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Customer Acquisition Marketing - JuiceTank



Presentation on 12/12/2013

Presentation on 12/12/2013



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Customer Acquisition Marketing - JuiceTank Customer Acquisition Marketing - JuiceTank Presentation Transcript

  • What Online Marketing Activities Should You Be Prioritizing? STEPHANIE CHANG
  • STEPHANIE CHANG Head of New York/Consultant, Distilled @stephpchang
  • Prove Your Product Has a Market
  • Having a great product isn’t enough
  • Invest into Paid Search Channels Paid search using Google Adwords or Bing Ads
  • Note: It’s important to set up tracking Set up Google Analytics on your site – It’s free! @stephpchang Stephanie Chang
  • Why Paid Search? This is the most efficient way to determine if there is a market for your product online @stephpchang Stephanie Chang
  • Make sure to test your paid search ad copy Do certain keywords/headlines/copy lead to customers? This is the quickest way to measure the performance of your paid advertisement @stephpchang Stephanie Chang
  • The most important metric to measure Cost-Per-Acquisition / Cost to Gain a Customer @stephpchang Stephanie Chang
  • You also have clear marketing objectives in paid search Start with your baseline conversion results and aim for higher quality scores and lower cost-per-clicks.
  • Set clear parameters in your paid search campaign Set daily maximum budgets and bids for keywords until you figure out what keywords perform Tip: Low budget  Bid on Long-Tail Keywords
  • Test the Market
  • Once you’ve proven there’s a market... Gain an understanding of your target market using social targeting – demographics, geo location
  • Develop a direct relationship with your customers with a simple email marketing strategy Test what type of content leads to high open rates and what types lead to conversions. @stephpchang Stephanie Chang
  • Then compare your product to your competitors Factors My Business Competitor 1 Competitor 2 Competitor 3 Notes Products Price Quality Expertise Location Reputation How are they gaining customers? Who talks about them online? @stephpchang Stephanie Chang
  • Build Momentum
  • Build your community and content Continue to engage with your existing customer base @stephpchang Stephanie Chang
  • Build relationships with influencers from the community Use tools like Topsy or Followerwonk. If you’re able to build your own tools, scrape data from Twitter and visualize the data using TagsExplorer or Fusion Tables @stephpchang Stephanie Chang
  • Optimize your site for SEO Free Guide to SEO @stephpchang Stephanie Chang
  • Find your target audience on other online communities/sites, create value, and grab their attention. You’ve determined there is a market for your product online. Find creative/authentic ways to create awareness for your business. @stephpchang Stephanie Chang
  • Become friends with journalists and learn how to create/break news. These activities will help you create awareness, capture people’s attention, and keep your company top of mind. @stephpchang Stephanie Chang
  • Build Customer Loyalty
  • Develop different types of content to address your customer’s needs It took this much effort to gain customers – keep them! It’s very important to develop a relationship with your customers. Why not do it with content? @stephpchang Stephanie Chang
  • Customers are important brand advocates Be deliberate in your marketing about what makes your company exceptional. @stephpchang Stephanie Chang
  • Edge Cases
  • Crowd Funding benefits from PR Example: Kickstarter @stephpchang Stephanie Chang
  • Niche products Would benefit from focused marketing efforts @stephpchang Stephanie Chang
  • B2B Products Would benefit from focused marketing efforts @stephpchang Stephanie Chang
  • B2C Niche Products Target specific channels @stephpchang Stephanie Chang
  • Thanks. Any questions? STEPHANIE CHANG @stephpchang