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These are slides for a webinar on effective Facebook engagement for Digital First Media journalists. They accompany this blog post: http://wp.me/poqp6-2zd

Facebook Engagement

  1. 1. Effective engagement on Steve Buttry Digital First Media webinar October 11, 2012
  2. 2. What’s going on?
  3. 3. 2 things that help most• Post photos, not updates• Start conversations (not headlines)
  4. 4. Best practice: Post photos
  5. 5. Feel-good photos
  6. 6. Breaking news
  7. 7. Breaking news
  8. 8. Breaking news
  9. 9. Odd photos
  10. 10. Seasonal photos
  11. 11. Seasonal photos
  12. 12. Seasonal photos
  13. 13. Non-photo images
  14. 14. Best practice: Ask question
  15. 15. Best practice: Ask question
  16. 16. Best practice: Ask question
  17. 17. Best practice: Ask question
  18. 18. Best practice: Ask question
  19. 19. Best practice: Ask question
  20. 20. Best practice: Ask question
  21. 21. Best practice: Include link
  22. 22. Best practice: full URL
  23. 23. Best practice: Prompts
  24. 24. Best practice: Crowdsource
  25. 25. Best practice: Crowdsource
  26. 26. Best practice: Crowdsource
  27. 27. Best practice: Crowdsource
  28. 28. Best practice: keywords
  29. 29. Photo issues• Post one photo of slideshow, with link• Do you have rights? (Not for AP, Getty)• For user-submitted photos, specify in terms that you might use on Facebook• Include link in cutline (when appropriate)• Weak photo not likely to engage
  30. 30. Experiment
  31. 31. Other engagement tips• Engage with comments• Post and/or share from personal pages (selectively; don’t be a spammer)• Post on pages of interested community groups• Display share buttons prominently on story pages
  32. 32. Other engagement tips• Tag sources in posts• Ask sources to share your posts on Facebook• Comment on related posts (interest groups, other news orgs’ pages) and share your link
  33. 33. What’s the best time?• Early morning is print newspaper time, not Facebook time (see how it works)• Peak Facebook traffic: 1-3 pm local time• Facebook use goes up in evening (& weekend) – what can you post then?
  34. 34. Staff Facebook use• Subscriptions probably more effective than journalist pages (need to be public or decide which posts are public)• Post your stories on your account/page• Share, like & comment on some colleagues’ stories• Engage w/ comments on your stories
  35. 35. Broaden your engagement• Step up Twitter engagement• Be sure to post to Google+• Share images on Pinterest, Instagram
  36. 36. Let’s experiment• Try photos, questions• Try different approaches• Try different times of day & evening• Try posting different volumes• Post results on Google doc• Share doc: sbuttry@digitalfirstmedia.com
  37. 37. Follow up• Blog post at stevebuttry.wordpress.com• Google doc to record what works (and what doesn’t)• I’ll blog about experimentation results• We’re following up w/ Facebook & will report what they tell us