Prepositions in the IELTS Test


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a lesson on different prepositions that are used in the IELTS test

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Prepositions in the IELTS Test

  1. 1. Prepositions in the IELTS Test
  2. 2. Prepositions are used to link words or phrases to a part of the
  3. 3. commonly used prepositions
  4. 4. show a position or location that is higher to something else and “below/under/beneath” for a lower position or location.
  5. 5. Sample sentences: The books are placed above the shelves.
  6. 6. Under the sea, you can see a lot of unknown creatures.
  7. 7. Beneath this drawer is a wooden cabinet.
  8. 8. to describe two people or things that are very close to each other with nothing in between them.
  9. 9. Sample sentences: A new restaurant has just opened beside the bank. restaurant bank
  10. 10. I sit beside my best friend in class.
  11. 11. to describe a position or location which is in or into the space that separates two places, people or objects.
  12. 12. Sample sentences: I saw some money between the pages of his books.
  13. 13. The man is standing between the table and the chair.
  14. 14. “In front of” is used to point a location which is close to the front part of something while “in back of” is the opposite.
  15. 15. Sample sentences: A note has been attached in back of his suit.
  16. 16. The man is fixing his tie in front of the mirror.
  17. 17. - used to talk about a country or city, or when someone or something is inside or within the confines of a certain place.
  18. 18. Sample sentence: Most of my students live in Seoul.
  19. 19. She found her mobile phone inside the drawer.
  20. 20. - are used to show that something is placed outside an enclosed area.
  21. 21. Sample sentences: She is playing with her kids outside their house.
  22. 22. He went out of the room and cried.
  23. 23. to show that something is in a position above something else and touching it
  24. 24. The butler placed the groceries on the kitchen counter. Sample sentences:
  25. 25. The clock on the wall is huge.
  26. 26. used for a direction down or away from a position or place, or with actions in which something is removed or removes itself from another thing.
  27. 27. Please put your feet off the table. Sample sentences:
  28. 28. I saw the little girl fell off her bicycle.
  29. 29. We use across to show that something is on the opposite side of a certain reference point.
  30. 30. Sample sentences: There is a drinking fountain across the plaza.
  31. 31. “Up” shows a higher level or position, or a location at the top of something. “Down” is used in or towards a low position from a higher one.
  32. 32. Sample sentences: Jack went up the hill.
  33. 33. Sample sentences: They ran down the stairs and hurt themselves.
  34. 34. It is used to show a position or direction surrounding something, or in a direction going along the edge of, or from one part to another.
  35. 35. Sample sentences: There is a meat shop just around the corner.
  36. 36. Sample sentences: We walked around the plaza and saw lots of cafes.
  37. 37. It shows a direction towards the inside or middle of something and about to be contained, surrounded or closed off by it.
  38. 38. Sample sentences: The little children jumped into the pool without their floaters.
  39. 39. This is used to show that something is close to another object.
  40. 40. Sample sentences: The fire that happened last night was near my house.
  41. 41. This is used to show a direction from one end or side of something to the other.
  42. 42. Sample sentences: A huge bat flew through the room and scared the students.
  43. 43. This is used to indicate the purpose of an action and duration of time.
  44. 44. Sample sentences: My uncle is running for the senate on the next elections.
  45. 45. This is used to show that you’re in the company or presence of a person or thing. It is also used to show that you have or include something, or to show a method that you are using.
  46. 46. Sample sentences: I sliced the bread with this knife.
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