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Published in: Education
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  • 1. PROPOSAL<br />Stephnie Mathurin<br />
  • 2. ORIGINAL VIDEO<br /><br />
  • 3. PLOTSUMMARY<br />Based around the idea of the 90’s game show‘BLIND DATE’three girls (Jade) attempt to win the heart of the male protagonist,<br />Individually, each girl/contestant is given the chance to proceed on a date with the young gentleman. However jealousy strikes the ladies as they all spy in on each others dates to ensure one person is not more in the winning than the other.<br />
  • 4. LOCATIONS<br />IDEAS<br />As a group we have decided on many possible locations to create our vision for our music video. These locations include;<br />Our school&apos;s Multi-functional Hall<br />My living room<br />Funfair/park<br />Our school&apos;s TV studio<br />Staircase<br />Retail store<br />
  • 5. TARGETAUDIENCE<br /><ul><li>Our music video aims to target an audience of female teenagers, as the scenes planned to be within our video will be of a relatable nature to this specific group.
  • 6. The genre of the music is R&amp;B, an audience who prefers this music type will also be attracted to our video.
  • 7. As our music video features an essence of the TV show ‘Blind Date’ which began during the 80’s/90’s, our audience may also capture attention of a slightly older audience.</li></li></ul><li>ADAPTATION<br />The official video for ‘Don&apos;t Walk Away’ was released during 1993. <br />For the idea of our video we have decided to construct a modernised version by simply;<br /><ul><li>Changing the costumes
  • 8. Using technical props (e.g.. Mobiles and laptops)</li></li></ul><li>COSTUME<br />The majority of jade’s original video has been dressed in retro 90’s clothing.<br />Keeping the idea of modernising the video in mind , we have decided to dress our characters in modern retro clothing to show the change in fashion amongst teenagers during the 90’s and the millennium.<br />
  • 9. LIGHTING<br />We intend to incorporate high key lighting throughout our music video, apart from the scene in the funfair where it will be a night-time setting. <br />By using the high definition cameras provided by our school , we hope the final footage of our music video will be completed with a glossy finish like that in the videoof ‘Brownstone – If You Love Me’;ob=av2n<br />
  • 10. EDITING<br />TECHNIQUES &amp;SHOTS<br />The editing techniques we plan to include range from a various use of;<br /><ul><li>Close-up shots.
  • 11. On-beat-editing
  • 12. Panning shots
  • 13. Point of view shots
  • 14. Over-the shoulder shots
  • 15. Fades</li>