Why Search Engine Optimization Counts


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Learn why Search Engine Optimization counts. Optimize your website to increase search results, traffic, and potential customers

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Why Search Engine Optimization Counts

  1. 1. SeaNSun LLCSmall Business Solutionswww.seansunllc.comSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is mysteriousand difficult to understand for most businessowners, yet its one of the most important thingsyou need for your website.Learning a little bit about search engines willhelp you understand why SEO counts andanswer the question “why doesnt my websiteshow up when I search”?Why Search Engine Optimization Counts
  2. 2. SeaNSun LLCSmall Business Solutionswww.seansunllc.comWhat is Search Engine Optimization?Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is abroad term consisting of many elementsfrom how a search engine works to howa web page is designed and the quality ofcontent on the pages.Search Engine Optimization
  3. 3. SeaNSun LLCSmall Business Solutionswww.seansunllc.comHow do Search Engines work?Search engines use programs calledspiders, crawlers and robots that areessentially the same. These programscrawl around the Web collectinginformation and cataloging data.Search Engine Crawlers
  4. 4. SeaNSun LLCSmall Business Solutionswww.seansunllc.comWhat do they do with the data?The data they collect is arranged and thesearch engine company applies their ownmethod of ranking and retrieval to thiscollected data. A page ranking or scoringis determined by the search enginecompany.Search Engine Collects Data
  5. 5. SeaNSun LLCSmall Business Solutionswww.seansunllc.comWhat is ranking and retrieval?When search engines collect data fromyour website they give your website andpages a ranking (a ranking is a score orgrade). When someone searches for anitem or service the search enginesretrieve from the collected data anddisplay results. Whether your website isdisplayed in a result set is based onranking they assign to your pages or site.Search Engine Ranking - Retrieval
  6. 6. SeaNSun LLCSmall Business Solutionswww.seansunllc.comHow do I know my ranking?You don’t, search engines use their ownproprietary method of ranking. No oneknows how they rank sites but we doknow all the elements that make up awebsite have to meet their guidelines inorder to achieve a top ranking.Search Engine Ranking
  7. 7. SeaNSun LLCSmall Business Solutionswww.seansunllc.comWhat elements do they rank?Web page ranking or scoring is based onquality considerations of elements suchas page structure, Meta tags, code thatmakes a web page work, pagecontent, linkstructure, usability, keywords and keyphrases. These elements are only a fewof the key elements used in optimizing awebsite.Website Structure
  8. 8. SeaNSun LLCSmall Business Solutionswww.seansunllc.comHow do I know if my website meetssearch engine guidelines?There are a few options you can take toidentify SEO issues on your website. Ifyou are a do it yourself type you canpurchase software or consult with an SEOexpert to analyze your website.Search Engine Guidelines
  9. 9. SeaNSun LLCSmall Business Solutionswww.seansunllc.comWhat do I do after my site isanalyzed?Whether you purchase software or get anSEO expert to analyze your website youwill have a report identifying all your SEOissues. With report in hand you can haveyour website designer or hire an expertto fix all the issues.Analyzing Your Website
  10. 10. SeaNSun LLCSmall Business Solutionswww.seansunllc.comWhen the website is fixed will myranking increase and be seen insearch results?Once your website is optimized (fixed)your website ranking will definitelyincrease and you will see your websitecome up in more organic search results.Keep in mind it can take weeks – monthsfor these results to show up because ittakes that long for search engines to re-index your website.Optimize Your Website
  11. 11. SeaNSun LLCSmall Business Solutionswww.seansunllc.comWill I get more traffic to my website?Now that you have optimized yourwebsite and it comes up in search resultsyou should have a major increase in webtraffic and potential new customersfinding your business, products orservices. Search engine optimizationdoes count!An Optimized Website
  12. 12. SeaNSun LLCSmall Business Solutionswww.seansunllc.comSea N Sun can help your business with SEO and many otheronline products and services.Online Marketing – SEO - SEMWe offer a basic or full SEO report thatidentifies issues on your website.Find out how we can help your companyincrease traffic, leads and potentialcustomers with online marketingproducts and services.Contact SeaNSun LLC for all your onlineneeds, “see what we can do for yoursmall business”!SEO ReportOnline MarketingSeaNSun LLCContact SeaNSun LLC