Developing a culture of innovation


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These were slides for my presentation for the National Newspaper Association Sept. 22, 2011. Related blog post:

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Developing a culture of innovation

  1. Developing a Culture of Innovation<br />Steve Buttry<br />National Newspaper Association #NNA2011<br />September 22, 2011<br /><br />
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  3. Obstacles to innovation<br />“Small staff, time, familiarity, fear factor.”<br />“Taking the time to consider ideas.”<br />“Old school staff needs to learn new culture.”<br />“Justifying expense. Needs to generate revenue.”<br />“Time. Yet we have invested as much time as possible to online and interactive and social media.”<br />
  4. Innovation in a small staff<br />Engage the community <br />Yes, you lack resources, but you’re more nimble<br />Collaborate (press associations, universities, other nearby newsrooms) <br />Write for web, adapt/edit for print<br />Consider innovation “vacations”<br />
  5. Time management<br />Set priorities: Digital First<br />Recognize where digital tools save time<br />What should you stop doing?<br />What can you do more efficiently?<br />What can you do to a lower standard?<br />What can you outsource?<br />
  6. Don’t buy the myths<br />Digital dimes won’t replace print dollars being lost (they are at JRC)<br />Digital revenue will never be enough to support a newsroom (it is at JRC)<br />
  7. What works: Action<br />What doesn’t: Reorganization<br />What doesn’t: Good intentions<br />Change how you work and the organization & culture will follow. Reorg needs to reflect genuine change in action, not waste time, energy and focus. Reorg follows culture change, does not lead it.<br />
  8. Key actions<br />Engage the community<br />Act – and think – Digital First<br />
  9. Engage the community<br />Join the community conversation<br />Blog about your transformation<br />Use collaborative tools<br />Crowdsource<br />Develop a blog network<br />
  10. Act & think Digital First<br />Use Twitter routinely<br />Cover stories live<br />Develop Digital First revenue streams<br />Make time for innovation & new ideas<br />
  11. Join the conversation<br />It’s not all in your newspaper, on your site, on your Facebook page<br />Join conversation in social media (not just spewing links)<br />Engage with comments<br />Curate digital discussion: Storify, Storyful<br />Engage IRL<br />
  12. Blog your transformation<br />Transparency will help change your culture<br />It’s not “inside baseball;” the community cares<br />Blogging credits innovators, holds the org accountable<br />It’s harder to go back<br />
  13. Use collaborative tools<br />Fewer meetings, more online collaborations<br />Internal & external collaboration<br />Google Docs, polls, Typewithme, MixedInk, wikis<br />Broaden the circle of collaboration<br />
  14. Crowdsource<br />Ask community for story ideas, news tips<br />Ask for photos, videos of breaking news, community events<br />Seek specific sources for stories<br />Ask who’s had a particular experience<br />Ask on website, social media and print<br />
  15. Develop a blog network<br />Link out; become the place to find everything about the community<br />People are already blogging about your community<br />Encourage civic & religious groups, service clubs, neighborhood orgs & non-profits to blog meetings & newsletters<br />
  16. Act & think Digital First<br />Use Twitter routinely<br />Cover stories live<br />Develop Digital First revenue streams<br />Make time for innovation & new ideas<br />
  17. Use Twitter routinely<br />Essential tool for breaking news<br />Master Advanced Twitter Search<br />Engages the community<br />Improves writing (have to get to the point)<br />Changes your culture<br />Oh, yeah, drives traffic, too<br />
  18. Cover stories live<br />Liveblog (CoverItLive, ScribbleLive)<br />Live tweet (feed into liveblog)<br />Livestream (UStream)<br />Live chats<br />Verify or hedge; correct quickly<br />Cover trials, sporting events, meetings, festivals, breaking news<br />
  19. Digital revenue sources<br />Direct sales (gift registries, tickets, etc.)<br />Life stories<br />Spot.Us model (community-fund a beat?)<br />Local search<br />Ads using social features<br />Location, mobile<br />
  20. Make time for innovation<br />You have creative people with good ideas on your staffs<br />You make time for what’s important<br />Make time for innovation<br />Idea Lab (25% of time on project)<br />Innovation “vacations”<br />
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