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How to Develop a Data-Driven Content Strategy
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How to Develop a Data-Driven Content Strategy


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How do you make your content strategy data-driven? How can you make content metrics measurable?

How do you make your content strategy data-driven? How can you make content metrics measurable?

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. How to Develop a Data-Driven Content Strategy STEPHANIE CHANG
  • 2. STEPHANIE CHANG Consultant, Distilled @stephpchang
  • 3. “In the future, content marketing will become more strategic. We‟ll start front-loading the planning with extensive customer research to make informed decisions and not making content as marketers and calling it „content marketing‟.” Adria Saracino, Head of Outreach at Distilled@stephpchang Stephanie Chang
  • 4. Make Your ContentMetrics Measurable
  • 5. Content Funnel Awareness Trigger Search Consideration Buy Stay Where does this content sit on the conversion funnel?@stephpchang Stephanie Chang
  • 6. Content Metrics Consumption Sharing Metrics Metrics Lead Generation Sales Metrics Metrics What metrics do we want associated with this piece of content?
  • 7. Content Funnel + Metrics Awareness Consumption Metrics Trigger Share Metrics SearchLead Generation Consideration Metrics Buy Sales Metrics StayConsolidation of Content with Different Metrics Based on Where It Sits in the Funnel
  • 8. Rate Your Content 1 Grade: 2 Grade: 3 Grade: 4 Grade: 5 Grade: Easy to Informative Credible Useful Unique UnderstandRate content with a grade of 1-5. Where does most or your content sit on this scale?
  • 9. Pull Data to See How theContent Has Historically Performed
  • 10. Analytics + SEO Metrics Traffic LRDs PageViews PA Avg Time on Site MozRank Entrances/Exits Conversions Bounce RateCreates a benchmark – how has previous content performed in comparison to new content?
  • 11. Get Customer Data fromSurveys and Interviews
  • 12. Conduct a Customer Research SurveyResults: 917 responses or approximately 50% of customer email list
  • 13. Phone Interviews with Existing Customers Results: 251 out of 917 voluntarily opted in
  • 14. Who to Interview Be sure to interview individuals from all parts of thespectrum (admin  CEOs, unhappy happy customers)
  • 15. Use this Data to Determine the Type of Content That Will Be Produced
  • 16. Determine personas Then decide what type of content you want toproduce to target those personas. Test and iterate.
  • 17. Thanks.Any questions? STEPHANIE CHANG @stephpchang