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High Impact proposition March 2011
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High Impact proposition March 2011


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High Impact - At our core we specialise in “Impact” Development: that is to say, the impact you have in any business situation where failure to inspire, influence or to lead could otherwise have a …

High Impact - At our core we specialise in “Impact” Development: that is to say, the impact you have in any business situation where failure to inspire, influence or to lead could otherwise have a detrimental effect on business performance and results.

Published in: Business
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  • We put the individual at the centre We do work establishing trust to break down barriers to learning We work in 3 spaces – intellectual, physical, emotional
  • Transcript

    • 1. High Impact Europe Ltd make your mark
    • 2. HIGH IMPACT “ exists to achieve more sustainable results than any other L&D provider”
    • 3. HIGH IMPACT
      • We are specialists in creating learning experiences to heighten people’s Impact in business and their ability to affect business results.
      • The majority of our clients are International, Multinational or Global Organisations. So we have to be too. We have multiple language capability and multiple Industry sector knowledge (Finance, FMCG, Technology, Pharmaceutical, Telecoms, Oil, Food Industry and more)…
      • We work in dozens of countries.
      • We are currently growing and structuring for a global offering.
    • 4. High Impact Our business is your “Impact”
      • Impact Development:
      • At our core we specialise in “Impact” Development: that is to say, the impact you have in any business situation where failure to inspire, influence or to lead could otherwise have a detrimental effect on business performance and results.
      • Critical Moments
      • Often in business, opportunities to successfully deliver the right impact will depend upon the way we feel and behave as leaders or managers at critical moments , whether that be an opportunity to inspire or motivate, an inaugural presentation, a critical commercial or selling conversation with a client, an influencing opportunity in an executive meeting or with stakeholders, a high visibility career development meeting etc..
      • Real Business Impact
      • Our “ High Impact Approach” has delivered unprecedented results across a broad spectrum of business contexts and situations from enhancing commercial delivery or improving organisational communication to career management, individual development, management capability, culture change, employee engagement and loyalty, team cohesion, embedding values, strategy development, vision engineering and more.
      • Our ‘experiences’ leave huge legacies with individuals, the business harvests the fruits of these legacies for longer.
    • 5. High Impact Core Activities
      • Our core activities are in…
      • High Impact Leadership Development ,
      • High Impact Skills - Management Development ,
      • High Impact Personal Coaching for Senior Managers & Top Executives ,
      • High Impact Teams Development
    • 6. High Impact Promise of “Pertinence”
      • All High Impact experiences and journeys are;
      • … defined by your specific needs and requirements
      • … designed afresh, with complete care of relevance to your organisational
      • challenges, values, situation and contexts
      • … delivered in a compelling, experiential and iterative way with your needs in mind
      • … injected with your own colours!
    • 7. HI Philosophy
    • 8. HIGH IMPACT PHILOSOPHY Learning Approach
      • At HI we continually seek inspiration beyond academia, drawing on cutting edge techniques inspired from the Arts, Psychology, Sociology and the latest in Academic Management thinking.
      • Deeper Learning Experiences
      • We believe that for learning to stick, we must create, for the recipients, a feeling experience . This implies working at intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual levels. (see the Actor’s Journey). We work in ways that inspire us, which we believe is reflected in the experiences.
      • Individual Focus
      • We understand the importance of (and adhere to) the need for varied & sustained individual contact points. So all of our seminar work is preceded by individual High Impact Diagnostic Interviews, supported by follow-ups to really embed the learning in various formats; monthly High Impact Inspirations TM, personalised coaching, peer learning sets, webinars, HI podcasts
      • Applied Learning
      • We base our work in real situations participants are facing right now.
    • 9. HIGH IMPACT PHILOSOPHY Sustainable Shifts
      • The experiences we create are designed to engender sustainable shifts in the way people think, feel & behave.
      • When “shifts” occur in the people that enterprise relies upon to stay competitive, exciting and prosperous , learning is optimised and enterprise benefits.
      • We understand that in order for these shifts to be sustainable , they must be made meaningful by being rooted in real business situations, in real business lives. In this way the effects are felt, understood and translate into improved business performance.
      • The High Impact formula we have developed since 2005 leaves huge legacies on its recipients and consequently makes the results of our experiences much more sustainable than other more intellectually based L&D providers.
      • This is our difference and our raison d’etre at High Impact.
    • 10. Hi PHILOSOPHY The Actor’s Journey Intellectual Physical Emotional “ People will forget what you say , they will forget what you did , but they will never forget how you made them feel .” Maya Angelou Spiritual
    • 11. High Impact Core Activities High Impact Leadership Development Leadership in action “ Stirring the Leader Within” – the awakening High Impact Area Exploration Component Benefits Self-Imagery / the leader unmasked Physical leadership / postures Emotional Leadership Authentic Qualities / dark and light (paradoxes of leadership) Creating trust Leadership Energies / sources of conviction Self knowledge Authentic leadership style Releasing and Connecting Balancing my leadership Living with uncertainty Exploring developmental edges Gaining leadership stature, presence, conviction Phases & tensions Vision, Inspiration, Momentum Powerful questions Strategy, Decision making & accountability Political leadership Leading in a Matrix Structure Strategies for coping with change Develops strategies for leading Balances enquiry and advocacy – builds connections and gets closer to people. Skilled operator in complex climates Stimulates, provokes and drives decision High Impact for Leaders Charisma Compass TM Voice of a leader Presence & present moment Mastering the art of inspirational discourse Storytelling & metaphor Emotional leadership & qualities portrayed Influencing tools & strategies Boardroom behaviours Develops charismatic appeal Engenders supporters and followers Leaves lasting legacy – is heard Finds powerful clarity and simplicity Connects to all – inspiring, enthusing, orienting Has impact beyond words Masters High Impact Influencing Skill and impact in multi-cultural and senior environments
    • 12. High Impact Core Activities High Impact Skills – Management Development High Impact Area Exploration Component Some Major Benefits Impact & Charisma Charm versus Charisma The Charisma compass The metaphor of the Actor’s Journey The present moment, intuition and sensing Can hold or “seduce an audience” – presence. Creates lasting enthusiasm in others Engenders support Influencing The fundamentals & principles of Influencing The 3 tools of Influencing (Left hand column, advocacy vs enquiry The Influencing process Strategies for influencing Powerful questioning Understanding of and practice in the techniques, tips and tricks for High Impact Influencing Enhanced ability to influence in a wide range of business situations Develops the qualities of great influencers Gains “distance” away from more manipulative techniques Presenting & Communicating Establishing trust – yin & yang The qualities of great presenters, & first impressions High Impact use of language, storytelling Vocal work & use of body Being Present, making deeper connections The Hard side of communication Psychology of communication & our brain Memorable / creative Strong sense of self awareness as communicator Connected, (create visions / images which stick) Finds clarity and simplicity Less dependent on PowerPoint & convention Adapts presentation style to suit situations Can illicit adhesion to a particular direction Action-oriented presenting Becomes reference for High Impact Presenting
    • 13. High Impact Core Activities High Impact Skills – Management Development - cont High Impact Area Exploration Component Some Major Benefits Advanced facilitation What is facilitation? Why meetings fail? Tools of the facilitator. OARRs, GRIP, Energies of facilitation Understanding group dynamics Sources of conflict, Preventions, Interventions, Transformations Recording techniques (graphic) Meeting troubleshooting Hones strategies to deal with conflict constructively Leading a group to agreement and harmony Awareness of phases of facilitation Gains 100% more efficiency in meetings! Significant time gains
    • 14. High Impact Core Activities High Impact Personal Coaching – Senior Execs High Impact Area Exploration Component Benefits Personal Impact Coaching Personal diagnostic interview Draws on all areas of expertise of High Impact Access to psychological-based approach if required Works across the dimensions of the Actor’s Journey Bespoke coaching designed around specific challenges faced by the individual Intensive sessions designed to continue for relevant and appropriate time period Eg: 4 x 0.5 days over 6 months
    • 15. High Impact Core Activities High Impact Teams Development High Impact Area Exploration Component Benefits Leading and creating High Impact Teams Team composition Successful teams – culture & goals Performance diagnostic Conflict and difficulty Maintenance growth & construction Decision-making in teams Reward and motivation Matrix teams – getting the most from them Teams –up time! Improved performance Cohesion Recognition Less stress – more enjoyment Diversity embraced Culture and values of team given meaning Sense of belonging Discovering the High Impact team Team building activities Creativity in teams explored High Impact communication for teams Potential released Tensions diffused Energy channelled into business results
    • 16. High Impact Client List Summary
      • We have a record of longevity in our client relationships of which we are particularly proud.
      • Current clients include:
      • Vodafone Global,
      • Vodafone UK,
      • Vodafone D2,
      • bioMérieux, (Pharmaceutical – Global bio-diagnostics Co.)
      • Mars (Petfood & Masterfoods)
      • Aramark / Johnson Controls, for BP
      • BNP Paribas,
      • BNPP Personal Finance,
    • 17. HIGH IMPACT Helping your business and your people make their mark.
    • 18. Make your Mark Contact High Impact at: [email_address] Tel: +44 (0) 16 84 59 36 59 Contact Grant Aylward or Steve Apps – Directors at High Impact Europe Ltd [email_address] mob: +44 (0) 77 71 88 55 71 [email_address] mob: +44 (0) 78 01 65 51 48