsmakers I follow 1. @lcauditor 2. @reneeschulte 3. @Pat_Shey 4. @BrentOleson 5. @benrrogers
  • 13. Follow area organizations Five local organizations I follow 1. @crairport 2. @FreedomFestival 3. @TheatreCR 4. @uiowa 5. @CedarRapidsCVB
  • 14. Follow people in the area Five I follow from Iowa City 1. @ToddAdamson (photographer) 2. @bergus (media prof) 3. @Mia_Ria (IC cop) 4. @michaelgraham (chef) 5. @TheIowaHawkeyes
  • 15. Ways journalists use Twitter 1. Follow people on the beat (put their feeds on beatblog) 2. Crowdsource (“Does anyone know anything about …?”) 3. Story ideas (ask, monitor chat) 4. Connect with eyewitnesses 5. Drive traffic to blog posts, stories
  • 16. Ways for any business to use Twitter 1. Promote events & products 2. Monitor & respond to tweets about company 3. Advertise (or link to Gazette ads) 4. Connect, interact w/ customers, clients, prospects, competit ors, vendors 5. Drive traffic to blog posts, web content
  • 17. Twitter twists 1. Tweetbeep & Tweetscan 2. Facebook app 3. Twitpic 4. TweetDeck (& other apps) 5. Twtpoll
  • 18. Ethical considerations 1. How do you identify yourself? 2. Separate personal and professional Twitter feeds? 3. How do you verify? 4. What language is acceptable (WTF)? 5. What, if any, opinions are OK?
  • 19. Advice from local tweeps 1. @bjsmith 2. @jenneumann 3. @jimbonewald 4. @DrMollieMarti 5. @hidama
  • 20. Questions I asked local tweeps 1. How has Twitter helped you connect with people in the community? 2. How have you or your colleagues connected with clients or customers or made other business uses of Twitter? 3. What other business or professional use have you made of Twitter? 4. What has been your biggest problem or concern using Twitter for business or work? 5. What's the best fun you’ve had using Twitter?
  • 21. Advice from local tweeps 1. My Twitter stream 2. Search for hashtag #Edge 3. Search for terms 4. Twitter feeds into CoverItLive 5. Individual editors’ Twitter streams
  • 22. Wrapping up • Social media services, consulting from Gazette Communidations • These slides at • Follow me on Twitter: @stevebuttry • A handout for this webinar, links to Twitter help on my blog:
  • 23. Some final advice From @mathewi (Globe and Mail): Don’t answer, “What are you doing?” Answer, “What am I thinking?” And from @stevebuttry: “What do I want to know?”