What to expect on the ielts exam day


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tips on what to do during the IELTS exam day

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What to expect on the ielts exam day

  1. 1. JRooz Review Center Inc. http://www.jroozreview.com What to Expect on the IELTS Exam Day Knowing what to do on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) examination makes the candidate for the test feel relaxed and comfortable. Indeed, being familiar with the flow of the test helps the candidate condition his or her mind on what to expect in the course of the examination. Let us see what things the candidates should expect on the IELTS Exam. The IELTS Sections Every candidate for the IELTS is aware that there are four sections in the IELTS examination. Once you are scheduled for the examination here in the Philippines, you are to expect that the speaking section is done a couple of days before the other sections. The other sections are usually scheduled on a Saturday. The speaking section takes about ten to fifteen minutes to be completed. The other set of tests include the listening, reading and writing. The listening section can be completed within 30 minutes where you, the candidate for the test, have to complete four sections in the test. After the listening test, the reading assessment follows. You are given an hour to finish 40 questions on the reading section. And finally, the writing examination which takes about an hour to finish is the last section of the test. Two tasks are to be completed. You have to remember that the reading and the writing sections differ when you take the Academic or the General Training exams of the IELTS.
  2. 2. JRooz Review Center Inc. http://www.jroozreview.com On the Exam Day Make sure that you are familiar with the test centre. To do this, check the confirmation sheet on the location of the test centre and the time of the examination. Moreover, it will be much better if you check the location of the test a couple of days before your speaking examination. You can check the test location at http://ielts.org/test_centre_search/search_results.aspx. On your test day, be at the test centre a couple of hours before the scheduled time.
  3. 3. JRooz Review Center Inc. http://www.jroozreview.com
  4. 4. JRooz Review Center Inc. http://www.jroozreview.com In the Test Centre Once you arrive, test centre administrators will be checking your identification (ID). Be sure to present the ID you have used upon registering for the test on the exam day. Your personal items like bags will be collected. Remember that you cannot bring anything inside the test centre except for your identification and pencils. The test centre administrator will be guiding you to your seat. If you have any questions or you need to use the toilet, raise your hand and you will be assisted. With this information, IELTS examinees can be more accustomed to the flow of the IELTS examination. They will be more confident and assured while taking the examination. IELTS Training If you wish to improve your chances of getting your target band score, you should spend some time for your review and training. You may have a self review but it is better if you enroll in an IELTS training center for proper guidance. These review centers provide mock or simulation exams so that you will expose yourself on what it feels like to be on the proper test day. There will also be a highly qualified IELTS coaches to provide you feedback on what needs to be improved and what needs to be maintained. You can check out JRooz Review Center’s IELTS review courses. This IELTS review center is known for its
  5. 5. JRooz Review Center Inc. http://www.jroozreview.com high pass rate, flexible schedule, top caliber instructors, and secured location. You can visit more about the company at http://www.jroozreview.com. Useful resources you can find on the web: IELTS Exams Tips (http://www.ieltsexamstips.com) IELTS blog (http://www.jroozreview.com/ielts-blog) British Council (http://www.britishcouncil.org/philippines.htm) IDP Philippines (http://www.philippines.idp.com/)