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Spire Associates Digital Marketing Services

  1. 1. TRANSFORM YOUR LEADS INTO GOLD EMAIL STRATEGY ♦ EXECUTION ♦ RESULTS Typically, only 2% of leads convert into sales. Spire helps you mine and refine the other 98%. You spend gobs of money on marketing and advertising to generate leads. You gather fish bowls full of business cards at trade shows, collect names from web forms, and go prospecting on Jigsaw. But do you have a process that manages each and every one of those leads to sales? Chances are you don’t. You need a way to manage leads so that hot ones get on the fast track to closing, while other leads get nurtured along at the proper pace. And some even get retired. Spire’s Lead Nurturing Program does exactly this. Lead Nurturing Platform HOW IT WORKS We design a messaging logic based on your prospects' needs and behavior. Campaigns are designed with appropriate triggers to drive sales and marketing actions, allowing you to synchronize your email, direct mail, webinar, call center and sales activities. In short, the right person gets the right message, at the right time. Now isn’t that refreshing? Every action is tracked to evaluate its effectiveness, allowing us to zero in on the tactics that drive prospects to closure – maximizing your marketing return on investment.
  2. 2. WHAT YOU GET In most companies there's a chasm between collecting leads and acting on them. Spire helps you close that chasm using targeted automated marketing campaigns that • deliver personalized, relevant, and timely information to each customer • create an experience tailored to each customer's needs • lead to a painless hand-off to your sales team when the prospect is quot;sales readyquot; • result in higher conversion rates and increased revenues Automated Better More Higher Campaign Customer Qualified Conversion Execution Experience Leads Rate WHO WE ARE We are a full-service team of Lead Nurturing experts that includes Lead Nurturing is... • Marketing Strategists ... a relationship-building approach • Program Managers using multiple media to provide • Creative Designers relevant information to prospects and • Copywriters engage in an ongoing dialog until qualified prospects are quot;sales ready.quot; We can handle all aspects of project ... not just a case of staying in touch. implementation and provide you a turnkey Instead, it involves creating trust so that lifecycle messaging solution. Or we can your business will be at the top of your work collaboratively with your in-house prospect's mind when he or she enters marketing, creative, and IT teams (and your the buying phase. outside vendors) to turn your CRM data into actionable information based on your prospect's quot;Digital Body Language.quot; DIGITAL BODY LANGUAGE In face-to-face settings sales pros can read their buyers' body language. Facial expressions, eye contact, head nods or crossed arms can tell a lot about a prospect's buying disposition. However, in the digital age, your next customer will research and evaluate your products online long before your salespeople get involved. Spire can show you how to decode your prospects' online behavior and help you win more business. This online behavior – website visits, downloads, email responses – is the Digital Body Language that identifies buyers and reveals their intentions.
  3. 3. Approach To design and implement your Lead Nurturing Program, we follow a three-phase process. Phase 1: Design Deliverables Based on your marketing goals, our • Messaging Logic strategists work with you to define your • Profiling Process Messaging Logic to deliver the right • Lead Scoring • Offer Hierarchy message to the right person at the right • Testing Plans time. • Creative Briefs Phase 2: Set-Up & Launch Deliverables • Platform Set-Up and Configuration Then our account team configures your • Integration with your CRM Database Marketing Automation Platform. This such as salesforce.com one-time effort positions you for all • Creative Asset Design and/or Partnering with your Agency future trigger-based programs. • Training • Website Tagging Phase 3: Management & Refinement At this stage, your lead nurturing process is automated and humming Deliverables along. But if refinements are needed, • Platform Hosting Spire is ready to support you. We also • Campaign Management • Program Dashboard conduct monthly Program Dashboard • Program Analysis & Improvement Reviews to make recommendations Recommendations and continuously improve your program. Once the program is set up, many companies find that ongoing management takes 60% less effort than traditional marketing campaigns.
  4. 4. Technology & Operations You don't have to scrap your existing email delivery platform. We can leverage your current systems. Or, if you prefer, we can migrate you to a lead nurturing system using Spire's hosted marketing automation platform. Option 1 - Deploy and track campaigns using your existing marketing automation service or email service provider Option 2 - Activate Spire's hosted marketing automation platform Either way we can help you interpret your prospects' and clients' digital behavior by activating programs that include unlimited records and emails, microsites, salesforce.com integration, and direct mail, if desired. When to Implement Here are four times when you should consider an automated lead management platform. 1. When sales resources are limited Your sales people don’t have enough time to contact every lead. You want them to focus on the best opportunities. And you want to make sure that all leads are accounted for and nurtured along to the point of sales in a cost-efficient way. 2. When marketing resources are limited When you’ve tapped out your marketing resources and there is still revenue opportunity in your funnel, this is the perfect time to automate some of those manual marketing processes. You want every marketing action to translate into a positive return on investment. 3. You want to improve your conversion rate in a cost-effective way The average conversion rate is 2% and a great conversion rate is 20%. Small changes in your conversion rate can translate into huge revenue streams. We've had cases where creating and automating a single email doubled our client's conversion rate and revenue. Where else are you going to find that kind of return on investment? 4. In an economic downturn Marketing is often the first casualty in a downturn. Marketing execs need to ensure that their budget is well-spent. This means focusing spending where it will have the greatest impact by shifting away from traditional marketing and toward digital marketing that is data-driven, targeted, and generates demonstrable returns.
  5. 5. Clients Contact Us Mamet was right: Good leads are like gold. Let Spire “These are the new leads. Associates show you how to turn your lead database These are the Glengarry leads. into gold. And to you they're gold.” If you want to improve your conversion rate or if you Glengarry Glen Ross have leads that are falling through the cracks, then by David Mamet give us a call. Los Angeles Emily Della Maggiora 310.339.1408 edellamaggiora@spire-associates.com San Francisco Wiebke Liu 415.999.8532 wliu@spire-associates.com (pronounced quot;Veep-kaquot;) General Inquiries info@spire-associates.com