Social Media for Small Business


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Social Media for Small Business

  1. 1. How to make social media work for your small business Originally presented on September 8, 2012To Entrepreneurs and small business owners as a beginners guide to social media. Presented by: Stephanie Sigel, social media specialist Twitter: @StephSigel
  2. 2. What can social do for my business? Everything that the telephone, print and in- store can do, and more!  Build/strengthen relationships with your customers (Customer Service)  Respond to consumers’ questions/comments (Customer Service)  Generate leads/referrals (Sales)  New products/offers (Marketing/PR)  Monitor conversations about your business/industry (Market Research!)
  3. 3. Is social for B2C more than B2B? No, both can use social media. How many of you are currently using some form of social media for your business? • Facebook • Geo-location – ie. • Twitter Fourquare • Google+ • Daily deals • LinkedIn • Forums • Blog • Photo-sharing ie. Flickr • Instagram • Social Bookmarking – • Pinterest ie. Digg, StumbleUpon, • YouTube or Vimeo, Reddit other video
  4. 4. Do you use social media for your business? 100 90 80 70 60 50 B2B 40 B2C 30 20 10 0 Yes No Source: 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report
  5. 5. Businesses vs Platforms Facebook TwitterYouTube/ other video LinkedIn Blogs Google+ B2C Photo-sharing B2B Forums Geo-location Social Bookmarking Daily Deals 0 20 40 60 80 100 Source: 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report
  6. 6. Which platform is right for my business? B2C’s most popular platform is Facebook B2B tends to use Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs and Google+ more than B2C Where you invest your time and effort depends on your business and most importantly, where your customers are
  7. 7. LinkedIn Top Uses: networking, recruiting, lead generation. How many of you are on LinkedIn? How many groups are you a part of? Do you actively use it to engage/network with customers and other businesses? Check it out!
  8. 8. LinkedIn Best Practices:  Post daily/weekly to your company profile  Ask employees (current/previous) to link up  Ensure CEO maintains own active profile  Confirm URL  Post new positions/opportunities  Follow other companies & your customers/prospects  Join groups/Start your own
  9. 9. Example Groups Toronto Entrepreneur Alliance Entrepreneur’s Network The Indus Entrepreneur Small business network for startups Small business online community Photography Industry Professionals Paints and Coatings Doors and Windows Manufacturers Group
  10. 10. Twitter Top Uses: Follow customers, similar brands, receive news, share updates, and most of all TALKING! How many on Twitter? Do you actively respond to customers, share news/updates, follow similar businesses and retweet industry news/trends? Start now!
  11. 11. Twitter Best Practices  Tweet multiple times daily - min 3; max 1 per hour  Retweet and reply often  Follow 1:1 ratio  Use hashtags  Create lists  Use link shortener (ie.
  12. 12. Blog Top Uses: Share company news/updates; opinion on industry news/trends; offer value to consumers (how tos, best products, etc) How many are currently writing a company blog? Are you actively posting (daily/weekly), responding to comments, and sharing posts via other social sites? Start a blog!
  13. 13. Blog Best Practices  Blog regularly, be it daily, weekly or monthly – keep to a schedule  Topics: Don’t only write about what you want to say, but what your customers want to know  Share on Facebook/Twitter/others  Link to your favourite/similar blogs on your blog roll  Include key words in title, meta data.  Encourage employees to use/share it
  14. 14. Facebook Pages Top Uses: Post company news/updates, respond to customer questions/comments, share other valuable content of interest to your network. How many are using Facebook? Do you actively post (daily, weekly) respond to comments? Create your Page
  15. 15. Facebook Best Practices:  Post 1-2 updates daily  Use photos 80 %, include links to your site  20% video or other media  Do not automate content  Tag other pages  Integrate into website
  16. 16. Shortening Tool Top Uses: shorten long links, track clicks, geographical data and other insights. How many are using a shortening tool? (ie., tiny.url, )? Shorten a link -
  17. 17. Others Google +: social network offering live video chats and targeted publishing (via circles) Pinterest: create pin boards of your favourite photos/videos linking to their source. Instagram: optimized photo-sharing mobile platform The list is endless, but start with major players that make sense for your businesses. Start with one, master it, and move on to the next.
  18. 18. How do I measure ROI? #1 question asked by business owners and brands No easy answer, but it helps if you set strategic objectives, monitor growth and use meaningful metrics. A more useful term for measuring social media is Return on Engagement (ROE)  This can be measured by likes, comments, shares, retweets, clicks, views, repins, etc. But providing a service or product is no longer enough. To be a truly social company ask yourself,  "What is that thing we can do to help make our customers lives simpler, less confusing, less alienating, more efficient, more meaningful and just plain better?” (Tara Hunt, 2012 _facebooks_empire.html)
  19. 19. Social Businesses Here are some ideas for your wedding/event. I also take beautiful photos.
  20. 20. Social Businesses
  21. 21. Social Businesses
  22. 22. Social Businesses
  23. 23. Social Churches
  24. 24. Start Connecting!Today’s Attendees:Nicole Hackett - Photographer My Hide a Hook, Website hideahook.comLinkedIn D Hubb Designs –Angelo Lantosca, Devine Painters Fashion, DressmakingWebsite Facebook LinkedInLinkedIn, Facebook Cucina Maione - BakerJim Drakopoulos - Musician and FacebookJewelryFacebook Mel’s Catering and Party Planning Facebook pageGreg Morrison -Entrepreneur, Business Development Pllight – Industrial LightingLinkedIn WebsiteTwitter GregoryMorriso1 – Musician Stephanie Sigel - Social Twitter: @stephsigelFacebook, Twitter, YouTube