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  • 1. Take a simple step to become a better team
  • 2. What is DrillBoard?
    • Revolutionary interactive soccer coaching tool
    • Electronic version of traditional chalkboard
    • Used at every level of the game – schools to Premier League
    • Great two way communication for players, coaches, parents
    • Build up your own library of tactics, match situations and training drills
    • Improve your coaching ability
  • 3. How can I use DrillBoard?
    • Create static and animated drills
    • Print /email your projects to share with coaches and players
    • Use your own players names and team kits
    • Use this system anywhere to better visualise ideas
  • 4. Who uses DrillBoard? www.soccercoachcentral.com
    • DrillBoard is being used at all levels of football.
    • Users range from schools to Premier League clubs, including
    • Manchester United Soccer Schools globally and FA Learning.
    • DrillBoard users: Coaches
      • Players
      • Students
      • Teachers
  • 5. Examples – Arsenal and Man Utd www.soccercoachcentral.com
  • 6. www.soccercoachcentral.com “ It is easy and manageable from the player's perspective to see what happens in their chosen positions and why it’s important they understand it, they also realise from viewing DrillBoard how creative they can be and take advantage of the opposition” Vicky Mitchell, Coach Education Officer Birmingham County Football Development Scheme
  • 7. DrillBoard PlayBooks www.soccercoachcentral.com The DrillBoard Coaching System includes a series of PlayBooks - CD-ROMs with 50 ready to use Drills and Practices on key coaching areas, written by Premier League Coaches.
  • 8. Example PlayBook Drill – ‘Stations’ 50 Fun Drills & Practices Volume 1 www.soccercoachcentral.com
  • 9. Example PlayBook Drill – ‘Volley, Catch, Volley’ 50 Small Sided Games Volume 1 www.soccercoachcentral.com
  • 10. Example PlayBook Drill – ‘Pass, Drop, Pass’ 50 Technical Practices Volume 1 www.soccercoachcentral.com
  • 11.
    • For further information contact Tim Gentles:
      • [email_address]
      • Tel: +44 (0) 7749611480
      • Fax: +44 (0) 207 665 4127
      • Skype: tim.gentles
      • www.soccercoachcentral.com
  • 12. Appendix DrillBoard Software Application www.soccercoachcentral.com
  • 13. COACHING FEATURES: Set up, retain and share training drills Pick team in formation and demonstrate individual game-play responsibilities Show formation variations reacting to game-play changes e.g. when team has ball, loses ball etc Highlight positions for restarts e.g. Corners, Free Kicks etc
  • 14. The toolbar on top holds all the different drawing tools, and objects that can be added to the field. The left bar contains pre-defined players / teams, and a list of slides. www.soccercoachcentral.com
  • 15. Adding teams and players is easy. By clicking on the "Manage Teams/Players" button, a new window will open up. In this window you can set up teams, and name players within the team. www.soccercoachcentral.com
  • 16. Each slide can be given a name, a description and a duration. You can edit the slide properties by either double-clicking on a slide in the left-menu, or clicking on 'Edit’. The slide-description will appear below each slide when you print your slides. The slide-duration can be used to control the amount of time each slide should be visible, during a slide-show. www.soccercoachcentral.com
  • 17. Here is a simple example of the 3 different curves you can draw: -Pass ball (1) -Run with ball (2) -Run without ball (3) www.soccercoachcentral.com
  • 18. You can define your own line-ups , and select which player should be placed where. This makes it easy to put a team on the field, without having to position them every time. www.soccercoachcentral.com
  • 19. Here you can see how we have inserted a team onto the field using our own 4-4-2 line-up. You can choose any of your own formations. www.soccercoachcentral.com
  • 20. You can also zoom and rotate each slide/field as you please. www.soccercoachcentral.com
  • 21. If you want to mark out special areas on the field, you can do so by either using the rectangular or circular mark-up tool. www.soccercoachcentral.com
  • 22. In order to make it easier to align objects, you can choose to display a grid. www.soccercoachcentral.com
  • 23.
    • For further information contact Tim Gentles:
      • [email_address]
      • Tel: +44 (0) 7749611480
      • Fax: +44 (0) 207 665 4127
      • Skype: tim.gentles
      • www.soccercoachcentral.com