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Subscription Billing 101 - FB2014
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Subscription Billing 101 - FB2014


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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  • 1. Subscription Billing 101 January 12, 2014 Donna McPhee Customer Success Manager
  • 2. Speaker Introduction Donna McPhee Customer Success Manager 2
  • 3. Agenda 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Subscription Economy and Billing Overview Payment Platforms vs. Payment Gateways How Automating Billing Saves Money How Automating Billing Makes you Money Billing service features The Fusebill Difference Wrap Up and Questions 3
  • 4. What is the subscription economy? • It’s no longer about selling a product one at a time, but about offering a service. • Subscriptions are growing by leaps and bounds. Forrester Research predicts by 2016 subscription licensing models will reach 50% of the total software license market. 4
  • 5. Customer lifecycle is key Automated Billing for Subscription Based Companies: • • • Recurring billing and payment solutions, Invoicing and credit card collections, Real-time visibility to key subscription metrics For businesses with products or services billed on a recurring basis: • • • Reduce costs, Improve customer response times, Streamline operations 5
  • 6. Platforms Vs Gateways Payment gateways: To process an electronic transaction online you need a payment gateway. While some provide basic recurring capabilities this costs extra and is limiting. Payment platforms are more robust in 5 key areas. . 6
  • 7. Billing Intelligence Customer Management Data Portability & Lock in Failures & Chargebacks Reporting & Analytics 5 areas where platforms are more robust than gateways. 7
  • 8. Automate Billing Saves Businesses Money How? • • • • • Eliminates revenue leakage Reduces passive churn Eliminates manual clerical work Dramatically reduces inbound calls Eliminates IT requirements for subscription billing reporting. 8
  • 9. Automate Billing Makes Businesses Money How? • • • Builds better customer relationships which lead to longer customer relationships. Encourages upselling and cross selling. Makes building your product catalogue easier. 9
  • 10. Billing and Invoicing • Seamlessly integrating invoiced customers and credit card customers to automate all of your billing processes. 12
  • 11. Account Management When I joined the company we had a collection of spreadsheets tracking contract renewals, payments and revenues. It was an unsustainable approach for the kind of growth we’re now experiencing.” Tom Martin, CFO 360pi Manage: customer lifecycles, subscriptions, prevent billing errors, save time and money. Fusebill: makes billing easier, frees up your IT team, centralizes customer management, subscriptions, and financial transactions. 13
  • 12. Reporting, Customer Intelligence & Analytics • Successful subscription businesses thrive on metrics – – – – customer lifetime value; customer acquisition costs; churn; lifetime. • And Business Intelligence to leverage the data collected 14
  • 13. Integrations Salesforce CRM 2 Way Integration • Create accounts • Manage subscriptions • View customer information Without leaving Salesforce Webhooks • • • • • An HTTP Post callback request sent to a URL in response to an event. An easy to use integration point. ‘Publish’ or ‘notify’ other systems of changes. Typically a system-system integration. Used to determine whether service needs to be started or stopped. 15
  • 14. Importance of High Availability Availability is published for our: • Main website • Fusebill APP • Fusebill API 16
  • 15. Fusebill platform overview Online Checkout SelfService Portal Swipe & Subscribe Agent Interface Lifecycle Manageme nt Analytics API Layer – Customers, Subscriptions, Transactions Pricing Products Price Plans Usage Tiers Discounts Coupons Accounts Subscriptions Invoices Ledgers Reseller Tracking Payments Adjustments Scalable Scalable Multi-Tenant Multi-Tenant Billing Rating Usage Volumes Pro-rating Taxation Coupons Currency Adjustments Invoicing Payments Payment Terms Date Control Review, Edit Aging Adjustments PCI Compliant PCI Compliant Credit Card ACH Storage Vault Gateways Dunning Retries Security Security 17
  • 16. The market we serve Like Reduce costs Speed cash collections Extend customer lifecycles Support & dedication The support team at Fusebill is handsdown the best. Made our migration easy and possible. - Jason Talley Our biggest source of confidence comes from working with your team. We are in good hands with Fusebill. – Steve Land, Owner 100+ B2B & B2C customers Saas “ Love! ” Their customer service and tech support teams were critical to our ability to launch version 5 of our software offering. - Gregg Phillips, CEO Paas digital media communications 18
  • 17. Transition to Fusebill with unbelievable ease CBSRTM • Simple demo & training approach • Advancing levels of functionality accessible for future customer growth • “We take the pain away of transitioning” • Continuous advancements to the software, adding functionality & features Monday, February 10, 2014 CREATE SUPPORT BILL REPORT 19
  • 18. Try Fusebill Try Fusebill Free for 30 days. No contracts, credit card, or surprises. Sign up at Thank You! 1-888-519-1425 Twitter: @fusebill 20