Integrating Annotator with H2O

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  • 1. Integrating Annotator with H20 Steph Skardal i don’t tweet. End Point Corporation @endpoint
  • 2. Overall Concept ● What is H2O? ○ The Berkman Center (Harvard Law) ○ Annotated digital legal casebook content ○ Aggregate content to create syllabus (playlists) for course material. Extension of LMS. ○ H2O is “old”, by web standards ○ open source, Ruby on Rails, jQuery ○
  • 3. Why am I here? ● How is End Point involved? ○ End Point is a dev shop that has been working with The Berkman Center for several years, on various projects.
  • 4. Current Project Status
  • 5. ● H2O offers home-grown annotation functionality. ○ Performance is terrible ○ Versioning is not fun ○ Usability is not intuitive ● But it works(ish)!
  • 6. Importance of Annotator ● Do we need the ability to annotate content? ○ Yes! ● Do we need Annotator? ○ Performance, usability is a current issue. Non-normalized use. ○ Also… we’d like a better solution to more easily handle versioned content. ○ And… we want to eventually add support for multi-media annotations.
  • 7. Screenshot: Syllabus
  • 8. Example Screenshots
  • 9. Screenshot: Actions
  • 10. Screenshot: Color Coded Tagging
  • 11. Screenshot: Colored Highlights
  • 12. Screenshot: Heatmap
  • 13. Demo: Links to Other Assets
  • 14. Project Future ● When will it be deployed? ○ Deployed in limited state (backwards compatibility) ○ Plans to deploy with a large upgrade effort (Rails 2.3 to 4.1) to be deployed in May, pending final testing with a system-wide migration (via nokogiri) ● What future work will be done with Annotator? ○ Multi-media integration: video, audio
  • 15. Challenges ● Handle versioned content. More importantly, what user interface will enable versioning to be widely adopted in the context of H2O? ● H2O has desire to represent content & annotations in multiple formats (ie exportability). How can we accomplish that? without performance suck?
  • 16. Questions?