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  1. 1. Building an IntegratedMarketing Solution with SEOSTEPHANIE CHANG
  2. 2. STEPHANIE CHANGConsultant/Team Lead,
  3. 3. Understand a Company‟sKey Business Values
  4. 4. Example: Maintaining Brand ImageA brand is a person‟s feelings about thecompany/product/service
  5. 5. Likewise Being Off BrandCan feel like a company is breaking their promise,which results in decreased trust
  6. 6. Especially for larger, moreestablished companiesSEOs must absolutely understand brandconsiderationsImage Credit: Portent
  7. 7. Otherwise they riskthe relationship they have with the company = nochanges made and no value created
  8. 8. This includes everything fromKeyword Research
  9. 9. to Content Creation(especially when creating on-page content or contentfor PR)
  10. 10. to Content DesignExample: a modern, fashion-forward company mightnot want to promote fun/cute-looking content
  11. 11. Because that‟s not the company‟skey target audience
  12. 12. It‟s Your Job as a SEO to ensurethat you have a full understanding of all brandconsiderations before you start anything
  13. 13. Ask these type of questionsto ensure you have full understanding of acompany‟s brand considerationsWhat is the mission/vision of the organization?What are your company-wide initiatives for the year (includingdevelopment, redesigns, etc…)?Can we gain access to your company‟s brand guide and style guide?Who approves the posting of new content to the blog?Who approves the creation of new page types?
  14. 14. Doing so builds trust, whilecreating opportunities to move up the organizationalchain and get buy in for bigger projects
  15. 15. Case Study 1:Fashion Brand
  16. 16. Company came to us for a veryshort-term, defined projectwith tight deadlines & relatively limited access toteams
  17. 17. Their brand was their number 1priorityThey were willing to risk organic search trafficnumbers in order to fulfill brand considerations
  18. 18. All recommendations for thiscompanywere extremely tailored (like keyword research) andnot based on what‟s best for only SEO
  19. 19. Although SEO quick wins were notachieved as a result,ultimately the client‟s trust was earned. Your goal isto meet and exceed expectations.
  20. 20. And we became the company‟s go-to SEO companyWhile also gaining access to additional teams andnegotiations for larger projects, such as
  21. 21. Helping the company develop abrand new sitethat would integrate several teams (PR, social,content, retail) to provide a consistent online UXStake Holders
  22. 22. Understand a Company‟sNeeds
  23. 23. Ask questions until you have a clearunderstanding of the company‟sBusiness Goal•Increase SalesBusiness Strategy•Target mommybloggers looking for abargainMarketing/Communication Goal•Create awarenessamong mommybloggersKPIs (long-term/short-term goals, metrics, softbenefits) and internal governance processes
  24. 24. When you do, outline a strategy thatdirectly addresses the company‟s key needs andexisting processes
  25. 25. Always recommend the rightstrategyregardless of how difficult the solution may beEven if it feels likeyou aren’t gettinganywhere keepedging your wayin the rightdirection
  26. 26. With a clear risk/reward assessmentthat will make it easy for the company to say “Yes”
  27. 27. Case Study 2:Job Search Site
  28. 28. The Problem: Legacy SiteThe company‟s site structure/UX had not changed inover 10 years
  29. 29. Technical issuesDuplicate content across multiple URLs, poor UX tousers who land on expired job listings, etc…
  30. 30. Proposed StrategyRedesign of site to ensure that only 1 URL existed foreach job search facet combinationPriority:Create a single URL using eachparameter as a unique identifierThis means parameters with thesame combinations need toappear in the same order eachtime
  31. 31. The ResultCompany has agreed to dedicate 6 months of development resourcesto improve URL structure with full integration from marketingteams, analytics teams, product managers, and access to Directors
  32. 32. Selling Your Ideas Into theCompany
  33. 33. Once you have the initial buy in foryour strategy,provide the company with data that they didn‟talready have to meet their goals
  34. 34. This can be in the form of marketresearch or gap analysiswhich will make subsequent marketingimplementations more efficient and accurate
  35. 35. Case Study 3:B2B Company
  36. 36. The ProblemConsistent leads from organic traffic, but no long-term strategy for sustained and improved growth
  37. 37. Stephanie Chang@stephpchangAdria Saracino, Head of Outreach at Distilled“In the future, contentmarketing will become morestrategic.We‟ll start front-loading theplanning with extensivecustomer research to makeinformed decisions and notmaking content as marketersand calling it „contentmarketing‟.”
  38. 38. The StrategyUsed market information, customer research, andexisting assets to develop a content strategy
  39. 39. Customer Surveys and InterviewsResults: 917 responses or approximately 50% ofcustomer email list
  40. 40. Content Funnel + MetricsAssess existing assets using qualitative +quantitative metricsAwarenessTriggerSearchConsiderationBuyStayConsumptionMetricsShare MetricsLead GenerationMetricsSales Metrics
  41. 41. FindingsContent was disorganized and duplicated with too muchemphasis on sales and retention. Few pages resulted inconversions.
  42. 42. Output: On-going content plan + creation ofan internal governance process for all on-page contentWork gained the attention and subsequent collaboration of theSenior Marketing Director, Product, Customer Experience, SocialMedia, and PR Teams“CreateRelevant,PurposefulContent.”
  43. 43. Thanks.Any questions?STEPHANIE