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This is a project that I worked on with a group for my "Sponsorship" module in my masters of International Marketing and Communications. The main focus is on the development of a sponsorship plan. This report answers the following questions:

- What is a sponsorship audit?
- How do you measure sponsorship?
- What are the main components of a sponsorship plan and package?

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  1. 1. ESC  –  Tours  –  Poitiers      -­‐    2009/2010     COURSEWORK  COVERSHEET   Student  name     Jolie  Görlitz     Or   Isabel  Lapuyade     Vanessa  Levrat   Students’  names   Rosalía  Piña   (if  group  work)   Stephanie  L.  Webb               IMCo     Course   Module    Sponsorship   Lecturer     Gareth  Thompson   Grade  :         Lecturer’s  Comments:                    
  2. 2.   Sponsorship  Report  and  Proposals     Jolie  Görlitz,  Isabel  Lapuyade,  Vanessa  Levrat,  Rosalía  Piña,  and  Stephanie  Webb     17  May  2010   Page  2  
  3. 3. Table  of  Contents     Introduction   4     Stage  2:    Targeting   4     Stages  3-­‐4:    Approach  and  Sponsorship  Solutions   5     A.    Target  Audience  ‘Fit’   5     B.    Marketing  Objectives  ‘Fit’   6     C.    Values  ‘Fit’   7     Stage  5:    Program  Structure  Selection   8     Stage  6:    Complete  Sponsorship  Negotiations   9     A.    Sponsorship  Packages   9     Stage  7:    Continuous  Relationship  Building   11     Stage  8:    Measurements  and  Sponsorship  Evaluation   11     Stage  9:    Ethical  Line   12     Bibliography   13     Appendix  A:    Stage  1  –  Inventory   14     Appendix  B:    Accenture  Proposal   19     Appendix  C:    Apple  Proposal   25     Appendix  D:    Sponsorship  Evaluation   31     Page  3  
  4. 4. Introduction     ESCEM  business  school  currently  has  locations  in  Tours,  Poitiers,  Paris,  and  The  Futuroscope  with  2,600   students   in   total.   As   an   international   school   with   17   specialized   masters’   programmes,   ESCEM   is   committed  to  providing  the  curiosity  needed  to  progress  in  life,  as  well  as  the  humility  and  integrity  to   perform  to  the  highest  level.  Through  their  open  vision,  ESCEM  nurtures  students  by  encouraging  them   to   discover   every   aspect   of   the   professional   life.   (ESCEM   Website,   2010)   It   is   imperative   for   ESCEM   to   maintain   its   competitive   advantage   and   demonstrate   their   ambition   through   partnerships   with   strong   and   committed   sponsors   in   order   to   further   develop   the   brand.   This   report   discusses   the   following   companies  and  the  mutually  beneficial  relationships  that  can  be  formed.   • Accenture  is  a  “global  management  consulting,  technology  services  and  outsourcing  company”.   They   collaborate   with   clients   to   increase   their   performance   and   become   industry   leaders.   (Accenture  Website,  2010)   • Apple   is   one   of   the   world’s   leading   technology   firms,   offering   its   customers   a   wide   range   of   products   (small   mp3   players   to   the   Apple   TV   system).   They   commit   themselves   to   excellent   through   an   open   world-­‐view   and   ensuring   the   highest   quality   standards   in   all   aspects   of   the   business.  (Apple  Website,  2010)   • Orange  has  become  one  of  the  world’s  leading  phone,  Internet,  and  television  service  providers.   Currently,  they  are  sitting  at  the  third  position  in  the  French  mobile  market  and  the  first  ADSL   provider  in  all  of  Europe.  (Orange  Website,  2010)   • Renault   is   a   leading   car   designer   and   manufacturer   (2,382   thousand   in   2009   sales)   through   creating  alliances  and  adapting  to  market  demands  for  the  next  generation  of  cars  (including  the   electric  car  market,  where  they  are  the  strongest).  (Renault  Website,  2010)   • Subway   is   currently   located   in   91   countries,   with   180   restaurants   in   France,   making   it   a   key   player  in  the  fast-­‐food  industry.  They  are  committed  to  being  a  ‘healthy  alternative’  and  aim  to   have  2,000  franchises  in  the  next  ten  years.  (Subway  Website,  2010)   • Ubifrance   is   dedicated   to   helping   establish   men   and   women   from   France   abroad.   Under   the   French  ministry  of  Economy,  Industry,  and  Employment,  they  provide  students  and  companies   with  the  “Volontariat  International  en  Entreprise”.  (Ubifrance  Website,  2010)         Stage  2:    Targeting     ESCEM   provides   unique   opportunities   for   students   who   chose   to   study   at   their   school.   They   aim   to   have   an   equal   balance   in   the   male   to   female   ratio   and   who   are   between   the   ages   of   20   and   25.   These   students   also   represent   over   40   different   nationalities   with   20%   of   them   being   international   students   who  may  be  doing  their  ‘study  abroad  semester’  at  the  Poitiers  location.  All  of  the  students  are  required   to   have   a   good   working   knowledge   of   the   English   language   so   they   may   be   able   to   complete   a   business-­‐ related   degree.   Additionally,   they   have   all   lived   abroad   at   some   point   in   their   academic   career.   These   students   come   from   a   variety   of   scholastic   backgrounds   and   61%   participate   in   some   form   of   sports   team  or  programme.  Moreover,  for  every  incoming  student,  ESCEM  provides  a  laptop  computer.         Page  4  
  5. 5. Stage  3-­‐4:    Approach  and  Sponsorship  Solutions     Before  soliciting  for  sponsors,  it  is  necessary  to  do  background  research  on  who  should  be  approached   and   how   they   ‘fit’   with   your   organization   or   business   through   developing   a   similar   target   market,   marketing  objectives,  and  the  values  of  both.     A. Target  Audience  ‘Fit’   The   target   audience   for   both   your   own   organization   or   business   and   the   potential   sponsor   should   have   similar   characteristics.   The   following   information   details   the   overlap  of  target  groups  between  ESCEM  and  the  four1  potential  sponsors.     Orange   The   mobile   industry   growth   rate   has   recently   begun   to   decline   to   as   little   as   0.1%,   resulting   from   an   oversaturated   market   (Mintel   Report,   2010a).   Orange   is   trying   to   counteract   against   this   problem   by   penetrating   into   Internet   browsing   on   mobile   handsets;   however,   web-­‐oriented   smartphones   are   still   low.   According   to   a   small   poll,   many  ESCEM  students  use  the  Internet  at  least  once  a  day.  Students  are  accessing  the   email  nearly  once  an  hour  at  a  minimum,  which  totals  to  around  30  times  in  just  a  week   while  they  are  in  school2.  A  Mintel  Report  on  mobile  phones  indicates  the  most  active   (46%)   web-­‐using   age   group   is   between   16   and   24   years   (2010a).   Similar   figures   are   shown  in  a  2010  Key  Note  Report  that  highlights  the  largest  group  in  percentage  to  use   mobile   calls   (97%),   texting   (97%),   and   emailing   (87.1%).   Additionally,   Orange   has   launched   their   new   ‘Dolphin’   payment   scheme,   which   is   marketed   to   the   ‘fun,   loving,   and  sociable’  (a  seemingly  ideal  ‘fit’  for  students)  (Orange  Website,  2010).     Renault   As  Renault  offers  a  variety  of  models,  it  is  difficult  to  see  an  obvious  alignment  with  their   target   market   to   ESCEM;   however,   there   are   several   common   factors.   The   students   of   ESCEM   are   the   buyers   for   the   future.   The   average   starting   salary   is   around   €   33,000   annually   (ESCEM   Press   Book,   2010),   which   is   perfect   for   Renault   and   their   model   offerings.  Nearly  80%  of  ESCEM  students  are  using  eco-­‐friendly  transportation  and  77%   take   measures   for   sustainable   development   in   their   daily   lives,   20%   of   whom   are   regularly  using  a  car,  with  35%  car  sharing.  (D’Audiffret  and  Daelman,  2010)     Subway   According  to  Chart  1  on  the  following  page  (Mintel  Report,  2010b),  Subway  should  focus   on  the  “How  I  Like  It”  category,  accounting  for  15%  of  their  potential  market.  This  group   appreciates  having  a  choice  in  the  decision,  with  54%  of  them  typically  choosing  a  menu   option  (includes  a  drink  and  snack).  Most  of  this  demographic  consists  of  students  and   part-­‐time   employees   who   are   price-­‐savvy,   but   not   entirely   price-­‐led.   ESCEM   students   look  for  convenience  where  they  can  get  everything  at  once.  (Subway  Website,  2010).                                                                                                                                 1     There  is  no  mention  of  Accenture  and  Apple  sponsorships  throughout  this  portion  of  the  report,  as  they  are  detailed  in  the  présentations  in   Appendix  B  and  C.   2     Amount  of  30  is  from  an  approximated  6-­‐hour  school  day  for  5  days  in  a  week.   Page  5  
  6. 6. Chart  1:    Target  Groups  for  Sandwich  Shops                                               Ubifrance    As   noted   earlier,   100%   of   ESCEM   students   have   lived   abroad   at   some   stage   in   their   academic   career.   Ubifrance   is   interested   in   students   who   are   looking   to   work   in   an   international  platform  and  are  willing  to  cross  boarders.  ESCEM  students  could  also  use   Ubifrance   to   help   locate   home-­‐based   positions   that   require   travel   and   help   them   emulate  and  foster  partnerships  with  foreign  companies.  Ubifrance  boasts  at  least  5,600   internships   a   year,   with   16%   being   out   of   the   country   (ESCEM   Press   Book,   2010).   ESCEM   is   continually   growing   on   an   international   scale   and   an   affiliation   with   Ubifrance   could   help  flourish  the  ‘contacts  network’  for  students  looking  to  intern  abroad.       B. Marketing  Objectives  ‘Fit’   To  coincide  with  the  right  target  group,  it  is  also  pertinent  to  maintain  similar  marketing   objectives  for  both  parties  involved.     Orange   Currently,  Orange  has  several  establish  sponsorship  relationships  and  programmes  with   students.   They   have   several   scholarship   opportunities   for   individuals   to   gain   technological   and   multicultural   knowledge.   ESCEM   fits   this   demographic   as   there   are   40   different  nationalities  represented  across  the  University.     Renault   Renault  will  be  launching  a  new  range  of  electric  cars  in  2012.  The  company  is  looking   forward  creating  a  communication  platform  on  these  new  car  models.  Besides  creating   some   PR   activity,   Renault   needs   to   find   partners   to   facilitate   the   product   launch.   For   the   moment  they  only  have  B2B  partners,  but  no  schools  partnerships  yet.  Being  a  sponsor   of  ESCEM  will  enable  them  to  create  PR  activity  and  to  have  a  B2B  partners  and  B2C  end   Page  6  
  7. 7. users  who  are  the  students  themselves.  On  its  side,  although  76.8%  of  ESCEM  students   are  informed  on  sustainability  issues,  only  41.2%  of  them  are  really  involved  and  ready   to  change  their  behavior.  These  facts  clearly  show  that  still  some  efforts  are  needed  in   this  field.  Being  informed  does  not  mean  taking  actions  and  being  involved.     Subway   By  introducing  point-­‐of-­‐order  nutrition  information,  Subway  tries  to  differentiate  them   based  on  the  health  aspect.  Thus,  a  sponsorship  at  ESCEM  provides  a  great  hub  for  them   to   promote   this   objective.   Furthermore,   Subway’s   student   deal   for   5-­‐7   Euros   for   a   sandwich   drink   and   a   cookie   incorporates   the   Subway’s   marketing   campaign   with   the   tag   line   ‘However   you   feel,   whatever   you   want,   we’ve   got   a   Sub   for   that’.   By   sponsoring   ESCEM   Subway   can   focuses   on   a   customer   choice   as   a   point   of   difference   and   try   to   engage  customer  in  additional  purchases  of  their  product  range.     Ubifrance   The   mission   is   to   support   French   companies   in   their   efforts   for   internationalization   of   French   products   in   foreign   markets   through   a   partnership   with   the   Chamber   of   Commerce   and   Industry,   as   well   as   a   network   of   French   men   and   women   in   business.   Their   goal   is   to   help   ease   market   entry   abroad.   Currently,   they   are   represented   in   all   industries.     C. Value  ‘Fit’   Along  with  the  target  and  marketing  ‘fits’,  it  is  necessary  to  look  at  the  values  for  each   business  or  organization.  If  the  values  are  not  shared,  there  is  potential  for  no  successful   agreements  to  be  made.     Orange   Orange’s   brand   values   are   to   be   friendly,   dynamic,   straightforward,   refreshing,   and   honest.  This  is  in  line  with  ESCEM  Mission  statement  which  highlights  honesty  and  self   motivation   to   new   things,   which   supports   Orange’s   inspirational   approach   to   finding   new  ways  of  connecting  people.  (Orange  Website,  2010;  ESCEM  Website,  2010)     Renault   Renault  and  ESCEM  are  sharing  the  same  values  on  sustainable  development;  they  are   integrating   these   issues   to   every   level   of   their   company–strategy   to   operational.   More   than   integrating   sustainable   development   into   their   company   management,   both   partners  are  creating  products  and  services  to  show  their  commitment  to  it,  Renault  by   creating  electric  and  an  eco-­‐friendly  range  of  cars,  ESCEM  with  the  creation  of  teaching   and   research   programmes   such   as   the   Master   in   Sustainable   Development   (in   partnership   with   the   University   of   Sherbrooke,   Canada).   (Renault   Website,   2010;   ESCEM   Website,  2010)     Subway     Subway’s   website   quotes,   “We   know   our   success   depends   upon   the   initiative   we   take   individually   and   our   ability   to   work   as   a   team”.   This   fits   perfectly   with   ESCEM’s   philosophy   of   teamwork   and   team   projects.   (Subway   Website,   2010;   ESCEM   Website,   2010)     Page  7  
  8. 8.   Ubifrance   Ubifrance   values   curious   interns   and   the   sharing   of   knowledge,   ensuring   that   students   going   through   their   VIE   offers   are   leaving   with   an   open   mind   and   a   creative   resume.   Ubifrance  wants  to  share  the  French  added  value  and  create  a  network  of  schools  and   interested   students   to   ensure   a   long-­‐term   relationship   between   the   country,   its   schools,   and  the  world  of  organisations.  (Ubifrance  Website,  2010)         Stage  5:    Program  Structure  Selection     The   bespoke   packaging   has   been   chosen   to   develop   sponsorships   that   are   mutually   beneficial   by   meeting  the  right  owners  and  the  sponsor’s  objectives.  The  rights  owner  can  create  packages  meeting   the  requirements  of  the  sponsors.  Here,  partnerships  are  developed  into  a  two-­‐tier  pyramid,  with  Apple   and  Accenture  being  the  Goldfish  and  the  four  other  companies  on  the  Silverfish  tier.  This  reasoning  is   simply   due   to   the   more   important   proposal   put   into   place   with   the   Goldfish   companies.   When   relationships  with  Orange,  Renault,  Subway  or  Ubifrance  will  evolve,  it  will  be  possible  for  one  of  them   to  ‘climb  the  ladder’.     Status  level  one  -­‐  Gold/ish   Apple   Accenture   Status  level  two  -­‐  Silver/ish   Orange   Renault   Subway   Ubifrance           Page  8  
  9. 9. Stage  6:    Complete  Sponsorship  Negotiations     Once  a  structure  has  been  determined,  the  rights  owner  can  return  to  its  potential  sponsors  and  finalize   negotiations.     A. Sponsorship  Packages     Orange   • Orange   Innovation   Scholarship   –   Orange   will   provide   funding   to   enable   3   students  to  pay  their  tuition  fees  for  the  first  year  (3  x  €7000  NESS/ISA).  Orange   will   receive   the   naming   rights   of   the   Sponsorship   as   well   as   their   placement   of   their   logo   on   all   related   promotional   material   (email   messages   and   website).   In   conjunction   with   the   ESCEM   board,   Orange   will   make   the   decisions.   This   will   support  Orange’s  CSR  approach  and  provide  Orange  with  media  exposure.     • Expertise   Speakers   at   the   ‘Going   Global’   Event   –   This   will   provide   Orange   with   the   opportunity   to   send   some   senior   associates   to   act   as   speakers   at   selected   events   or   conferences.   This   will   incorporate   Orange   with   a   school   event   and   bring   their   brand   to   the   attention   of   the   students,   which   will   establish   a   competitive   recruitment   advantage.   ESCEM   will   also   provide   a   post-­‐event   evaluation,   which   will  give  Orange  an  opportunity  for  feedback.       • Orange  to  Sponsor  the  First-­‐Year  Welcome  Ceremony  –  This  goes  in  line  with  the   Orange  Innovation  Scholarship  by  being  a  partner  of  the  welcome  event  Orange’s   logo   will   be   incorporated   in   relevant   posters,   flyers   and   invitations   issued   to   all   first  year  students.  Orange  should  provide  the  necessary  funding  to  cater  for  150   people.   At   the   end   of   the   welcome   event,   the   3   sponsorship   recipients   will   be   announced.   This   event   will   give   orange   access   to   all   participants   for   their   own   promotional  communications.       Renault   • Sustainable   Development   Program   –   Renault   will   be   the   official   sponsor   of   the   different   sustainable   development   actions   that   ESCEM   is   having   along   the   year   (conferences,   events,   and   fair   trade   week)   providing   either   financial   funds   for   catering,  material,  or  participating  as  guest  speaker.       • Mobility   Event   –   One   specific   event   will   give   the   company   a   central   focus.   This   event   will   be   the   organization   of   a   “Mobility   Event”,   which   will   be   held   during   the   Sustainable  Development  week  in  March  each  year.  The  students  will  be  able  to   learn   about   eco-­‐friendly   driving,   assist   at   conferences   on   cars   new   technologies   and  innovation,  and  test  Renault  electric  cars.    This  event  will  operate  as  a  show   window   for   Renault’s   electric   car   range,   and   educate   ESCEM   students   at   the   same   time,  providing  them  knowledge  on  this  issue.         Page  9  
  10. 10. • The   Roadshow   –   In   order   to   get   the   ESCEM   student   deeply   involved   with   Renault,   the   sustainable   development   topic,   and   insure   press   coverage   for   Renault,   Renault   could   sponsor   a   roadshow.   The   company   will   provide   2   ESCEM   students   with   an   electric   car   model   and   enable   them   to   participate   on   a   road   tour   Picture  :  http://www.renault-­‐ze.com/zoeconcept   around   specific   countries   in   Europe.   Countries  can  be  selected  based  on  Renault  target  market  and  the  road  map  could   be  to  travel  to  European  business  schools  to  share  knowledge  and  commit  other   students   around   this   project.   This   type   of   project   could   be   organized   and   managed  by   a  student  association.  From  September  to  November  2009,  Renault   already   organized   this   type   of   project;   nevertheless,   only   politics   and   journalists   were  invited  on  the  tour  (Renault  Website,  2010).     Subway   • Student   Discount   Offers   –   Provides   students   with   ‘special   discount’   by   continuing  to  offer  the  €5  and  €7  menu  deals.     • Official   Caterer   –   Become   the   official   catering   sponsor   for   the   Business   Development   Conference   and   other   related   activities   where   catering   is   necessary.     Ubifrance   • World   Tour   Program   –   Ubifrance   allows   free   access   into   their   database   to   the   ESCEM   students,   furthermore,   a   better   level   of   entry   concerning   the   VIE.   This   partnership  gives  a  good  reputation  to  Ubifrance  and  is  a  facilitator  for  ESCEM.   ESCEM   wants   their   students   to   have   internships   abroad   and   to   create   companies.  The  total  access  to  the  Ubifrance  database  represents  an  important   leverage   when   the   students   want   to   internationalize.   Ubifrance   wants   more   applicant   interests   around   what   they   propose   for   their   VIE,   as   well   as   more   companies   providing   VIEs.   By   offering   more   visibility   to   the   ESCEM   students,   they   are   creating   discussions   and   in   order   to   promote   Ubifrance   inside   the   school.   A   student   competition   can   be   put   into   place   in   order   to   recruit   one   or   two   students   that   would   become   "Ubifrance   Ambassadors"   and   help   promote   Ubifrance   to   students   and   companies,   through   seminars   and   fairs   in   which   ESCEM   participates.   Ubifrance   could   sponsor   the   Escemiale   and   invite   a   high   profile   company   that   needs   students   to   work   for   them   on   an   international   platform.       Page  10  
  11. 11. Stage  7:    Continuous  Relationship  Building   Showing  the  willingness  to  build  a  long-­‐term  relationship  at  the  earliest  stage  will  set  the  foundation  to   be  more  efficient  and  effective.  Moreover,  it  is  less  costly  to  develop  an  existing  relationship  than  it  is  to   recruit   a   new   one   (Masterman,   2007).   Relationships   are   built   on   commitment   and   trust.   In   order   to   improve  the  trust  among  partners,  it  is  necessary  to  allow  a  certain  degree  of  flexibility  on  both  sides  for   change.         Duff  (2004)  established  some  key  areas  when  building  relationships,  applied  solutions  will  be  proposed   as  the  following:    Personal   Communications   –   Interaction   between   partners   and   rights   ownership   will   be   improved   on   the   ESCEM   side   of   a   dedicated   team   of   employees   in   charge   of   managing   the   sponsorship  program.  This  will  improve  efficiency  of  the  communication.  One  to  one  meetings   will  be  organized  in  order  to  provide  feedback  from  both  sides.        Extra   Benefits   –   One   extra   benefit   ESCEM   will   provide   is   the   organization   of   a   “Thank   You”   communication  campaign  to  acknowledge  its  different  sponsors.  It  will  be  broadcasted  internally   using  ESCEM’s  various  communication  channels  (website  homepage,  newsletter,  e-­‐mailing).    In   addition,  advertising  inserts  will  be  placed  in  the  magazine  “Journal  des  Grandes  Ecoles”.  There   are   20,000   copies   distributed   quarterly   in   120   French   business   schools   and   in   400   French   companies  (Edicas  Website,  2010).  Moreover,  ESCEM  can  provide  free  access  to  its  conferences   and  meetings  rooms  on  its  campus  at  Futuroscope  Technopole,  which  is  the  first  business  center   of  the  region  and  offers  150,000  m2  of  office  space  (Technopole  Futuroscope  Website,  2010).      New   Ideas   –   To   enable   creativity   for   generating   new   ideas,   the   students   from   the   IMCo   (International   Marketing   and   Communication   Strategy)   programme   will   be   asked   to   conduct   projects  on  improving  existing  sponsorship  programs  as  part  of  their  assessment.  These  projects   will   enable   them   to   work   on   real   cases.   A   competition   could   be   organized   to   stimulate   the   students  and  prizes  can  be  offered.  “Working  with  young  people  in  education  can  result  in  new   product   ideas   and   new   approaches,   through   the   fresh   creativity   they   can   bring   to   a   situation”   (Mintel  Report,  2006).        Cross   Promotions   –   ESCEM   will   organize   some   meetings   to   facilitate   networking   among   the   different   sponsors.   At   an   initial   stage,   ESCEM   and   its   partners   will   not   create   cross   promotions   but   concentrate   on   making   the   sponsorship   program   work.   Synergies   among   sponsors   will   be   created  throughout  the  relationship.           Stage  8:    Measurements  and  Sponsorship  Evaluation     Approximately  5%  of  the  sponsor’s  monetary  donations  will  be  spent  on  continuous  and  post-­‐program   evaluations.   Indeed,   “continuous   and   iterative   evaluation   of   sponsorship   is   necessary   as   opposed   to   a   reliance  on  only  post-­‐event  assessment”  (Masterman,  2007).  Concerning  the  time  scale,  the  partnership   evaluations  will  be  held  at  the  end  of  each  year.     Page  11  
  12. 12.   The   rights   owner   will   be   in   charge   of   evaluation;   in   this   case,   ESCEM   will   dedicate   their   employees   to   measure   the   sponsorship   effectiveness.   This   evaluation   will   add   value   to   our   sponsorship   proposal.   According  to  the  literature,  there  are  three  different  measurement  methods  of  evaluating  sponsorship:   sales   effectiveness,   media   coverage,   and   communication   effects.   Sales   effectiveness   appears   to   have   no   relevance   as   the   opportunities   of   selling   products   and   services   through   the   partnerships   are   low.   The   different  partners  are  to  add  value  and  increase  the  reputation  of  ESCEM  than  associated  for  business   objectives.   As   well,   communication   effects   will   not   be   measured   in  the   early   stage   of   the   sponsorship   program,  as  recall  and  recognition  will  need  some  time  to  develop.       In   the   short   term,   media   coverage   will   be   the   main   method.   ESCEM   will   count   the   press   and   online   exposure.   More   precisely,   any   reported   articles   mentioning   the   name   of   our   sponsors,   their   projects,   and  ESCEM.  The  quality  of  the  sponsorship  will  be  measured  through  student  and  partner  satisfaction   surveys.    Please  consult  Appendix  D  to  have  specific  details  on  the  measurement  tools  for  each  partner.         Stage  9:    Ethical  Line     The  idea  of  corporate  involvement  in  educational  institutions  has  been  controversial.  Although  there  is   an   understanding   that   sponsorship   is   almost   entirely   a   commercial   arrangement,   there   is   widespread   support   for   companies   to   get   involved   in   supporting   schools   and   universities.  According   to   a   Mintel   report  on  Sponsorship  (2010),  there  are  only  3%  of  survey  respondents  who  believe  sponsors  are  likely   to   support   events   because   they   genuinely   care   about   them.   In   a   2006   Mintel   survey   investigating   consumer  attitudes  towards  sponsorship,  54  %  of  the  respondents  supported  all  forms  of  sponsorship   that   benefited   schools.   However,   46%   disagree   with   the   commercial   involvement   of   companies   in   educational  institutions;  hence,  there  is  a  strong  lobby  supporting  the  idea  that  educational  hubs  should   be   provided   directly   by   the   government.    Corporate   sponsorship   for   schools   should   present   a   tool   to   transform   universities   into   a   creator   of   future   leaders   with   business   values   and   advanced   corporate   management  techniques.  Because  of  these  issues,  this  document  has  been  limited  to  the  involvement  of   the   chosen   companies   into   the   actual   teaching.   There   is   no   sponsorship   for   entire   course   modules.       Page  12  
  13. 13. Bibliography     Accenture  Website  (2010)  http://www.accenture.com  [Accessed  on  3  May  2010]     Apple  Website  (2010)  http://www.apple.com  [Accessed  on  3  May  2010]     D’Audiffret  Y.  and  Daelman  A.,  (2010)  Résultats  de  l’enquête  Unis’Vert  des  étudiants  durables  [Accessed   on  7  May  2010  through  http://www.escem.fr]     Duff,  M  (2004)  Give  your  sponsor  more  than  they  expect,  Sport  Business  Journal,  Street  and  Smith,  31   May-­‐6  June,  2004  (in  Masterman  reference)     Edicas  Website  (2010)  http://www.edicas.fr  [Accessed  on  10  May  2010]     ESCEM  Website  (2010)  http://www.escem.fr  [Accessed  on  3  May  2010]     ESCEM  Press  Book  (2010)  ESCEM  Media  Relations,  May  Edition     Key  Note  Report  (2010)  Mobile  Phones  (UK)     Masterman,   Guy   (2007)   “Sponsorship:   for   a   return   on   investment”   Linacre   House:   Oxford,   UK   and   Burlington,  MA  (USA)     Mintel  Report  (2006)  Sponsorship  (UK),  October  [Accessed  on  12  May  2010]     Mintel  Report  (2010a)  Mobile  Phones  and  Networks  –  Re-­‐igniting  the  Replacement  Cycle  (UK),  January     Mintel  Report  (2010b)  Sandwich  Shop  Retailing  (UK),  January     Orange  Website  (2010)  http://www.orange.com  [Accessed  on  6  May  2010]     Renault  Website  (2010)  http://www.renault.com  [Accessed  on  6  May  2010]     Subway  Website  (2010)  http://www.subway.com  [Accessed  on  6  May  2010]     Technopole   Futuroscope   Website   (2010)   http://www.technopole-­‐futuroscope.com   [Accessed   on   10   May  2010]     Ubifrance  Website  (2010)  http://www.ubifrance.fr  [Accessed  on  6  May  2010]   Page  13  
  14. 14. Appendix  A:    Inventory     Page  14  
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  19. 19. Appendix  B:    Accenture  Proposal       Page  19  
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  25. 25. Appendix  C:    Apple  Proposal     Page  25  
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  31. 31. Appendix  D:    Sponsorship  Evaluation     The  Target   What  kind  of  evaluation  is   Who  will  pay     General  Objectives   Audience   proposed?   for  it?       - Involving  the  student  in   - Measuring  the  press  coverage  for   sustainable  development     the  Roadshow  event   RENAULT   - Provide  market  examples   Every  student  no  matter   - Measurements:  how  many  student   illustrating  the  theory   which  year  they  are  in   participate  at  the  Mobility  event,   aspect     (4,600  students)   how  many  conferences  where  held   by  Renault     -  Students  satisfaction  survey           - Support  the  students   - Students  satisfaction  survey     success:  Provide   - Measuring  the  press  coverage   ORANGE   scholarships  to  students  /   - How  many  conferences  were  held   Every  student  no  matter   Funds  the  Welcome   by  Orange  visiting  speakers  /  how   which  year  they  are  in   ceremony   many  student  assist  to  the   - Sharing  business   conferences   expertise  with  students           SUBWAY     - Students  satisfaction  survey     ???       - Measuring  the  press  coverage         - Promote  a  closer   - Students  satisfaction  survey     About  5%  of  the   affiliation  between  the   Measuring  the  press  coverage   sponsor’s   ACCENTURE   - commercial  world  and   - How  many  guest  conferences  were   donation   Every  student  no  matter   teaching  world   organized   which  year  they  are  in;   - Teaching,  education   - How  many  students  participate   professionals   goals       - Sharing  business     expertise  with  students         - Build  a  high-­‐technology   - Students  satisfaction  survey     business  center   - Ratio  computers/students   - Offer  the  possibility  to   - Measuring  the  press  coverage   APPLE   students  to  try  the  new   Every  student  no  matter     software  and  computers   which  year  they  are  in   - Generate  recognition   for  the  school  (high   profile  brand)         - Generate  a   - Students  satisfaction  survey     UBIFRANCE   international  network   - Measurements:  Number  of  students   for  recruitment     who  consult  the  database,  How   Students  willing  to  work   - Improve  student   many  students  apply  for  an   internationally   recruitment     internship,  How  many  companies   propose  international  offers  on  the   database     Page  31  
  32. 32.       ESC  TOURS-­‐POITIERS   ANNEXE  1   Tours-­‐Poitiers  Business  School   APPENDIX  1     Déclaration   à   joindre   à   tous   vos   travaux     individuels  et/ou  de  groupe   Statement  to  be  attached  to  all  your  individual  and/or  group  work     Nom(s)  et  Prénom(s)  de(s)  l’étudiant(s)  /  Surname(s)  and  Christian  name(s)  of  the  student(s):     -­‐    LEVRAT  Vanessa…………….     -­‐    LAPUYADE  Isabel……………     -­‐    GORLITZ  Jolie………………….     -­‐    WEBB  Stephanie  L……………………….     -­‐    PINA  Rosalia…………………….     -­‐    …………………………………….   Promo  /  Year  :  2009-­‐2010…………………………………….     Date  /  Date  :  12  Mai  2010……………………………………….     Groupe   de   scolarité   /   Administrative   group  :   3A     double   diplôme   «  MSc   International   Marketing   and   Communication  Strategy  »……………………….     Intitulé  du  cours  /  Course  title  :  Sponsorship……………………………….     TITRE  DU  DOCUMENT  REMIS  /  TITLE  OF  THE  GIVEN  DOCUMENT:    Sponsorship  Report…     "Je   reconnais   avoir   pris   connaissance   du   contenu   de   l'article   9   du   chapitre   V   du   règlement   intérieur   de   l'ESCEM   concernant  le  plagiat.     Je   déclare   sur   l'honneur   que   mon   travail   est   exempt   de   tout   plagiat   et   que   toutes   les  citations   d’œuvres   originales   qui  y  sont  incluses  sont  signalées  par  des  guillemets,  et  que  leurs  sources  sont  clairement  mentionnées."      ”I   acknowledge   having   studied   the   contents   of   article   9   of   chapter   V   of   the   ESCEM   School   Rules   regarding   plagiarism.     I  swear  that  my  work  is  free  from  any  plagiarism  and  that  all  quotations  taken  from  original  works  are  identified  by   the  use  of  inverted  commas,  and  that  their  sources  are  clearly  mentioned.”       Signature(s)  de(s)  l’étudiant(s)  /  Student(s)  signature(s)  :     Page  32