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El Paso Engagement Workshop
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El Paso Engagement Workshop


Published on

These are slides for an engagement workshop for the El Paso Times.

These are slides for an engagement workshop for the El Paso Times.

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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No notes for slide
  • Go right to the web
  • Really nice mobile app, thoughreporters can also participate via Twitter
  • We’ll start with some examples of why Twitter is a valuable breaking-news tool. Most will, of course, remember that Twitpic had the first shot of the Hudson landing.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Better Journalism Through Engagement Steve Buttry El Paso Times November 14, 2013 #DFMengage
    • 2. Read more about it • • • • @stevebuttry (Some slides are from Mandy Jenkins, Ivan Lajara)
    • 3. What is engagement?
    • 4. You’re a journo, not a carrier
    • 5. Tell stories as they unfold
    • 6. Why to liveblog • • • • • • • Immediacy News value Storytelling Traffic, revenue, sponsorships Community engagement, loyalty Interactivity More productive; you’re there anyway
    • 7. Liveblogging situations • • • • • Breaking story Meeting Event (festival, march, concert, trial) Daylong (Election Day, weather) Sporting event (can use fans, bloggers, HS journos) • Live chat
    • 8. Liveblogging prep • Get names (confirm spelling), titles in advance (ask, get program, etc.) • Set scene, saying what you’re covering & that you’re live-tweeting • Describe your circumstances, vantage point: at event, watching on TV, curating tweets
    • 9. Tips, techniques • • • • • • • Short, frequent takes Space isn’t an issue; engagement is Liveblog becomes notebook for story Consider links, polls, photos, audio, video Tweet & Tout, feeding hashtag Promote live & replays OK to step away for question, video, etc.
    • 10. Liveblogging issues • Accuracy (stress verification, ask questions, seek links & documentation, correct quickly and candidly) • Rough copy • Sports credentials, court access • Multi-tasking • Learning curve
    • 11. Livetweeting tips • • • • • • • Don’t transcribe; observe & report In sports, mix play-by-play & commentary Use hashtag (& check & engage) OK to pause for checking facts, names Note significant pause (halftime, lunch) Fun interludes, exchanges, anecdotes Check facts before you hit “tweet”
    • 12. Liveblogging approaches • Create a live story for breaking news with your own photos, text and updates • Hold live chats with reporters about coverage • Hold live chats with local newsmakers • Feed in tweets from staff and/or community during events or breaking news • Create a second screen experience for sports, debates or TV
    • 13. Liveblogging training Courses for topic areas, monetization and coverage ides at:
    • 14. Great for promotion, but also … • • • • Great for reporting Find story ideas Crowdsource Join & spur the conversation (reply, retweet, ask questions)
    • 15. engagement Photos engage better than updates
    • 16. engagement
    • 17. Why converse w/ no link? • Question invites conversation • Engagement w/ question boosts views/engagement on subsequent links • Builds brand, gain followers • Do you enjoy conversation w/ people always calling attention to themselves?
    • 18. Engagement tips: • Engage with comments • Post and/or share from personal pages (selectively; don’t be a spammer) • Crowdsource on community pages (not just yours) • No AP photos
    • 19. CT Twitter study: • Newsroom accounts mostly heads & links • @5thDistrictCT conversational (links to competition, RTs, replies, great info) • @5thDistrictCT = 2x to 10x more referrals per Twitter follower
    • 20. Tips for being conversational: • Monitor @ mentions & reply (answer questions, thank for links, address critics) • Make link posts conversational • RT competition, community bloggers • Ask questions
    • 21. Monitor community conversation: • Save searches for key names, hashtags • Save location searches for breaking-news terms (fire, emergency, siren) • Make lists (HootSuite, TweetDeck columns) of key community users • Reply & RT
    • 22. Crowdsourcing tips • Say what you know, what you need to know • Don’t ask for help; invite people to tell their stories, share their photos • Reach broader audience (hashtags, ask on FB pages of groups w/ interests)
    • 23. What is curation? Museum curator: • Studies topic • Chooses relevant content (other sources & museum collection) • Authenticates • Groups related items • Provides context • Presents exhibit Journalism curator: • Studies topic • Chooses relevant content (social media, blogs, staff) • Authenticates • Groups related items • Provides context • Presents collected content
    • 24. NPR’s Andy Carvin “I think curation has always been a part of journalism; we just didn't call it that.” – quoted in The Atlantic by Phoebe Connelly
    • 25. Curation Situations Tools • • • • • • • • Reaction story Public event Second screen Breaking story Storify Spundge Geofeedia RebelMouse
    • 26. Photo curation Photo sites: Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, Picasa (don’t forget Facebook, Twitter) Finding photos: Search, Geofeedia, hashtags, ask community to submit Curation tools: Geofeedia, Storify, Spundge, Olapic, Media Center, embeds Make contact & ask for more!
    • 27. Be extra careful during breaking news situations • • • • Contact source Check timeline of posts Look at location Use reverse image search, especially with dramatic images: (reddit)
    • 28. Video engagement • • • • • • Surveillance video Seek submissions from community Vine, Tout Google Voice + still photos Search YouTube, Vimeo Hangout (live on YouTube)
    • 29. Video engagement • • • • • POV camera Live webcam Post raw video Live coverage Video from source, agency
    • 30. Read more about it • • • • @stevebuttry (Some slides are from Mandy Jenkins, Ivan Lajara)