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The Princess Approach to #HAPPO
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The Princess Approach to #HAPPO


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Published in: Career, Business, Technology

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  • 1. Q: What do the Disney princesses &Stephanie Majercik have in common?A: Besides the fact that they all want to find a #HAPPO ending…quite a bit!
  • 2. Cinderella works diligently everyday, cleaningthe fireplace, sweeping the floors and doesn’tcomplain once! Like her, I put 120% into everytask given to me and work hard to make sureit’s done the first time around and I do it with apositive attitude! Cinderella
  • 3. MulanMulan is strong, independent, and not afraid to takerisks or challenge the status quo. Similarly, I’ve alwaysbeen a daredevil type, challenging myself to take onnew responsibilities. I’m not afraid to take (calculated)risks or try something that’s never been done before. Ialways welcome new challenges.
  • 4. Snow WhiteWorking in groups and beingsurrounded by people we canshare our stories and ideaswith are traits Snow White andI both possess. While SnowWhite enjoys the company ofthe seven dwarves, telling themstories and helping them worktogether. I, too, enjoycollaborating and sharing ideaswith a group of peopletowards a common goal.
  • 5. Aurora sleeps for years…how does she getAurora any work done? I, however, do not believe in sleeping on the job! Procrastination is not in my vocabulary. I follow deadlines and get work in early, if possible. I like to stay ahead of the game!
  • 6. Ariel & Jasmine don’t like to be held back, theywant to get out and see the world, make their owndecisions, and really let loose! When they get theopportunity to really express themselves, they takeit. Ariel & Jasmine I love to travel and have been abroad many times. I am also advanced at speaking, reading, and writing German. Not to mention, like these two princesses, I’m an innovative thinker and value a culture where I can speak my mind and share ideas openly.
  • 7. Belle is the ideal new employee. Thrown into a situation strange andunfamiliar to her, Belle quickly finds a way to make the best of thesituation. Like Belle, I am very adaptable, having needed to adapt to newsituations, like moving to DC, before. Every organization has a different wayof doing things and to have someone who can quickly learn new methodshelps the organization run more smoothly. Belle
  • 8. The Moral Of The Story?I am a dynamic individual with a unique set of skills that willbenefit any company, along with skills necessary for anymarketing/public relations position, namely writing,organizational, and communication skills. My knowledgeand expertise in the marketing field is broad, I have a broadrange of skills including marketing, social media, publicrelations, and event planning. I have a broad range of skillsincluding marketing, social media, public relations, andevent planning. Hire me, and we’ll all live #HAPPO-ly everafter!
  • 9. More about StephanieStephanie is an experienced communications professional working with high technology and Federal IT related clients. Previously, she provided marketing and communications support for various consultancies, such as futbolist llc and IMPACT Marketing and PR. She holds degrees from Canisius College in Communication Studies, German, and European Studies. Outside of work, she enjoys watching baseball, soccer, and helping promote the mission of the Fit Week Foundation.
  • 10. Connect With Me: Email: