Top ten water marble nail art designs


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Here are some of the best nail art designs of 2013. Do you love water marbling? I think I can do a lot of experiments with nail lacquer this year. I love dropping and dragging colored polishes and making different patterns. So creative and cool.Follow me;

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Top ten water marble nail art designs

  1. 1. Top Ten Water Marble Nail Art DesignsI understand that fashion is changing so rapidly so it’s not easy to catch up with all thecurrent trends. However, if you want to look beautiful all the time and have an urge to geta distinct identity in your social circles you should try and adopt only new things in yourlife. There was a time when we were using plain nail polishes in order to give somedefinitions to our nails and then we were introduced to glitter nail lacquer and then camea different version of nail polishes called glossy nail lacquers.Today, you are all within your right to play with creative nail art designs and proveyourself a worthy fashionista of the world. Marco Polo discovered China which is notone of the fast progressing countries of the world; their economy is turning up with everypassing day. In the similar fashion, a beauty professional working at a nail saloninvented and developed the nail art technique which is now being used everywhere in theworld. The trend of nail art began in Japan and China where flyers would be writtenusing water marble technique. At this time, the technique was limited to only few areas ofChina, it was known to other parts of the world after 1991s.Two most comfortable styles of water marble techniques:
  2. 2. Beauty contests are being organized in many regions of the United States every month inwhich creative nail art designers are given a chance to prove their talent in the field. Thebest designer is awarded with the prize as well as free high-quality make-up products. It’sfun to do experiments with this field of art and come up with good ideas; however, ittakes a lot of time and effort to develop a unique pattern in the art.Two different styles of water marble techniques are free dropping and free-dragging.When I started decorating my nails through water marble method, I didn’t have muchknowledge so I did what I thought was suitable for that frame of time. I had a dozen ofnail polishes of which only three were spreading on the water and making a circle. Thedensity and thickness of nail lacquer plays very important role in the water marblingartwork. Nail polishes of particular brands like OPI and China Glaze seem to have abetter suspension time than that of Chanel and Pond’s.Top Ten Water Marble Nail Art DesignsFree dropping method is very common and easy in which different patterns create whenyou throw a drop of colored-lacquer onto the surface of water. The drop should suspendand make a layer over the water as soon as you drop it down against the water. Use
  3. 3. different nail lacquers in order to get diagonal and spiral shapes and geometric designs onthe water. The more color you drop on the water the more classic design you will get inthe end. Now place your finger over the pattern, dip it in water for two seconds, and takeit out.The most popular nail art style is called free-dragging water marbling technique in whichyou use a wooden stick in order to draw and drag designs, shapes, and patterns afterdropping drops from different nail lacquers onto water. You can make simple as well ascomplicated art using this technique- some popular patterns that can be made in thismethod include leafs, flowers, daisies, cluster of colored roses, animals, dense webs, andparallel waves.Here are top ten water marble nail art designs of all time:Top Ten Water Marble Nail Art Designs
  4. 4. Top Ten Water Marble Nail Art Designs
  5. 5. Top Ten Water Marble Nail Art Designs
  6. 6. Top Ten Water Marble Nail Art Designs
  7. 7. Top Ten Water Marble Nail Art Designs