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Digital Storytelling UTA

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These are slides for a workshop on digital storytelling for the staff of the Shorthorn at the University of Texas-Arlington.

These are slides for a workshop on digital storytelling for the staff of the Shorthorn at the University of Texas-Arlington.

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  • 1. Digital storytelling Steve ButtryUniversity of Texas-Arlington Shorthorn August 15, 2012 #utashorthorn
  • 2. Read more•••• @stevebuttry
  • 3. Think of an upcoming story• Event (meeting, game, concert)• Type of breaking story• Enterprise story• Feature
  • 4. Ask about each story• What are potential multimedia elements of your story?• How can a map help tell your story?• How can you engage the community?• Can you cover the story live?• What links will provide greater depth?• Can data provide depth, personal info?• What form will tell this story best?• What content should you curate?
  • 5. Multimedia elements• Photos (individual photos, galleries, time lapse, audio slide shows, submitted, social, media, panoramic)• Videos (raw, edited, in story, webcam, webcast, security cameras, user-submitted, social media, link to video)• Animation (Flash, HTML5)• Audio (alone, w/ photos or videos)• Bring it all together
  • 6. Maps• Invite users to tell their stories & share their photos on map• Story unfolds live on the map• Map as database• Map is format for user-guided story• Map in motion• Crowdmap
  • 7. Engage the community• Crowdsource (investigations, features, events)• Collaborate w/ or curate blogs• Conversation on Twitter, Facebook• Polls• Contests• Hashtags• Sharing tools, ratings• Ask for photos, videos
  • 8. Live coverage• Liveblog as the story happens (CoverItLive, ScribbleLive, update story/blog)• Live-tweet (feed into liveblog)• Livestream with webcasts, webcams, dashboard cam• Feed tweets into blog/story using a widget• Live data• Text alerts
  • 9. LinksEditorial reason: ContextEthical reason: AttributionBusiness benefits:• Generate traffic• Boost SEOSending users away works for Google; it will work for you, too.
  • 10. Databases• Help users personalize story• Answer questions• Provide depth• Provide detail• Interactive• Data visualization
  • 11. Alternate story form• List• Graphic novel• Timeline• Map• Graphic• Self-directed, not linear
  • 12. What is curation?Museum curator: Journalism curator:• Studies topic • Studies topic• Chooses relevant • Chooses relevant content (other content (social sources & museum media, blogs, staff) collection) • Authenticates• Authenticates • Groups related items• Groups related items • Provides context• Provides context • Presents collected• Presents exhibit content
  • 13. NPR’s Andy Carvin“I think curation has always been apart of journalism; we just didnt call itthat.” – quoted in The Atlantic byPhoebe Connelly
  • 14. Curation tools for journos• Google & other search engines• Twitter Search (advanced)• Other Social media search• Storify, Spundge, Storyful, Chirpstory
  • 15. Authenticate & attribute• Ask: “How do you know that?”• Ask careful questions of crowd to help you vet & verify• Check links, tweets & information on sources• Link to original source• Attribute
  • 16. Follow up• Send links of your digital stories & liveblogs• These tips, tools & examples:•• @stevebuttry
  • 17. During lunch break• Look around you• Think about what’s coming up on campus• School starting, entertainment, sports• Come back with a story idea to discuss