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Planning Digital Enterprise Stories
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Planning Digital Enterprise Stories


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These are slides for an Aug. 28 webinar for the Society of Professional Journalists.

These are slides for an Aug. 28 webinar for the Society of Professional Journalists.

Published in: News & Politics

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  • 1. Planning Digital Enterprise Stories Steve Buttry Society of Professional Journalists Sept. 5, 2014
  • 2. Slides, links & more • • • @stevebuttry •
  • 3. Think digital from the first • Not a “Sunday story” (though it may run Sunday in print) • Not sweeps week (though broadcast version may air then) • What is best time & day for digital audience? • How do you tell for digital audience?
  • 4. Digital planning questions • What are visual opportunities? • Data opportunities? • Crowdsourcing opportunities? • Mobile/tablet opportunities? • Engagement opportunities? • Social media opportunities? • Interactive opportunities?
  • 5. Visual opportunities • Photos (staff, public, archives) • Videos • Maps • Graphics • Multiple tools • Consider audio, too
  • 6. Video questions • Should reporter shoot? • Should visual journalist shoot? Or both? • Should you seek videos from public? • Historical video? (Yours or obtained)? • Search YouTube, other social media for curated videos? • Does video support text or vice versa?
  • 7. Photo questions • Should reporter shoot? • Should visual journalist shoot? Or both? • Should you seek photos from public? • Historical photos? (Yours or obtained)? • Search Instagram, Flickr, other social media for curated photos? • Does photo support text or vice versa?
  • 8. Data questions • Is public-record data available? • Is 3rd-party data available? • Do you need to gather/input data? • Can you present interactive database? • Structured archival content? • Database structure for continuing coverage (PolitiFact, Homicide Watch)?
  • 9. Crowdsourcing questions • Who knows what you need to learn? • General pitch (web, social media, print, broadcast)? • Targeted pitch (Facebook groups, pages)? • Crowdsource before or after publication? Or both?
  • 10. Traditional process Graphic by Meg Pickard
  • 11. Crowdsourcing process Graphic by Meg Pickard
  • 12. Mobile/tablet questions • How will story look in mobile/tablet? • What is likely mobile/tablet use? • Should you develop an app? • Should you engage the mobile audience? • Instructions, encouragement for mobile/tablet use?
  • 13. Engagement questions • Review crowdsourcing questions • Is the community already discussing? Should chat and/or curation be part of the project? • Will project stimulate discussion? Should you plan chat and/or curation after publication?
  • 14. Engagement questions • Might your project inspire action by some in the community? • Do you provide how-to-respond info (links, phone numbers, locations)? • Poll (scientific or not) before or after publication?
  • 15. Social media questions • Do you need hashtag, special account for your project? • How should you curate/join/lead social media discussion before & after? • Should you create Facebook page/group for project? • How can you target promotion?
  • 16. Interactive questions? • How do words, visuals best interact in this story? • Let reader direct, rather than linear story? • Map or photo as storytelling base? • Timeline? • What’s best tool?
  • 17. Interactive story tools • Storify • Thinglink • NewHive • Prezi • Creatavist • Collaborate with hacker • Learn coding yourself
  • 18. Slides, links & more • • • @stevebuttry •