Is there a new cartography? - icc2013


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Presentation at ICA/ICC conference in Dresden Aug 2013

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  • Chair of Society of CartographersChair of the ICA Commission on Neocartography
  • Term ‘new cartography’: New cartography also used by Jerry Brotton about Ptolemy and by Arno Peters in 1983 as title for the manifesto for his projection as it was being pushed.
  • A bit of historyNote the dress code of the time being adhered to – tank topRotring pens, scribing – both revolutionary in their way
  • Revolution in the 1960sSYMAP and this guy – who started a company that has had a bit of impact
  • Default map – even for this conference website
  • Three catalysts of change
  • THE best example of crowdsourced mapping dataSome of you may recognise this location
  • Geofabik’s map compare tool.OSM, Google, Bing, HikeandBike
  • Effective and affective mappingCrowd-sourced mapping for local/social changeAndrew’s quote not directly about Map Kibera
  • Emotional mapping – early example of non-institutional data collectionCitizen Science movement – Mapping for Change project @UCL
  • If you don’t know any of these they may be worth looking atSee most of them used in the following examples
  • TBL: Talking about web users, but I would argue it can be applied to some of today’s cartographic developments.Map design v map-out-there – ref ICA workshop
  • Student projectData from Wisconsin Department of Natural ResourcesFiltering, fade-bar, popups
  • Ollie O’BrienOyster card checkins/outsAnimation of one 24 hour period
  • Ollie againBarclay’s/Boris bike scheme in London‘Live’ data on bikes in/out of bike stationsHighlights Waterloo Station, one of the busiest bike locationsHas maps for all similar bike schemes globally
  • James CheshireLife expectancy dataIndex of deprivationQuote from Danny Dorling, President of the Society of Cartographers
  • Work of Andrew HillNew York City data released after considerable lobbying
  • Animated map by Point.B StudioNational Digital Forecast Database
  • A guy called BrendanFringe Arts Bath FestivalData requested from mapmyrun (tagged public)Has OSM background layer switchableSee the good off-road places to run
  • Map animation by ‘Old Weather’Crowdsourced data from Royal Navy captain’s logs from the 1st World War
  • Cartography by an unknown tattoo artist
  • So I conclude:Thank you
  • Is there a new cartography? - icc2013

    1. 1. Is There a New Cartography? Steve Chilton Middlesex University Educational Development Manager
    2. 2. “Since 2005, the world has been consolidating around mainly one map. We look forward to undoing that in the near future.” Eric Gundersen, CEO of MapBox
    3. 3. 1969 1964
    4. 4. Google2005
    5. 5. ICA Commission on Neocartography “The term neocartographers is being used to describe map makers who may not have come from traditional mapping backgrounds, and are frequently using open data and open source mapping tools.”
    6. 6. 1 - Crowdsourcing “Using the general public to do research or other work, which may or may not be paid .... the term may also refer to user-generated content.”
    7. 7.
    8. 8.
    9. 9. “... maps are effective advocacy tools because they tether abstract ideas to real life.” Andrew Turner
    10. 10.
    11. 11. ICA Commission on Neocartography “The availability of data and tools allows neocartographers to make their own maps, show what they want, and often be the intended audience as well – that is to say they may make the maps for themselves, just because they can.”
    12. 12. 2 - Tools
    13. 13. 3 - Data “... users ultimately want to get at data quickly and easily. They don’t care as much about attractive sites and pretty design.” Tim Berners-Lee
    14. 14. /s13/wisconsin-wolf-harvest/index.html
    15. 15.
    16. 16.
    17. 17. At the start of the journey life expectancy falls by two months a minute. Between the first four stations every second spent moving on the train is exactly a day off their lives in terms of how long people living beside the tracks can expect to live. Danny Dorling, The 32 Stops, Lives on London’s Central Line
    18. 18.
    19. 19.
    20. 20.
    21. 21. war-royal-navy-ships-mapped
    22. 22. There is a New Cartography Steve Chilton Middlesex University