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An introduction to Digital Brain Primary for year 5 pupils. Created by Miss Gemme Ellis.

An introduction to Digital Brain Primary for year 5 pupils. Created by Miss Gemme Ellis.

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  • 1. Digital Brain 2008 An exciting, new adventure!
  • 2. What is Digital Brain? Digital Brain VLE Provides a class and school community A home school link An exciting new way to learn
  • 3. The purpose of Digital Brain
    • To help us, as pupils, teachers and parents to learn using a different approach.
    • To broaden our learning horizon
    • To provide important links between learning in school and in the home.
  • 4. Objectives for today
    • To log onto your own digital brain account.
    • To personalise the profile on your digital brain account.
    • To set your password (date of birth)
    • To explore the Year 5 community
    • To send an email to a class member
  • 5. Logging On
    • On the Nabb school homepage you will need to select
    • Digital Brain Primary
  • 6. Logging On
    • Your username will be your first name and first letter of your surname and then holmfirthhin.kgfl
    • E.g. – gracew.holmfirthjin.kgfl
    • Your password at the moment is
    • changeme
  • 7. Welcome to Digital Brain
    • You will then be welcomed to Digital Brain and asked to create your account. You need to press on the Create button.
    • This will then take you to the Change My Details page.
  • 8. Changing your password
    • On this page you need to change your password to your date of birth.
    • E.g. if your birthday is 29 th April 2001
    • Your date of birth would be:
    • 290401
  • 9. Change your picture
    • Click on the green button which allows you to change your picture
    • Click on the browse button
    • Go to student shared area
    • Year 5
    • Class Pictures
    • Find your picture and click on it and then press the open button at the bottom.
    • Click save!
    Change picture
  • 10. Colour
    • Finally if you wish to change the colour, click on another option on the page
    • Now press save changes
    Save changes
  • 11. Year 5 Community
    • We all belong to the Year 5 Community along with myself, Mrs Foster and Steve
    • Click at the top on Year 5 – where our photograph is.
  • 12. Year 5 Community
    • Here you can see different options:
    • Gallery
    • Tests
    • Calendar
    • Forum
    • People
    • Content
  • 13. Gallery
    • This is an area where we can show any pictures or videos of work we have carried out in our class.
    • Currently you can not access this without permission
  • 14. Tests
    • If I wished as part of your homework to set you a test, I could create one through my homepage and you could then answer on your digital brain at home.
  • 15. Calendar
    • On the calendar we can choose to add what the weather is like for the day – look at Sunday’s example
    • We can also click on a date and enter any events that are happening on a certain day so that we can all be reminded
  • 16. Calendar
    • If we look at year 5 calendar we can scroll along each month at the top.
    • Can you all add your birthday into the calendar?
  • 17. Forum
    • This is a place where we can discuss things that might be happening in school or within our class.
    • I have currently set one up to discuss what we think about the digital brain.
    • If you click on Forum – you can then click on my discussion.
    • If you wish to make a comment you can press on ‘reply’ and add to the discussion taking place.
    • Have a go at replying – think about the positive aspects of digital brain
  • 18. People
    • If you click on ‘people’ you will be able to see everyone who belongs to our community.
  • 19. Personal Blog
    • By each person’s name there will be either a picture of themselves or at the moment a if you press on this it will take you to any blog they might have set up.
    • What is a blog?
  • 20. Email
    • On the other side of their name is a little envelope – this will allow you to send an email to that person.
    • See if you can send me or Steve an email to let us know that you can successfully write an email on digital brain.
  • 21. Content
    • On this page there are resources which have been placed here by Kirklees. This could change and be something which is checked on frequently.
  • 22. What have I achieved?
    • Have you:
    • Changed your password?
    • Changed your picture?
    • Changed the background colour?
    • Added your birthday to the calendar?
    • Entered a response to the forum?
    • Sent an email?