Top ten immigration facts filipinos need to know about new zealand


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immigration facts about New Zealand that every Filipino deserves to know

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Top ten immigration facts filipinos need to know about new zealand

  1. 1. Top Ten Immigration Facts Filipinos Need to Know About New Zealand Family-friendly, clean and beautiful – New Zealand is best to raise a family and enjoy nature with its diverse scenery. New Zealand is an easy-going community where crime and violence is low, a peaceful country and rated the least corrupt. Attractive and promising, Filipinos are enticed with the possibility of bring their families in New Zealand enjoying the country and the great job opportunities waiting for them. It has been said that moving to another country is a very big and heavy decision. It can be difficult to adjust to another environment which is a little different from the Philippines. Most Filipinos planning to move in New Zealand start by taking a vacation in the country. Having visited the country will provide the individual the chance to contact prospective employers and check out different opportunities for their own careers. Here are some immigration essentials Filipinos need to know about New Zealand. 1. Your visa application depends on the type of visa you are applying dependent on the duration of your stay: visas for work, visas for study and visas for investment. 2. After a five year stay of having a resident visa, the visa holder is eligible to apply for citizenship. 3. Skilled Migrant Category visas are for people who have the skills, qualifications and experience New Zealand needs. 4. Work to residence are for people who are qualified in occupations that are highly in demand in New Zealand, a job offer from an authorized employer in New Zealand, and have exceptional talent in sports and in the arts. 5. Family Stream is for people who want to work temporarily while joining their partners in New Zealand. This visa is still dependent if an immigration officer is satisfied that (a) the couple complies with the minimum requirements for recognition of partnerships, (b) the couple is living together in a genuine and stable relationship, (c) their partner supports the application, (d) their partner meets the character requirements for partners supporting 'partnership-based temporary entry class visa applications. 6. Payment for applications must be in New Zealand dollars. They accept payment through credit cards, EFTPOS and bank cheque or bank drafts. 7. Use this link to check whether you are eligible for a visa application. 8. If you are applying for a family stream, you only have to pay one application for all the people under your application.
  2. 2. 9. It is helpful for an applicant to find a licensed immigration adviser to assist him or her with the visa applications. There is a register of licensed immigration advisers available online. 10. Acquire an English competency examination certificate like the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) as it is an important requirement in immigration to New Zealand. Visit for more information about New Zealand and the other requirements they need for visa applicants. Some useful resources about the IELTS exam: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the IELTS in the Philippines - IELTS Registration in the Philippines – Types of IELTS Exam Best IELTS Review Center in the Philippines