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Lab vocabulary
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  • 1. LabVocabulary
  • 2. Title should be adescription of what your lab is about
  • 3. Problem ask a question about something you observe—how, what, when, who, which, why or where?
  • 4. Research using a book, the Internet, your teacher, or class notes, locate background information that will helpyou to answer the problem to this lab— list the sources used
  • 5. Hypothesis an educated guess“If I ___ then ___ will happen because ____”
  • 6. Materialslist all materials and equipment that will be used
  • 7. Controlslist all the variables that will be kept the same
  • 8. Independent Variableswhat you (as the scientist) can change
  • 9. Dependent Variableswhat will be measured in the experiment
  • 10. Procedurestep by step directions on how to do the lab including all the variables
  • 11. Data information that will be collected during the experiment (can be agraph, list of observations, table or drawings)
  • 12. Conclusionwritten as a paragraph a summary of your findings; using:Claim: hypothesis was or was not supported and whathappened in your experimentEvidence: specific data from experiment that supports whathappened in your experimentInterpretation: example of how this topic relates tosomething in your life OR identify a new problem you couldinvestigate
  • 13. Watch and LearnUse your headphones and watch the video using the linkbelow. As you watch fill out the questions on the back side ofyour vocabulary sheet. Be sure to take the quiz at the end ofthe video. Scientific Method Video