How Social Tools Can Empower a Global Organization


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Presentation delivered by Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane to the Conference Board Senior HR Executive Conference, New York City, November 16, 2011.

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  • M & A success by using social tools to connect people and opportunityYammer – Originally touted as ‘Twitter for the Enterprise’ – Yammer has grown over the years into a more robust collaboration suite including company wide activity streams, public and private group creation, file sharing, integration with other enterprise systems, and ideation capability. Yammer Case Study with Thomson Reuters acquisition of ContactNetContactNet by Thomson Reuters | Integrating an Acquired CompanyCustomerSince 2002, ContactNet software has supported business development, sales and better client service by enabling firms to quickly identify whom within their organization has the best relationship with a prospective or current client. In 2007, Thomson Reuters acquired the company, integrating it into Hubbard One—which includes a suite of marketing, business development and relationship management solutions. With specialists in enterprise social software, the ContactNet team has a strong presence in the Thomson Reuters Yammer network, using the tool to accelerate growth through collaboration across a large, complex and global organization.“We’ve found Yammer to be an excellent tool for identifying and connecting to the correct set of people for any given project, idea or opportunity.” - Wilbur Swan, Senior Director of Product Management, ContactNetIn 2008, McKinsey reported that, globally, fewer than half of all mergers and acquisitions since 2001 had ever created any value. The underlying cause is failure to manage change."Various studies have shown that mergers have failure rates of more than 50 percent. One recent study found that 83 percent of all mergers fail to create value and half actually destroy value. This is an abysmal record. What is particularly amazing is that in polling the boards of the companies involved in those same mergers, over 80 percent of the board members thought their acquisitions had created value. We are beginning to understand some of the reasons why these mergers fail. This program offers strategies designed to improve your odds for success."— Robert W. Holthausen, The Nomura Securities Company Professor, Professor of Accounting and Finance and Management, WhartonSolutionThe ContactNet team, comprised of experts in enterprise relationship management, has made a large splash in the Thomson Reuters Yammer network. Yammer has provided a platform for the ContactNet team to evangelize the value of the tool within Thomson Reuters and to discuss innovative new uses for the tool. The team has tapped into Thomson Reuters’ large pool of talent and expertise, using Yammer to find the perfect people for each project, which has helped ease the transition into the large company. The team has also created a ContactNet group within the network to keep in regular communication with those who are most committed to ContactNet, organization-wide.Results & BenefitsFaster Transition Into the Large Company: The ContactNet team has used Yammer to connect to new colleagues, helping to integrate the companies.Identification of Areas of Potential Expansion: ContactNet is as valuable for law firms as it is for banks, accounting firms, consulting firms, and other relationship-oriented organizations. Yammer has helped connect the ContactNet team to sales channels for these verticals throughout the organization, around the world.Faster Integration of ContactNet Product: Yammer has increased ContactNet’s visibility amongst Thomson Reuters product managers worldwide, accelerating plans for integration and bundling.Increased Access to Pertinent Expertise: The ContactNet team has been able to identify key people within Thomson Reuters for relevant projects, ranging from mobile device strategy to product design
  • How do we know if we are heading in the right direction?If the latest new product of new service will be successful?Or even if the big project will complete on time? Should we staff up? Should we get external help? Not always easy to know.By leveraging the insights of its diverse and knowledgeableemployee community via the Crowdcast Team IntelligencePlatform™, EA realized $15- 20Min additional revenues as aresult of optimizing marketing spend around top quality games.
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  • How Social Tools Can Empower a Global Organization

    1. 1. How Social Tools Can Empower a Global Organization The Conference Board Senior Human Resources Executive Conference, November 2011 Trish McFarlane – St. Louis Children’s Hospital Steve Boese – Oracle Corporation
    2. 2. Agenda• Current State of Social• The Future of Work• Growth• Innovation• People• Action Plans
    3. 3. Let’s Level Set…
    4. 4. In some ways, you’ve come to a fork in the road – the direction you choose says much about your organization, it’s culture, and your leadership styles
    5. 5. Social and The Future of Work: Growth
    6. 6. RevenueYouTube – “Overall sales for Old Spice body-wash productsare up 11 percent in the last 12 months; up 27 percent inthe last six months; up 55 percent in the last three months;and in the last month, with two new TV spots and the onlineresponse videos, up a whopping 107 percent.” Facebook – “Levi’s implemented “like” buttons on all product pages last year, and more than 50% of its Cyber Monday traffic came from Facebook.” Twitter – “And while not everyone jumps on a deal for a refurbished machine or other outlet-style bargains. the company has been able to track sales that originated from a Twitter click and led to other parts of If you count those sales, @DellOutlet has led to more than $3 million in revenue for Dell.”
    7. 7. Mergers & Acquisitions"Various studies have shown that mergers havefailure rates of more than 50 percent. One recentstudy found that 83 percent of all mergers fail tocreate value and half actually destroy value.” - Robert Holthausen -Wharton
    8. 8. Mergers & Acquisitions Company News Feed Surfaces Activity and Status. File sharing and suggested connections Groups Feeds for Department or Interest Communities Integration with traditional Enterprise systems“We’ve found Yammer to be an excellent tool for identifying and connecting to thecorrect set of people for any given project, idea, or opportunity.”-- Wilbur Swan, Senior Director of Product Management, ContactNet
    9. 9. Prediction Markets How do we know if we are on the right track? Will the new products launch on time? Where should we invest our limited resources? Who might have some insights for us?
    10. 10. Prediction Markets Prediction Markets let everyone share their opinion, and socialize these opinions across the organization Leaders and managers can see summarized distributions of predictions, and breakdowns by department and location Comparisons can be drawn between predictions and more traditional methods of forecasting and planning Prizes and leader boards drive interest, participation, and enthusiasmBy leveraging the insights of its diverse and knowledgeable employeecommunity, EA realized $15 - $20M in additional revenues as a result of optimizingmarketing spend on top quality game.
    11. 11. Social and The Future of Work: Innovation
    12. 12. Innovation Via Crowdsourcing PricewaterhouseCoopersMitra Best, US Innovations Leader at PwCcreated Power Pitch, a firm-wide innovationcontest to crowd source ideas that couldpotentially generate $100 million in revenue.Received 779 ideas pitched comingfrom nearly 60% of the firm’semployees.$100,000 prize to the winning team. Thecontest provided leadership and careerdevelopment opportunities for the staff. Ifeven one of the ideas generated becomes a$100 million line of service, it will dwarf thecosts of PwC’s investment in Power Pitch.
    13. 13. Innovating Patient Relationships St. Louis Children’s Hospital• Demonstrating medical and technical expertise along with our spirit of caring via our YouTube videos. We welcome our patients and share stories of various medical situations.• Looking at ways to use FourSquare and Twitter to reach out to patient families• Let’s take a look –• Stl#p/u/1/qdJypP2utoM
    14. 14. Hillary Clinton:The ParticipationAge “One of my goals upon becoming Secretary of State was to take diplomacy out of capitals, out of government officer, into the media, into the streets of countries. So from the very beginning, in February 2009, I have tried to combine the necessary diplomacy of government meetings, of creating structures in which we enhance our participation government to government, with people-to-people diplomacy. Because given social media, given the pervasion now of communications technologies everywhere, no leader is any longer able to ignore his people.” Time Magazine
    15. 15. Social and The Future of Work: People
    16. 16. Recruiting - LinkedIn
    17. 17. Recruiting - Twitter
    18. 18. Recruiting – Career Sites Going Social
    19. 19. Recruiting – Beyond Ads
    20. 20. Recognition and Rewards“TheCompany News is perfect for our many employees who don’t sit at mobile site Feed Employees can share activity Surfaces to external social graphs.desks and theAwards, and Recognition, social elements like Live Recognition help buildpersonal relationships within our diverse workforce. These features socializes activityhelp us align all employees to our business goals.”-Josh Karam, Director of Human Resources, Starwood Hotels
    21. 21. Social and The Future of Work: Action Plans • Start Thinking Social • Find Advocates • Walk the Talk • Embrace the Crazy • Tie Actions to Goals • Don’t be Afraid
    22. 22. Contact us…• Trish McFarlane – o o o• Steve Boese – o o o o